We arrange the garden in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui: a detailed analysis of each zone

The veneration of nature and its perception as part of man himself was previously manifested in pagan religions. But in the Slavic countries, pre-Christian religions have long died out. But the Chinese still believe that any tree, blade of grass and brook can affect the fate of a person, giving him positive energy or, conversely, taking part of the life force. The harmony between people and nature is called geomancy, and according to its laws Tibetan monks live. In the west, only one branch of geomancy is known - Feng Shui. This direction is engaged in arranging the personal space of a person - his home, land and even the wardrobe. It is believed that the Feng Shui garden helps a person to live in happiness, attracts the necessary energy (love, glory, etc.). And the more thoroughly you arrange every corner of the space, the faster you will achieve your goals.

Own garden can affect the owner’s inner world, even if he just watches him from the window. He nourishes the hosts with vital energy, different depending on the season: in winter - peace, in spring - energy, in summer - joy, in autumn - prosperity.

In Feng Shui, the best garden is the one whose shape resembles a rectangle or square and has a flat surface. Hills, hollows, pits and uneven forms interfere with the direct movement of vital energy, delaying it and isolating it from the hosts. If your garden does not fall under the definition of "ideal", all the disadvantages can be corrected with the help of correctly planted plants, small architectural forms, waterfalls, etc.

The Chinese consider the garden plot to be a single organism that functions correctly only when it has all the life systems in it, and they are interconnected. All areas in the garden should be 9.

The site, divided into zones according to Feng Shui, consists of nine sectors of the same size, the total area of ​​which corresponds to the size of the site

To break the space of the site into these zones, you need to stand right at the entrance to the garden, so that it turns out completely before your eyes. The first strip of zones that face a person is the zone of Reliable friends, Careers and Wisdom. In the second strip are Children, Tai Qi and Family. And on the opposite side of the site there is a place for zones of Glory, Wealth and Relations with people. Each of them must be properly equipped in order to keep its energy in the garden.

The easiest way to plan the filling of each sector is first on paper. To do this, take a piece of paper and cut out a shape that matches the parameters of your site. For example, your land is 70 m long and 50 m wide, which means cut out such a rectangle, taking millimeters as a unit of measurement. Now break it into 9 equal parts, three in a row. And sign each resulting sector by its name.

There are also areas with an uneven shape, curvatures. Then you will have to draw a real garden shape on one sheet, and on a transparent paper or film - a perfect rectangle drawn into sectors and lay it on top. So you will see which sectors you have filled up completely, and where there is not enough land. It is the missing zones that should be equipped in the first place, because their influence is very weak.

Zone of Wisdom: first left of entrance

The Zone of Wisdom is located in the very corner of your garden. This is the most calm and balanced sector in which you should rest alone and be closed from prying eyes.

The more the Zone of Wisdom is closed from prying eyes, the more favorable it affects its owners, tuning them to smart thoughts

The whole arrangement of the sector should be subject to the idea of ​​privacy. Create as much silence and beauty as possible. To do this, from the neighbors' side, plant a hedge or a row of trees with a dense crown. Create a kind of “cave” inside the zone: put a single bench or hang a hammock, and from all sides surround the area with weaving plants or shrubs that will create an enclosed space. Let the only way out of this space lead into the house. For the zone of Wisdom, select the colors of the solar gamut (yellow, orange, pink, red). Let it be flowers of such coloring, tile, coloring of a rocking chair or a hammock, etc.

Career Zone: Center Front Row

In order for the career to constantly go up, it is necessary to equip a peculiar oasis in this zone, in which the main focus is on water. Create a fountain or stream in which the water will be constantly in motion, so that the course of your life will be exactly like that.

You can build a decorative fountain yourself, read about it: voda / fontan-na-dache-svoimi-rukami.html

All water in the Career area should flow towards the house so that its energy is stored inside the site, and not go out

Do not dig a pond. Stagnant water will stop career growth. Winding paths, flower beds with smooth irregular shapes, peas and mounds are added to the water structure. But choose plants carefully - only in silver-blue and golden-white colors. There should be no solar gamut, because it reduces the success of a career.

Trusted Friends Zone: lower right corner

The purpose of this sector is communication. Therefore, they create a platform where they will gather together with noisy companies with reliable friends. You can make a patio, you can gazebo.

It is advisable that the gate to the site is located precisely in the zone of Reliable friends, because in this way you open the way for their energy

Be sure to put a round lantern on the corner of the zone, which will attract light to your friends house. In the Reliable Friends sector, this is the place for parking. Firstly, this is the beginning of the site, so transport will not have to go through the entire garden, and secondly, the parking lot (or carport) will attract other cars to the house, which means that your friends will come more often.

Not recommended for decorating the color of fire: all shades of red.

Family Zone: left square in the center strip

Relationships in the family and between relatives will depend on the arrangement of this zone.

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The family zone should become a gathering place for all relatives so that they rally them and give them the opportunity to get to know each other deeper

It is best to devote this sector to a family recreation area, the so-called summer living room. Let there be a table with chairs where the whole family can have tea in the evenings. If this sector just hit the terrace - fine. Equip it to relax. If the house is completely on the other side of the plot, then create a separate terrace, or at least pave the ground to put furniture on it. But since this zone is obtained on the side of the plot, isolate the side that looks at the neighbors with green landings.

Let no one interfere with the looks in your family vacation. It’s good if a pond or other water feature is created near the recreation area. It has a smooth flow of thoughts, smooth communication.

You can learn about how to make a pond on the site yourself from the material: voda / kak-sdelat-prud-na-dache-svoimi-rukami.html

Tai Chi Zone: Plot Center

The central square in the garden is a zone of your health and vitality. It is she who accumulates in herself all the energy entering the garden from the outside, and gives it to the owners. The more open the space, the better it is viewed from all sides of the site - the healthier the family will be. There should not be buildings that interfere with the movement of energy.

The Center zone accumulates the vitality of the owners and their health, so there should not be any barriers in it that interfere with the penetration of energy

The best option is an even lawn with a flowerbed of a spiral shape in the center and a mirror ball on the leg, which greatly enhances the influence of the Tai Chi zone. It is necessary that garden paths depart from the lawn to other sectors. It is through them that life-giving forces will flock to the center.

Kids Zone: right side in the center row

This is the most turbulent site in the entire garden. It should have fun, excitement and laughter. If the family has small children - create a playground for them. Put slides, sandboxes, swings.

You can learn how to build a playground for yourself from the material: postroiki / detskaya-ploshhadka-na-dache-svoimi-rukami.html

The more daily activity will be in the area of ​​Children, the more cheerful and energetic will be the owners of the site, so the site must be equipped to the maximum

If children have grown up, then their place can be taken by pets or flower beds with an abundance of interesting, fragrant flowers. Let butterflies circle above them, bees curl. Their movement will bring fresh energy of vivacity and enthusiasm into your life. Yes, you yourself can spend days swarming in flower beds, caring for plants.

Wealth Zone: Far Left

In the zone of wealth, everything is tall: columnar trees, tall sculptures, garden lamps with high legs. They must catch the energy of money and leave it on the site. By the way, a compost pile is considered a symbol of future wealth, because fertilizer is ripening in it! But it should be fully decorated and have an aesthetic appearance, because money is treated with respect.

Water in the Wealth zone attracts cash flows, therefore, in the absence of streams or fountains, bowls and other containers with water are placed

Attracting wealth and running water. If water facilities are not provided in this part of the garden, you can simply place water containers on the back side of the zone. At the same time, plants will be watered.

Glory Zone: center of the back lane

Glory is subject to the forces of fire, so it’s good to organize a barbecue in this area, put a brazier, or at least make a fireplace.

Fire is an indispensable attribute of the Glory zone, so they create a barbecue on it, put a barbecue or grill or simply equip a fireplace

All shades of red should help this zone: noble red roses, barberries, wine grapes, etc. Do not put clay accessories in the Glory zone. They are associated with the energy of the earth and restrain the impulses of fire.

Human Relations Zone: Right Rear

This is a very responsible sector. If the plants in it do not take root and often get sick, it means that you are in conflict with others, do not know how to get along with neighbors and acquaintances.

The more pergolas, arches, and other vertical structures in the Relationship Zone, the more healthy will be the relationship of the owners with those around them

In this area, it is best to equip pergolas and arbors. After all, the rear entrance to the garden is often located in this corner. So let people go through arches and tunnels of climbing plants, lattice braided with grapes. And from below you need to put a carved bench or gazebo, where you can communicate with visitors.

So that you always have like-minded people, plant a pair of identical plants, put two lamps, etc. Paired symbolism removes conflicts and balances male and female energies.

When the basics of the garden in Feng Shui have been laid, begin to select accessories and plants for each sector in more detail.


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