We decorate the site with petunia: 50 best ideas for application in garden design

Amazing delicate creatures - petunias! It is as if the goddess Flora herself turned the drops of morning dew into these flowers of unusual beauty. The use of petunias in the landscape design of your site will certainly be successful, taking into account some nuances. And the proposed 50 ideas will certainly inspire!

Landscape designers and gardeners are very fond of petunia for its juicy colorful flowers, unpretentiousness and a long flowering period. You can decorate with these plants almost everything:

  • flower beds
  • arbors
  • arches
  • terraces
  • balconies and loggias.

And what original and vibrant compositions are created using only petunias!

Petunia in a flower arrangement

Petunia arches

In landscape design, not all varieties of petunias are used for landscaping parks and large garden plots. In total there are three groups of varietal series, differing in the size of inflorescences:

  1. Multiflora and floribunda are multi - colored varieties of petunias with flowers of 6–7 cm. This group of plants stably tolerates natural disasters and quickly recovers after prolonged rains for 2–3 days. Varieties of this group are planted on flowerbeds, borders and mixborders.

    Petunia floribunda

    Petunia floribunda

  2. Milliflora is a group of petunias with miniature flowers about 4 cm in diameter. Babies as bravely tolerate wet rainfall, as well as representatives of the first group, and also are used for plantations in the open ground.

    Petunia Milliflora

  3. Grandiflora - has giant inflorescences reaching 10-15 cm! These varieties are very bad for rain, which damages their large delicate petals. Petunias of this group look great in hanging flower pots or flower containers, you just need to monitor the weather and transfer them in time to a place protected from rain and wind, for example, on a covered terrace or porch.

Petunia Grandiflora

The so-called cascading and ampelous varieties of petunias are planted in flower pots and flowerpots, which, thanks to their long stems, fall down in an airy flower cloud.

Shrub petunias get along well with other plants and therefore they are often planted in mixborders, on flowerbeds and borders.

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Petunia in mixborder

Petunia is unusually good on narrow discounts and borders, broken along the tracks.

Flowerpots or flower pots with this amazing plant can be placed at the entrance to the house or put in the center of the flower bed. City streets, parks and squares are also supportive of these small vibrant colors.

Hanging flowerpots with petunias will decorate any building facade, pergolas or walls of arbors and terraces.

Recently it has become fashionable to erect vertical flower beds, which include flower towers. Petunia multiflora and floribunda are suitable for these purposes as well as possible.

And we can not say about the decoration of various objects with petunia, sometimes the most unexpected. Plates, beds, pipes, bicycles, basins, barrels, jugs and cars. There are no restrictions at all, rely only on your imagination!

How do you like such an idea!

As you can see, the use of petunia is so extensive that it remains only to choose the appropriate method and create your own floral arrangement. Agree that this is not an easy task!


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