What flowers are best for planting in flowerpots: the selection of the best varieties

Decorating a summer cottage with flowerbeds and flower beds is not difficult if there are enough lawns or uncultivated patches of land within it. But what to do when it is necessary to add a bright floral accent to gray areas covered with tiles, paved or concrete walkways, steps of the porch? How can I decorate the perimeter of a balcony, open porch or gazebo? A great way out is flowers for flowerpots on the street that feel great in a limited area. They quickly turn a gray, dull picture into a blooming mini-garden.

Features of the cultivation of such plants

Containers and flowerpots are convenient in that they can be placed in almost any part of the garden or house territory: along the edges of benches, at the entrance to the house, around the pool, along the paths. If necessary, it is possible to rearrange plants, replace them with others, and for this you do not need to dig a bed or break a new flower bed.

Various flower arrangements in flowerpots look great in a cascading version: for this, they create several levels of the same or different flower pots and plant flowers contrasting in shade or size. Shelves, steps, hanging structures, coasters are suitable for decoration.

You can learn about how to make decorative flowerpots with your own hands from the material: dekor / kashpo-dlya-sada-svoimi-rukami.html

Plants living in a confined space are slightly different from flowers intended for planting in the ground. Differences relate to the following points:

  • the root color system feels great in a small space;
  • plants are resistant, tolerate drought or excessive humidity;
  • as a rule, flowering continues throughout the season - new buds grow to replace wilted flowers;
  • a bushy or drooping form of plants is ideal for planting in pots, flowerpots, flowerpots or containers.

Minimal flower care is another plus in favor of street flowers.

Using flowerpots, you can create amazing, original compositions that are appropriate both in the open territory of a summer cottage, and in the gazebo or on the balcony

A selection of varieties of the best “flowerpot" flowers

In the preparation of floral compositions using plants that are different in bud color, height, splendor and type of stem. Two or three species are planted in large flowerpots, with higher flowers (focal) in the center, two times lower on the edges (bordering or background), curly, falling around the circumference or perimeter.

If the container is near the wall, then higher plants plant along the back wall, low or hanging plants are closer to the front edge. Let's consider in more detail which flowers are best planted in flowerpots, and not on flower beds.

Focus flowers - in the central space

Unpretentious, wildly blooming pelargonium, more familiar to everyone as geranium, pleases with a rich range of shades - from pale pink to deep burgundy. Propagated by seeds and cuttings, but seedlings take root and grow better. During the summer, it is enough to feed humates 2-3 times.

You can find out why geranium can stop blooming and how to fix it from the material: rastenija / pochemu-ne-tsvetet-geran.html

Pelargonium easily tolerates frosts to -3 ° C, but during the cooling period flowerpots with plants for the night is better to cover with "Agrospan"

Terry and semi-terry asters bloom densely and continuously. For flowerpots, dwarf and medium-tall varieties with a height of 15 to 50 cm are more suitable. They love the sun very much, so it is better to place the containers on the south side.

Aster seeds can be sown in spring, but then they will bloom in late August-September, or in October - the flowers will bloom in June

Annual dahlias have a small height - from 20 to 50 cm, just suitable for creating compositions in flowerpots and containers. They look equally good both in group landings, and in single. When using dahlias of different shades, you can get a picturesque bush to decorate the porch.

A real decoration of the garden can be a garden gerbera. The climate of central Russia is not suitable for year-round cultivation of this flower in the open ground, but it is perfect for a mobile flowerpot: ozelenenie / gerbera-sadovaya-posadka-i-uhod.html

If you plant dahlias in April, then from July until the frosts they will delight with their bright colors

“Background” varieties - for creating a border

Often pansies are called viola or violet. These are delicate, colorful plants 15–25 cm high. They are great for framing taller plants in a large flowerpot or for creating a separate composition.

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Pansies bloom throughout the summer. They are curb, so they are equally good for decorating flower beds, flowerpots, balconies

White, lilac, purple, burgundy ageratum serves as a magnificent frame of asters and dahlias. Taller plants (up to 30 cm) can be used to create contrasting compositions planted in different pots. Ageratum is not afraid of drought, but he does not like shade.

Ageratum seeds ripen in late summer, so they should be harvested immediately as soon as the inflorescences become brown

Iberis blooms in May-June, so by the middle of summer you can prepare other flowers to replace it. This is a lush plant, so the seeds need to be planted with an interval of 15 cm. He loves the sun, but blooms in the shade just as well. More on landing.

More often than other varieties, Iberis is used as an umbrella, which is great for decorating rock gardens, rockeries, balconies, steps and porches

Delicate white-yellow flowers of limantes look like little suns that illuminate everything around and give a wonderful mood. A flowerpot or hanging basket with this neat plant will decorate the porch or balcony. Good limantes as a background for bright focal plants of red or blue.

More information about the varieties of limnantes and its care can be obtained from the material: //diz-cafe.com/rastenija/limnantes-vyirashhivanie-iz-semyan.html

Seeds of limnanthes planted in open ground, but earlier flowering can be achieved by preparing seedlings in the spring in the greenhouse

Hybrid verbena up to 30 cm high is also ideally suited for decoration of flowerpots. Red and blue clove-like flowers often have a white spot in the middle, which makes the bush look variegated and vibrant. Short shoots are good for creating straight bushes, long shoots for creeping compositions.

Verbena is great for planting in flowerpots, and with other colors - pansies, ageratum - creates classic violet-blue compositions

Cascading and curly

Petunia is perhaps the most popular flower for decorating balconies and verandas. A variety of shades, from snow-white to deep purple and bright red, allows you to create incredibly beautiful compositions even without the use of other plants.

Petunia blooms throughout the warm season with lush caps. To make the plant look fresh, dry faded buds must be removed in a timely manner.

Various varieties of fuchsia are wonderful flowers for flowerpots in the country. Ampel and falling plants create amazing combinations of red or pink. For decorating balconies and gazebos, hybrid fuchsia varieties are preferred.

Varietal variety of fuchsia allows you to experiment with plants of different heights and colors. Very beautiful varieties Marcus Graham, Sarah Jane, Summer

Bright cornflower blue flowers of lobelia harmoniously combine with blue or white focal plants. Blue is the most common color, but you can find white, violet and even red varieties that are used to create monophonic frames.

You can learn more about how to grow lobelia from the material: rastenija / lobeliya.html

Lobelia is one of those few flowers that tolerate transplanting remarkably even during flowering, while its decorative qualities do not suffer

A sunny and positive nasturtium will not only decorate the facade of the house or the road curb, but will also replenish the first-aid kit, and even protect it from pests. The plant is so unpretentious that it is one of the favorite flowers that are used for growing in the middle lane and in the north.

The length of the shoots of nasturtium reaches 2 meters, so it is used to create "flowering" walls, planting in a cache-pot in the upper part of the facade of the house

Stcevola is suitable not only for flowerpots and containers - it is a groundcover creating beautiful summers. Among the other species, the stsevola pleasant stands out - a delicate plant with fan-shaped flowers of lilac color.

It is also worth paying attention to the tender, abundantly blooming browllia. You can learn about how to care for this flower from the material: rastenija / brovalliya-kak-vyrastit-nezhnoe-rastenie-cvetushhee-ves-god.html

The tsevola grows very quickly, so to give it a neat shape, you need to cut off the long shoots and pinch their tops

Care for flowers and their protection against pests

Fortunately, flowers for street and balcony flowerpots do not need painstaking care. For their magnificent and full bloom, timely watering and loosening is sufficient. Occasionally, some varieties are fed with mineral fertilizers, which are sold in the form of solutions or granules.

Spider mites and whiteflies can harm pot plants. To protect against them, Haupsin, Lepidocide, Bitoxibacillin, as well as solutions of garlic and nettle are used.

Love for beauty, imagination and hard work can create amazing compositions from flowerpots that will decorate a summer cottage, porch or balcony.


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