What you can do from plastic bottles for your garden: 15 applications

It would seem that a plastic bottle is such an ordinary thing, but once it was worth its weight in gold - our grandparents carefully put their precious containers on the balcony to use instead of a milk can or jar to store compote. Now PVC bottles are a dime a dozen, so humanity has become thoughtful, because soon there will be no place to step because of plastic containers. How to adapt all this abundance of plastic for business? The most amazing cost-based ideas for the food and chemical industries are floating islands and huge installations, residential buildings and energy-saving systems made up of many unnecessary plastic containers. We invite you to join the global boom of a plastic bottle. Appreciate the original garden crafts from the waste packaging that we offer you as an ideological basis for further creativity on the way to creating an amazing and unusual country design.

Construction of capital buildings

A burning problem for all summer residents is laying the house and auxiliary buildings on the garden plot in the conditions of a small land allotment and limited cash. In addition, the seasonal purpose of the cottage does not imply the erection of capital structures “for centuries”.

So, the enterprising people decided to adapt a prosaic plastic bottle as a building material. The walls of houses, gazebos, greenhouses, and other garden structures are laid out traditionally - in a checkerboard pattern using cement mortar, but instead of brick, unnecessary plastic containers filled with sand are used.

In support of this, not quite familiar eco-style, you can make a variety of crafts from bottles for the garden, so that the design of the site was decided in a single key. Let's take a closer look at how you can turn your life into a simpler and more comfortable using PVC containers.

Country house

Despite the apparent simplicity of building a building from plastic containers, there are some nuances that you need to consider if you decide to build a country house with your own hands. Here are a couple of useful tips:

  • Between the rows of masonry, lay a reinforcing mesh - the adhesion of the solution to the surface of the bottle will improve.
  • Do not forget that plastic does not come into contact with cement like a brick, so make small holes in the container - this way the solution will begin to interact with the sand inside the bottle and the wall will become stronger.
  • During masonry work, fix the bottles with a rope or wire so that the rows do not separate.

Keep in mind that plastics tend to collapse under the influence of frost and heat, especially from temperature changes, so be prepared that after some time - 5-10 years, the walls of the building will begin a “countdown”.

Using PVC bottles as a building material, you can build an economy house in the country

The cylindrical shape of plastic bottles allows you to build houses and gazebos, round in plan

In addition to the supporting structure of the house made of plastic containers, this versatile building material, as it turned out, can be used for roofing. We offer you two roof options from old-fashioned PVC containers:

  1. Plastic tile. For the manufacture of this simple roofing, it is necessary to compress plastic bottles. If this process is carried out without lightly heating the plastic, then the container will simply crack, so it is easiest to put the raw material in the sun, and then flatten the containers. Installation of PVC modules is carried out by ordinary screws to the frame with the laying of the material in several layers. From such a tile you can easily form a cone-shaped roof for a gazebo or bath.
  2. Plastic slate. From the cylindrical part of the plastic bottle, it is quite easy to do something like a slate coating for the roof. For this, it is necessary to cut the bottom and neck from the container, cut the middle part of the container lengthwise and in half, connect the formed PVC elements with glue, forming a wavy surface.

If you decide to build a house of wood, brick or a residential building already exists in your summer cottage, picking up a plastic bottle, show your imagination - decorate the facade with an unusual decor of plastic corks. Complex geometric ornament, floral pattern or a little naive “cartoon” animals - choose any style that suits you in spirit.

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From plastic bottles it is quite affordable to make a roof for a summer residence - either in the form of a tile, or in the likeness of slate

Bright plastic lids from used containers will give the facade of the country house an expressive flavor

The decor of bottle caps for the facade of a country house will add personality to the building

Pergolas, greenhouses, pergolas

The most rational use of plastic bottles for the garden is not only crafts designed to decorate it, but also more significant things, for example, greenhouses or arbors. Why buy expensive polycarbonate for building a greenhouse if the PVC from which the container is made is almost the same material?

Why equip a greenhouse with even more expensive glass than laminated plastic if there are unnecessary bottles? Refracting the sun's rays, PVC packaging performs the same tasks as glass with polycarbonate, in addition - this is the most economical option for building a greenhouse that you can find.

An economical option for arranging a gazebo or a greenhouse in the country - a construction of plastic bottles

If you are bored with the traditional rectangular arbor in plan, make it in the form of a hemisphere using a metal frame and plastic bottles

Having built a frame of wood or metal, arm yourself with a red-hot knitting needle, drill or hammer with nails. One way is to make holes in the bottom and cork of the plastic bottle and put the plastic vessels on the fishing line or wire, the length of which will be slightly greater than the height of the building. Pull the received elements and fasten them on the cross-members of the frame - this will form the walls of the greenhouse or arbors. Additionally, you can fix the vertical modules in the transverse direction by tying the bottles within one row with wire. Using containers of different colors, try to create some kind of ornament - so you diversify the colorless mass of walls made of transparent plastic.

What else can you build from plastic bottles for the garden? The most easily constructed version of a small architectural form of plastic bottles in the garden is a lightweight pergola - a pergola, which usually serves as a frame for climbing plants. However, despite the fact that in the spring and summer the pergola design will be hidden by weaving roses or ivy, in winter its skeleton will be bare and will not look very successful. To avoid this phenomenon, you can ennoble the design of the pergola with plastic bottles of a natural shade - brown or green. The brownish colors of PVC remotely resemble wood, and grassy ones will revitalize the appearance of the garden in the cold season.

Fences, barriers, gates

A lot of finance can be saved if you use plastic bottles to equip the garden fence. Using the same principle that was described in the construction of the gazebo, instead of corrugated board, netting or polycarbonate, use a plastic container to fill the space between the fence posts.

A little creativity and zeal - the border of your garden will become not only impassable, but also extravagant, attracting attention. If the fence has already been erected earlier, floral decor from plastic bottles will give it a new sound - the most natural option for the garden.

In support of summer houses from plastic bottles, build a fence using the same containers for a seamless landscape design

Multi-colored flowers carved from plastic bottles will refresh and decorate an old fence or summer house


The eternal problem of car owners is the allocation of space on the land for parking a car or several vehicles - bicycles, scooters or ATVs. Not always a project of a compact private or country house involves a room for a car, so there is a need to build a separate garage or canopy. The construction of these structures is expensive and many can not afford it, so there is a car under the scorching sun, open to winds, rain and snow. Conventional plastic bottles come to the rescue in this situation - waste bottles that no one needs, allowing experimentation without fear, without fear of spoiling the building material. If something does not work out and the bottle becomes worthless, you can always take another and not lose a dime.

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A canopy for cars made of plastic bottles will not only fulfill its immediate function, but will also bring an original emphasis to the country landscape

So, from plastic bottles you can form a plastic structure that is unusual in its configuration and performs several functions at once - it will create a protective plane against rain, sun and, at the same time, will decorate your garden. There is nothing complicated in the formation of a canopy from bottles - it can very well be made with one's own hands.

First, through plastic holes, you need to make through holes, or rather, it is best to burn them with a hot rod, and then put the bottles on a fishing line, rope or wire, connecting them in rows. Between themselves, the sequences of bottles are fastened with perpendicular ties through another pair of holes and the previously selected material for “firmware”. Thus, a movable surface resembling a “bottle cloth” is obtained, which remains attached to a metal or wooden frame using suspensions of different lengths to create a wavy effect.

It's important to know! Given that a plastic bottle is a kind of lens that refracts light similarly to glass, it is advisable to stain the bottom of the container in order to block direct sunlight.

Useful devices for the garden

solar collector

Surely you came across the fact that there is no central water supply in the country house, you did not have time to get a boiler, and after a hard day caring for the garden you really want to take not an ice shower, but to wash with warm water. We suggest you try to make a summer shower for your site with an energy-saving system - a solar collector made of PVC bottles. The principle of operation of such heating of water is based on the so-called “thermosiphon” - denser hot water moves up, less dense cold water moves down. The system designer, a Brazilian engineer who received a patent for the invention, claims that 1 m2 of solar panel will be enough for bathing 1 person.

From plastic bottles you can assemble a solar panel and forget what ice water is in the summer shower

Cold water coming from the tank to the solar collector returns back to the already heated

Consumables and tools for making a collector from plastic bottles:

  1. 2 liter plastic bottles - 60 pcs.;
  2. 1 liter milk bags - 50 pcs.;
  3. PVC pipe 100 mm - 70 cm;
  4. PVC pipe 20 mm - 11.7 m;
  5. PVC corner 20 mm - 4 pcs.;
  6. Tee 20 mm PVC - 20 pcs.;
  7. End caps 20 mm PVC - 2 pcs.;
  8. PVC glue;
  9. Matte black paint;
  10. Brush;
  11. Emery;
  12. Scotch;
  13. Rubber mallet, jigsaw on wood.

Plastic bottles need to cut off the bottom and insert one into the other. 100 mm PVC pipes are used to form a rectangular frame of the solar panel, 20 mm pipes are cut into segments of 10x1 m and 20x8.5 cm and assembled into a single structure using tees. Pieces of pipe and dairy bags are painted over with black paint, which are placed under the bottles to improve heat absorption.

Plastic bottle solar panels should be located at least 30 cm below the storage tank with water on the south side of the wall or roof. To optimize heat absorption, the panels should be installed at an angle that is calculated as follows: add 10 ° to your geographical latitude. It is recommended that every 5 years the plastic bottles in the panels be replaced with new ones, since after some time the plastic becomes opaque, and this reduces its thermal conductivity.

Another energy-saving idea “sailed” to us from hot Brazil under the name “1 liter of light”. The essence of this engineering idea in terms of how to illuminate a windowless room on a sunny day is striking in its simplicity - it is enough to integrate a plastic bottle tightly into the roof - but not empty, but with water. It is water, refracting the rays of the sun, that will fill a room without natural light with bright light.

Typing a plastic bottle of water and cutting it into the roof of the house, you will always have a bright source of light in rooms without natural light

Growing and watering plants

Plastic bottles will be useful in the garden not only for buildings or decor, but also directly in the cultivation of plants, flowers and vegetables. Cutting a hole in the container and filling the earth with it, you can use plastic containers for growing seedlings. Just do not forget to drill holes for drainage in your newly made pots and worry about water drainage.

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Glue corks on a plastic bottle - you get funny people instead of boring pots for growing seedlings

Tanks for growing plants can be given a little color by painting them with stained glass paints or decorating with bottle caps. If your summer cottage is small in area - try to create vertical gardening - hang plastic pots from bottles on a fishing line under the wall. So you decorate a blank expressionless plane and save space.

You can find out which plants are best suited for vertical gardening from the material: ozelenenie / rasteniya-dlya-vertikalnogo-ozeleneniya.html

To create pots for seedlings and flowers, not only plastic bottles for drinks are suitable, but also multi-colored containers left after using household chemicals

Make multiple holes in a plastic bottle - this will allow you to get a drip irrigation device in the country

PVC bottles will also serve in the process of watering the garden, if you pierce tiny holes in the bottom of the bottle and attach the container to the hose, you will get a good tool for drip irrigation. Equipping the homegrown sprayer of water from the bottle with wheels from an old baby car or stroller, you can move the watering machine through the garden.

Furniture for garden and home

It is a lot of trouble for gardeners to care for furniture in the garden house and on the street - the constant proximity to the land negatively affects the appearance of sofas, beds and armchairs. Having built country furniture from plastic bottles, you will forget about what is scruffy upholstery, which is so hard to put in order in the country, away from service and dry cleaners. The containers and corks themselves are a unique material for the manufacture of furniture with your own hands - durable and easy to care for.

From plastic bottles you can assemble quite practical furniture for the garden and home

Chairs and a table for a summer house made of plastic corks are an economical solution for outdoor furniture

A convenient ottoman for a summer residence will turn out from unnecessary plastic containers wrapped with password and covered with upholstery fabric

A couple of dozen plastic bottles, a metal frame - and a comfortable chair for the garden and garden in front of you

This is curious! Furniture for the garden can be made from pallets (pallets): postroiki / mebel-iz-poddonov-svoimi-rukami.html

Garden lights

Lighting for a garden plot is another expense column that is often ignored by summer residents. With a plastic bottle, the lighting problem is solved in a minute. Take a color canister from household chemicals, cut off the neck and refill the cartridge with a bulb inside - the lamp for giving is ready. Create a more complex configuration of the plafond by deforming the plastic bottles by heating, fusing the edges and painting them in different colors. Original fixtures made of PVC containers will perfectly replace industrial analogues, as well as decorate your home and garden.

To create an original design of fixtures for a summer residence, it is enough to paint them with stained-glass paints or slightly distort

Unusual street lamps for summer cottages can be made from plastic bottles - both electric lamps and candles serve as a light source

Landscape decor from plastic bottles

When creating garden decorations from plastic bottles, everything is used - the entire container, the bottom and neck, the middle part and cut out fragments, and corks are especially popular. They make a very expressive decor for the garden - paths and the design of the empty planes of the house or fence. Another unforgettable decoration of the site may be the installation of PVC containers - volumetric and planar figures of animals, plants. Flowerbeds and borders restricting the planting of different types of flowers can be successfully made from the same plastic containers. And so that your ears can always be enjoyed by birds, hang bird feeders and drinking bowls made of PVC bottles on your own from the trees.

Multi-colored corks from plastic bottles are an excellent material for creating planar compositions in a country landscape

Examples of arrangement of flower beds

Without a doubt, the main decoration of a summer cottage is flowers formed into flower beds or growing in a picturesque mess. A special “faceting” of the flowerbed is given by low borders, outlining its shape and giving the flower composition completeness.

For lack of stone or brick, traditionally used to form the curb, bury plastic bottles upside down along the border of the flowerbed - you will get a simple fence for flower planting. A good solution for shady areas of a garden plot where nothing wants to grow is original flower beds made of PVC containers of various shapes and colors.

Equip shady or swampy areas of the garden with a flower bed of plastic bottles

A small flower bed in the shape of a ladybug looks bright and unusual

Green plastic bottles are great when creating a flowerbed border

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Garden paths

The issue of laying garden paths is always difficult - you need to strengthen the soil and buy decorative material - as a result, a considerable amount is obtained. And I don’t feel like walking through the mud. While you accumulate money and look closely at the coverage for the tracks, we offer you a temporary option for arranging them with minimal costs. Pour the paths in the country with a thin layer of cement mortar and immerse plastic bottle caps in it - due to corrugation along the side plane, they will be well fixed in the building mixture.

A prosaic cement walkway can turn into a picturesque panel thanks to multi-color plastic covers

You can learn more about how to make tracks at the cottage with your own hands from the material: dekor / dorozhki-na-dache-svoimi-rukami.html

Decorative installations

A fairly popular direction of decorating the garden landscape is the creation of volumetric installations from various materials at hand, including plastic containers. However, here you need some skill and patience, because you need to lay out either whole containers or parts cut out of them according to a certain pattern.

The most expressive decor for the garden landscape - volumetric installations made of plastic bottles

We suggest that you make at the cottage a not very complicated installation of plastic bottles in the form of a Christmas tree. Although the New Year is still far away, as they say, prepare a sled in the summer - think in advance about the New Year's decoration of your garden. Of course, the tree is the main attribute of the winter holiday, without which it is impossible to create a truly upbeat, New Year's atmosphere. What if there are no conifers on your site, and you don’t welcome the traditional logging ahead of the New Year? A solution that is excellent in its simplicity and environmental friendliness is the creation of a Christmas tree from plastic bottles.

The basis of such a composition is a rigid rod, to which bottles can be hung or put on a wire and wrapped, create a tier of circles, tie or install auxiliary supports and form a tent-like shape of a tree.

It is not necessary to make a Christmas tree from plastic bottles of standard green color - it can be assembled from containers in any shades

Whole plastic bottles, bottoms, and cut container parts will also be used. Bottles themselves can be deformed, melted, painted in unusual colors - in general, there is a place for imagination and ingenuity to roam. Do not discount bottle caps - they will turn out unusual garlands and miniature decor.

By the way, it is not necessary to hide or dismantle the tree for the summer season - if you choose a conical shape of a tree, the interior of the structure will serve you on hot days as an arbor or become a place for children's games. You can make a miniature Christmas tree from your sprite’s old green bottles for the house, just cut the curved planes of the plastic container with “noodles” and stick them on the base.

From old and unnecessary things, you can also make decorations for a summer cottage, read about it: ideas / ukrasheniya-iz-staryx-veshhej.html

Bird feeders and nests

One of the types of garden decor that combines many functions - feeders, nests and drinking bowls for birds. With love, the made feeding trough and the garden will decorate and attract birds - they will repay you good merry twittering, destroying at the same time garden insect pests.

Create nests, drinking bowls and bird feeders from plastic bottles and color them in natural colors

Nests and bird feeders will be a useful decoration for your garden

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Decor for a country interior

In addition to garden decor, a plastic bottle is good for creating an extravagant interior design for a country house. Bright panels for walls and furniture, partitions and screens, even curtains - all this you can do on your own from PVC containers. Such home decorations look quite distinctive and original, at least nothing similar you will not see. Putting your soul into the decoration of a country house, you will enjoy both the creative process and the results of your imagination combined with skill.

Having cut off the bottoms with transparent plastic bottles and connecting them with a thin wire, you will get air screens for dividing the space of a country house

The rainbow curtain for the front door is assembled from ordinary bottle caps, and it looks very original

Plastic bottle caps will help you to colorize the interior of a country house in all shades of the rainbow

Entertainment, recreation, games in the country


Playgrounds on the land are not only a pleasant thing for organizing leisure activities, it is also a certain element of the garden decor. Bright swings and slides, mini-golf courses and fabulous houses will create a pleasant atmosphere for a child to stay in the country.

Plastic bottles will help to separate the territory for children's games, as well as serve as the basis for creating interesting toys

Set up a croquet field in your country house, and make the gates out of plastic bottles

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Boats and boats

Surely there is a river flowing nearby your garden plot or there is a lake. If so, then your vacation on the shore of the reservoir will become more fun if you have a means of transportation on the water. To get to a deserted island, go on a boat trip or go fishing - there is nothing easier when there is a boat. You can well build this simple transport from plastic bottles.

A narrow boat in the likeness of Native American pies with a capacity of 1-2 people or more capital boat for 3-4 passengers - a lot of options. The simplest watercraft is a rectangular raft, from which it is convenient to fish, having sailed a bit from the shore.

From plastic bottles you get a boat or raft that is completely stable on water

To make a boat in the form of a kayak, cut the bottoms of the bottles, slide them one into the other one after another and form something like long tubes. Glue the joints with furniture tape - it is wide and will not peel off when in contact with water. From separate tubes, connecting them together, glue all the same adhesive tape on the sides and bottom of the boat to get a wedge-shaped shape. It is important to correctly calculate the ratio of the width of the vessel and its height - trial launches and a bit of engineering will help you to turn a mountain of unwanted packaging into a useful thing.

A non-trivial approach to decorating a pond in the country - delicate daisies from bottles on the surface of the water

The boat has a more complex design for the whole family, which involves the connection of vertically standing bottles in two rows and additional sealing of the hull of the vessel with bags. Nothing prevents you from installing a motor on the boat, which will significantly improve its driving performance and range. So, using the unsinkable properties of plastic bottles, from which, by the way, entire islands are built in Japan and Taiwan, you can plow the surrounding water bodies with a breeze and comfort.

You are not inspired by the idea of ​​a plastic boom? Do something unusual for your garden and you will not have time to look back, as soon as you join the ranks of admirers of a plastic bottle.


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