Which brushcutter to choose for hedges: manual or automatic?

Summer residents who dream of decorating their plots with hedges cannot do without a special tool. After all, the bushes will have to be cut, otherwise they will lose their spectacular shape. A secateurs in this type of work will be useless, as it cuts one line at a time. And in hedges, it’s important to immediately capture the strip to create geometric shapes and reduce the time of cutting. Therefore, to care for hedges, a special tool was invented - brush cutters. They are available in several versions: manual and automatic. Consider how beneficial each type of tool is and what is safer - an electric or gasoline brush cutter.

Brushcutter scissors: have to work with hands

Brushcutter scissors are an advanced pruning shears model. The tool has extended knives and lengthened handles to make it more convenient to apply physical effort.

For low hedges, growing on a site in a small volume, manual scissors will be enough. True, the gardener will have to work physically

On average, the total length of the tool is about half a meter, of which 20-25 cm fall on the cutting part. It is convenient to use such a brush cutter on hedges of small height and with thin branches, because the cutting takes place due to the physical efforts of the gardener. If there is only one or several hedges on the site, but small in volume, then such manual scissors are quite enough to maintain the bushes in proper form. But on thick branches, long or high hedges, this tool is not suitable. The hands will begin to get tired when cutting, and working on outstretched arms, applying efforts, is not very convenient. Models in which the handles are reinforced with rubber pads show themselves best in the work. Hands do not slip during work, and the quality of the haircut is higher.

For small works, a garden pruner is quite suitable. Features of his choice: vopros-otvet / kak-vyibrat-sekator.html

Motor-brush cutters: varieties and features of the mechanism

Models of hedge trimmers for hedges attract primarily because they do not waste a lot of physical effort. The technique cuts everything by itself, and from the gardener only competent control and adjustment of the course is required.

Depending on the type of motor, all automatic brush cutters are divided into gasoline and electric, the latter can be powered by mains and battery. We will analyze the features of each one below, but for now, consider the type of cutting tool.

Branches of the hedge are trimmed with brush blades. The longer it is, the greater the grip is, and less time is needed for a haircut. In addition, they are easier to reach the tops of plants. But excessive length (over 40 cm) is also disadvantageous. Such tools are quite heavy and vibrate harder. They should be bought only for very long hedges to reduce the time of cutting.

For human-height hedges, a 40 cm blade is enough, but if the structure is taller, a longer tool will be needed

Single-sided brush cutters perfectly align the plane of the hedge, but they are not able to create unusual geometric compositions

You can see on sale models with a single-sided blade and a double-sided. For experienced gardeners, undoubtedly, double-sided blades are more profitable. Firstly, the speed of work doubles. Secondly, these blades are capable of carving the most unusual geometric shapes. But for non-professional summer residents, such a tool can be difficult to manage, and instead of a flat wall, you will cut out a wavy uneven area. Therefore, it is better for novice gardeners to purchase one-sided blades that are easier to control during cutting. They do an excellent job of creating even geometric shapes.

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Double-sided brush cutters save shearing time because they cut branches with any movement of the hand - up or down, but they are more difficult to control than single-sided

Another point that you should pay attention to in the device of the brush cutter is the way the blades work. They can move in different directions (mutually cutting), and can be single-pass (one blade moves, and the second is motionless). Tools with one-way blades will be cheaper, but they have a higher level of vibration, which makes your hands more tired when working.

The distance between the teeth of the blade affects the final result of cutting. If you admire the hedges nearby, then the wall should be trimmed perfectly smoothly. This can only be achieved with closely set teeth. If the distance between the teeth is large, then this tool easily cuts thick branches, but the quality of the haircut is more coarse.

Electric brush cutters: mains or cordless?

Electric brush cutter models are valued for ease of maintenance. No need to fill gasoline, control the oil level. Just plug it in and you can cut it. These models are less powerful than gasoline, but much lighter and cleaner (do not emit exhaust gases). In addition, the cost of electro-brush cutters is 2-3 times lower than that of gasoline powered units.

Due to the light weight, electric brush cutters can work on outstretched arms, and even women can do this

Choose an electric brush cutter taking into account the total volume of the hedge and its location on the site. If the plants are no more than 30 m from the mains, then network tools are quite suitable, because the length of their cord is usually limited to 30 meters. For a longer distance you will need an extension cord. Nevertheless, this option is considered the most unsafe, because there is always the possibility of contact with electric current. The machine may accidentally slip out of inexperienced hands and catch the cable. Often the wires get tangled up in the legs. And in wet weather, work with a brush cutter is prohibited.

The second option is an electric garden brush cutter - battery type. It has an autonomous battery, which must be recharged before use. It is convenient to cut such a tool if there are few hedges on the site and they are located far from the mains. But with large volumes and thick branches, a cordless brush cutter can not cope. You will have to recharge it several times, which is not very convenient. Estimated battery life lasts for 40 minutes. provided that the blades are not clogged. The more dirty the cutting part, the less time the battery works.

The electric motor has enough power for branches up to 2 cm thick. Telescopic models are available for high plantings.

Due to the folding bar, telescopic brush cutters are able to cut branches even at a height of 2-3 meters, which makes them indispensable in tall plantings

Gas brush cutter: cuts everything but makes noise

Gasoline brush cutters belong to the most powerful class of tools, because their strength is enough for branches 3-4 cm thick. Such models are chosen by professional gardeners who have to work with large volumes of hedges. But you should take into account their considerable weight, because the tool often has to work on outstretched arms. So only men’s hands will pull such a technique.

Gasoline brush cutter is not very convenient for female hands, as it has a solid weight, which is difficult to hold when working

When choosing a gasoline brush cutter, pay attention to:

  1. Is there an anti-vibration system installed in the model and what class, because the health of the gardener's hands will depend on this.
  2. Is there an exhaust filtration system in the engine so that a person can breathe normal air.
  3. With an eye on what kind of work, a cutting tool was created (cutting tall hedges, decorating topiary figures, etc.).

Gasoline units are more noisy during operation and pollute the air with combustion products. But only they are able to cut wild old bushes and even small forests.


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