We propagate zamioculcas: methods for home gardeners

Zamioculcas is often called the "dollar tree." It is believed that this plant, which came to our homes from exotic Africa, brings its owner material well-being. Another name for Zamioculcas is “feminine happiness”. People believe that its owner miraculously becomes desirable for the opposite sex and finds happiness in her personal life. Agree, a good reason to have your own green artifact at home! Of course, you can buy a mascot plant in the store, but it is much more interesting to grow happiness with your own hands. Moreover, they say that in this case there will be more effect from the acquisition.

General characteristics of the methods

There are four ways to propagate zamioculcas: seeds, tubers, leaves or cuttings. Most often, the plant is propagated by dividing the uterine tuber into parts, cuttings, rooting of leaf plates or a whole branch with leaves.

Zamioculcas is poisonous! Put it on gloves and do not attract children.

Seed propagation

Do not hope to find seeds - they simply do not exist, since this plant blooms extremely rarely and without them (maybe in Africa they are, but hardly). If you are lucky:

  1. Sow the seeds in a container with soil for violets or cacti with a distance between them of 2-3 cm. The soil should be moist, not wet.
  2. Cover with a film and open for airing once a day.
  3. Watch the moisture of the earth's surface, do not allow the appearance of a dry crust, moisten with water from a spray bottle.
  4. Seat when the first 2 true leaves appear (they grow after the cotyledon).

Sprouts will have to wait a long time, at least two months. First, the plant needs to form a tuber, from which the sprout will then hatch.

Zamioculcas seeds rarely ripen

Reproduction by division of the uterine tuber

Reproduction of zamioculcas by dividing the uterine tuber is carried out in the spring, when the time comes for transplanting the plant into a more spacious flowerpot. The tuber is easily divided into parts. You do not need to cut, otherwise you can destroy your pet . You need to make sure that at least one growth point remains on each process.

In no case should you cut the roots of Zamioculcus

The process of reproduction by dividing the tuber consists of the following steps:
  1. After dividing the tuber by the number of future plants you need, dry the damaged areas by sprinkling them with wood or crushed activated carbon.
  2. Keep them in the air for 2 hours.
  3. After that, plant in a permanent flowerpot. Choose a container with a size of at least 20 cm in diameter and 25 cm in height. Spread claydite or small stones at the bottom. Foam balls or eggshells can also be used as drainage. Do not be afraid that it will alkalize the soil, increased acidity is harmful to zamioculcas. The drainage layer must be at least 1 cm. As a soil, use a special soil mixture for cacti or any other light, poor soil.
  4. Cover the pot with a jar to create the necessary microclimate and place them on the windowsill. The plant does not need additional lighting.
  5. Watch for humidity and periodically water with a sprayer so that not only the roots, but also the leaves receive moisture.
  6. After new leaflets appear, remove the jar.

Liming will also help reduce the acidity of the soil, read about it: ozelenenie / izvestkovanie-pochvy.html

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A full-grown adult plant can be admired in a year.


A cut of zamioculcas is nothing more than a complex, complete leaf. On the central stem there are several simple leaf plates.

There are several leaves on the cut of Zamioculcas

The cuttings process is as follows:
  1. Cut a whole sheet and remove 4-5 lower leaves.
  2. After that, dry the stalk in a warm dark place.
  3. Sprinkle the damaged parts with charcoal.
  4. It can be put for germination in a tank with settled water. In this case, make sure that the water does not go out. You can add a hydrogel, which absorbs water, and then will gradually give it to the plant.
  5. Plant on a permanent place after the appearance of the first roots 2-3 cm long with a tuber with a diameter of at least 0.5 cm.
  6. Cover with a jar until new leaves appear. Do not raise the hood so as not to disturb the microclimate, the plant will receive air from the soil.

On the handle, the formed roots and tuber are visible, which means that it can be planted

When cutting the result, you will have to wait several months. Your new pet will need time to grow a root tuber in which moisture and nutrients are stored, and only then it will grow.

Video: propagation of zamioculcus by cuttings

Propagation by leaf plates

It is easiest to get leaves, but you will have to wait for the result for at least six months. Stems with leaves take root more quickly - the result can be seen in a month and a half. The rooting algorithm is the same for any parts of zamioculcas:

  1. Pre-dry the sheet plates for several hours.
  2. Sprinkle charcoal on the slice.
  3. Submerge the leaves at a slight angle by about a third.

The leaf is dripped a third at a slight angle

The handle can dry or wither, but take your time to throw it away. It is possible that a tuber is forming in the ground, and then a new plant will hatch from it.

Do not rush to interrupt the experiment if the leaves fade

Further care for the grown Zamioculcus consists in periodic watering and spraying. A young plant must be transplanted into a larger pot every year, and an adult once every 2–4 years.


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