What is the standard rose: a garden from Wonderland

Walking around the botanical garden or the city arboretum, you may have noticed unusual thin trees, the crown of which is strewn with large buds. These are the so-called standard roses.

In fact, the rose in the stem is not a tree, although it is very similar to it. Moreover, such a plant does not belong to a particular species, group or variety.

The trees of the standard roses have some advantages:

  • beautiful and spectacular;
  • bloom long and plentifully;
  • take up little space on garden plots;
  • possess resistance to usual "pink" diseases.

Stamp roses are conventionally divided into several groups:

  • Dwarf - the height of the trunk without a crown is up to 50 cm. Such roses look good along the edges of garden paths, on terraces and balconies. Trees can be planted in flowerpots and flower pots.
  • Semi-stem - up to 80 cm. They serve as decoration of small gardens.
  • Standard punches - barrel height up to 1.3 meters.
  • Weeping high-stacked up to three meters in height. They are planted in large gardens and parks. Varieties of climbing roses are used, in which the branches fall, like a weeping willow. Hence the name.

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Stamp roses are not very demanding to care for, so they are often planted in large gardens, parks and in front of the facades of houses.

Flowering trees look great in recreation areas.

How are such pink trees grown? The secret lies in grafting onto stock. In this way, you can plant almost any sort of "Queen of the flowers." For the stem, rosehip varieties are selected that are adapted to the winter season and have a powerful root system. Thanks to her, the rose is provided with proper nutrition, and this directly affects its abundant and long flowering. Vaccinations are done most often by the kidneys, less often by cuttings.

Roses in the stem used to decorate the homes of aristocrats and nobles. But today, these flower trees look great both in the design of huge gardens with their many species of plants, and in a small summer cottage. Luxurious trees give special sophistication, romance and charm.


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