Water facilities

How to build a pool in the country with your own hands from a finished bowl

Not every summer resident is lucky to have their own house near the reservoir, where after physical work you can relax and enjoy the cool water. The rest have to either get in the car and go in search of the nearest river, or make a pool with your own hands in the country. More often they choose the second option, because in addition to relaxation, the pool also gives side benefits: warm, settled water, which can be watered with flower beds and a garden (if you did not add chemical disinfection agents to the pool

How to make a pond in the country: DIY instructions

Contemplation is the way to restore one’s inner strength and to distance oneself from fuss. Admiring nature in any of its manifestations - whether it be a leaf, a blade of grass or even a small pebble, we fall into a kind of trance, delving into our "I" without reference to the events taking place.

Do-it-yourself decorative fountain in the country house: step-by-step analysis of the stages of construction

It’s so nice to relax after a hard day's work by the fountain made by your own hands with a cool, soothing murmur of water. Even a small decorative fountain on a summer cottage will become not only a bright decoration of the landscape, but also a favorite corner for relaxation, in which you can enjoy unity with nature.

Do-it-yourself water supply in the country: permanent and summer options

Any summer resident, and especially a city dweller accustomed to comfort, understands how much water is needed in a country house. Without it, it is difficult to take care of the garden, it is impossible to use household appliances, even washing dishes or taking a shower is quite problematic. That is why the owner of the house, in the end, thinks about how to make water supply in the country with his own hands

Drinking Well Cleaning: A Review of Best Practices

The well has long ceased to be the main source of water supply in cottages and in rural areas, but still the owners are in no hurry to part with it. Indeed, in the summer there is a large flow of liquid for watering the garden, and if you connect the hose to the central water supply, the water bills will increase significantly

On-site water drainage system: arrangement of surface and deep options

Most often, a person does not choose a plot for a summer residence, but is content with what he will be offered in the architectural department. And in the process of using the cottage, it turns out that the earth came across with a high level of humidity. Therefore, the trees do not want to grow, and garden crops begin to hurt

How to properly bring water into a private house from a well or well: tips from the masters

In the private sector, located within the city, it is usually possible to lay water from a centralized network. However, in settlements where initially there is no main pipeline, it is necessary to equip autonomous systems from hydraulic structures in the areas. However, sometimes such a need arises when accessing a central network

How to find water for a well: we analyze three effective ways to search

Water is an exceptional gift, without which life on earth is simply impossible. Water is an invariable element of the daily cycle: watering plants, household needs, cooking ... By acquiring a site where there is not even the slightest hint of the source of this inorganic compound, the problem of finding water for a well or a well becomes one of the key

Do-it-yourself house for a well - analysis of 3 construction projects

Paying tribute to traditions or simply decorating a house adjoining land, suburban real estate owners decorate the wells with wooden houses of various shapes: from a simple extension roof with a door to a very solid log house resembling an arbor. Dozens of companies offer luxurious products with carved elements in the form of animals and openwork ornaments, but it is much more pleasant to build an original house for a well near the cottage with your own hands

How to clean a well yourself when silting: the top 5 best ways

The well is convenient in that it is an excellent alternative to centralized water supply, such a source of water on the site solves problems with irrigation and the use of life-giving moisture for household needs. But from time to time, it is necessary to carry out preventive work so that the well is clean and the system works properly, so many owners of summer cottages think about how to clean the well with their own hands, without spending a lot of money on it

How to choose a pump for a well: calculation of parameters and types of units

In houses outside the city, having a central water supply is almost impossible. Usually this function is taken over by a well or a well drilled by the owners. In any case, you have to smash your head, how to raise water from the mine. There are fewer problems with the well: I threw a bucket and pulled it out

Sewerage device in the country: the easiest ways to drain

If water is brought into the house at the cottage, then, of course, you need to think through the sewage system. You will not take out sewage in buckets. But since country houses are usually used only periodically, in the spring-summer, or on weekends, the owners are not interested in installing ultra-modern types of sewers, for example, biological treatment plants, etc

Water to a house from a well: how to make a downhole water supply system?

One of the conditions for a comfortable suburban life is a reliable water supply in the cottage. Since central water supply in the country is a rather rare occurrence, the owner of the site has to decide on the issue of establishing an autonomous water supply system on his own. Watering a private house from a well is one of the most convenient ways to provide everyday comfort

Secrets of fish farming in artificial ponds

Artificial ponds on the plot can perform not only a decorative function, being an effective part of the design, but also bring good benefits. Breeding fish in artificial reservoirs is a fascinating activity that allows you to diversify leisure and grow environmentally friendly fish. When deciding to create a reservoir for fish farming in order to fulfill the dream of fishing in your own country, you need to correctly organize everything

Do-it-yourself water well by hand and shock-rope method

Any estate, whether it is a country cottage or a private house, must be provided with water. Without life-giving moisture, they cannot grow, delighting the eye with lush flowering, and no cultivated plants can fully bear fruit. A do-it-yourself water well, despite the seeming grandeur of the process, is a very real possibility of producing water, which can be carried out independently without using heavy drilling equipment

The easiest way to dig a well: a comparative overview of digging methods

If the household is located on the birch of a lake or river, there are no big problems with water supply. Things are much more complicated when the site is far from natural water sources. It remains to extract water from the underground, and for this you need to find natural reserves that would be clean, suitable for drinking

Decorative pond in the country: 3 examples of the device do-it-yourself

How do you feel about the mosquito buzz in the evenings and their desire to drink your blood? If normal, then you can safely start creating your own pond. But remember that warm water will lure a different vile, so in the evening the gatherings will have to be transferred to another place on the site where there are fewer mosquitoes

Arrangement of a well for water: installation rules for equipment

A well is one of the most popular methods of water production, the use of which allows owners of suburban areas to have a double benefit: obtaining high-quality water and saving financial costs. Having drilled a well, it is possible to provide water supply at any time of the year. But a narrow hole in the ground cannot yet act as a full-fledged source of water supply, only arranging a well for water allows you to make life-giving moisture suitable for use and consumption

How to make a well with your own hands - a step-by-step example of the construction

The owners of private houses, accustomed to interruptions in the water supply system, are sure to add an alternative source of water supply to the site. After all, public services, as luck would have it, carry out preventive work in the summer, when water is needed for both the garden and flower gardens

How to find water for a well: the most popular vein search methods

The well in the country is sometimes the only source of drinking water, and I want the water quality in it to be good. Therefore, already at the stage of water search, it is necessary to know at what depths the best aquifers are located. To get to them, you need to explore the entire site and choose the most successful place

The design of the well in the country: six unusual design ideas

In summer cottages, where the central water supply is a rarity, the main source of water is an ordinary well. And since it is usually built in plain sight, becoming a noticeable element in the country landscape, I want the structure to look harmonious against the general background. Decorating and giving the design an aesthetic appearance is easy

Which is better - a well or a well? Comparative review

In the warm season, most owners of suburban areas are fighting for the harvest. Happy summer residents using the benefits of centralized water supply are intensely watering their green spaces. Owners of sites where water pipes are not connected can solve the problem of water production as best they can: some rely on rain, others carry water in buckets from the nearest column or order a water truck, others decide to get their own water source, but they cannot decide: a well or a well, which is better

Making a homemade pond filter: a review of the 2 best designs

The country pond resembles a small world in which its own special life is seething: plants develop and bloom, scurry underwater inhabitants, something new happens every day. To ensure the life of the reservoir, it is necessary to clean it at least occasionally using one of the generally accepted methods - using a skimmer, vacuum cleaner, pump station or improvised device

Pumps for the fountain and waterfall: rules for the selection of the unit

Cottage for Soviet people has always been a source of natural vitamins for the whole family. They went there to "plow", and not to rest. But the modern summer resident considers the summer cottage as a place of relaxation, relieving work stresses, and therefore the site draws up accordingly: patios, barbecue, flower gardens, pools, ponds

Well in the country: do-it-yourself sand drilling technology

Nothing complicates the life of a summer resident as the absence of a large amount of water. In the warm season, during the summer excitement, its deficiency is especially felt: it is necessary for the shower and pool, for watering the garden and the garden, just to cook dinner or wash. A familiar well, and even better - a deep well in the courtyard can save the situation

Pool Care: An overview of pool cleaners and water purifiers

The pool in the country or your own land is the dream of many owners. But to buy it or mount it is only half the battle. The aquatic environment magnet attracts any vile, serves as a habitation for bacteria. And the wind adds “aesthetics”, strewing the surface of the water with leaves, dust particles and various debris. An

Ways to strengthen the coastline of a natural or artificial reservoir

The problem of strengthening the coastline is especially worrying for those people whose real estate is located near ponds of artificial or natural origin. A beautiful view of the water surface increases the attractiveness of residential and commercial buildings, influencing their cost. In order to enjoy communication with the water element longer, it is necessary to carry out shore protection work in a timely manner

Selection of plants for a pond in the country, taking into account the principles of zoning

Water, as a symbol of purity and a change in life, has always attracted people. A small pond, near which it is pleasant to spend time, moving away from everyday troubles, is a fairly popular element of landscape design of suburban areas. Plants for the pond - a mandatory attribute of the design of the reservoir

DIY pool pavilion: erection of a “roof” made of polycarbonate

As the stationary pool is beautiful and useful in terms of recovery, it is just as difficult to maintain. Water must be constantly cleaned, filtered, disposed of from incoming debris. But if from above the structure is covered with a transparent, as if the construction of a pavilion soaring above the water, then maintenance becomes easier

DIY head for the well: device and installation rules

Proper arrangement of the well is impossible without the use of the necessary node - tip. The installation of the head on the well not only protects the structure from the ingress of foreign objects, but also greatly facilitates the operation of the well of the water supply system. Some people are of the opinion that the installation of the head is an extra expense: the wellhead can be wrapped with tape or tape, and the structure covered with an old tank

How to make a cascading waterfall with your own hands

How to make a cascading waterfall? Sergey Landscaping Specialist Response Hello! The ideal surface for the construction of a cascade waterfall is a natural slope, but in the absence of it you can make an artificial embankment. The main thing is that its surface resembles a natural relief and harmoniously blends into the surrounding landscape

Water supply in the country from the well - general recommendations for the device

When the summer cottage was used exclusively for gardening, it was possible to put up with the fact that water either had to be taken from a source, or it was supplied centrally on the days determined by the board of the horticultural partnership. Today, cottages are being built on the plots, the owners of which spend not only summer but also winter outside the city

The device of wooden bridges and moorings: design options

The construction of wooden walkways and piers is always organized in order to ensure convenient and safe access of people to water. Over time, new technologies based on the use of modern building materials are added to the methods of building these surface structures. Now you can choose to build a wooden pier on a pile foundation that will last more than one year, or build a pontoon structure for seasonal use in a couple of days

How to make a cover for a well: an overview of 3 design options

The well in the country is both a source of cool clean water and a decorative element. If, according to the style of design, the well is integral with other buildings, the site looks more attractive. It is not in vain that a considerable number of summer residents place purely decorative wells on their site - wooden, decorated with carvings, with improvised flower beds on the lid, etc

Choosing a water purification filter for a summer residence: a comparative overview of units

Even at the stage of designing a summer house or a country house for permanent residence, it is worth thinking about a water supply system, because it is impossible to live without clean, safe water. Most often, the source is a well or a well, much less often - an open reservoir or a centralized highway

Abyssinian well: do-it-yourself needle-hole device

The issue of water supply of the suburban area must be resolved, otherwise there is no need to even talk about minimal comfort. If water is needed, and the budget is limited, it is time to recall the low-cost technical construction available to most summer residents. Moreover, the technology with which you can install the Abyssinian well with your own hands is not particularly difficult

Well cleaning and repair: do it yourself do-it-yourself

The word "well" evokes many associations. This is an old cracked "crane" in the middle of the village, and a sip of burning cold transparent water right from the bucket on a hot day, and a beautiful little house-tower in the center of the summer cottage. Once upon a time, the only rural well was a meeting place: here you could not only stock up on water, but also find out all the village news

When and where it is better to drill a well in the area - useful tips

Water is the life-giving moisture that is needed by everything on earth. Without it, a person, animal or plant cannot survive. If there is no water on the plot, then it will turn into a real desert. Therefore, in the absence of a well or other source of water supply, the owners of the cottage will have to worry on their own about providing it with water

DIY decorative water mill

According to a well-known saying, one can look at flowing water endlessly. This spectacle pacifies, inspires and, finally, it is simply beautiful. On a hot summer day, the water gives coolness, and its murmur brings back sweet dreams. It is such a pleasant sensation that a water mill will provide, which, knowing the principle of its operation, is easy to do independently

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pond: classification and comparison of units

A beautiful well-groomed pond with flowers growing along the banks of the river, silver fish floating in clear water and pebbles sparkling under the sun's rays can turn into a dirty swamp covered with mud, if it is not cleaned from time to time. There are several ways to rid a pond of debris and silt, for example, mechanical - but it takes a lot of time

How to purify bathing water: an overview of how to filter an outdoor pool

When installing an outdoor pool, the first thing you need to solve is the problem of cleanliness and safety of water. The aquatic environment is the habitat of thousands of microorganisms, which can only be removed with the help of special installations. During the construction process, indoor stationary pools are provided with powerful filter systems that support the circulation and purification of liquids around the clock, and filters for smaller outdoor pools, but convenient to install and maintain, are provided for household outdoor structures

Decorative ponds in landscape design: special attention to style

No wonder it is the flow of water that is called among those processes that you want to watch without stopping. A special magnetism is concentrated in the water surface, attracting a person, bewitching him. Therefore, ponds in landscape design play such a big role. Properly build and equip a pond - a special art

Choosing nozzles for fountains: an overview of the most interesting and popular options

The suburban area looks much more attractive if it is decorated with a fountain - small, with sparkling trickles, or large - in the form of a sparkling bowl. The secret of water flowing in the air lies in special equipment. Various nozzles for fountains turn a boring pond into a picturesque, luxurious pond

How to clean a pond or small pond yourself

Own cozy pond is the dream of any summer resident who paints an idyllic picture with a crystal clear surface reflecting the glare of the sun. But we must not forget that any pond quickly blooms and becomes polluted, and the summer resident raises the question - how to clean a pond or a small reservoir

Preservation of the outdoor pool for the winter: analysis of the technology of work

All temporarily unused structures that need to be preserved during their period of inactivity are in need of conservation. One of these facilities is an outdoor pool, which is actively operated only in the summer. Before the onset of the first autumn frosts, the artificial pond should be mothballed. After all, the main danger to the construction lies in the movement of soil adjacent to the walls of the bowl of the outdoor pool

How to choose a pump for the pool: selection rules and classification

When installing a pool in the country, you must remember that not only people like to splash in the water. This is an excellent environment for the life of microbes, algae, for the reproduction of mosquitoes. And you can’t let them go there only in one way: by constant filtration and purification of water.

Features of the water supply device of a country summer house from a well

We all appreciate comfort so much that even equipping a country house, we try to surround ourselves with amenities. Water supply occupies one of the key roles in creating comfortable living conditions. If for owners of houses in which centralized water supply was provided, the arrangements for arranging the system are practically resolved, then for owners who plan to provide autonomous water supply in their plots, all the hassles fall on their shoulders

Rules for cleaning and disinfecting water in a well: eliminate turbidity and bacteria

The well in summer cottages is still the main source of water supply, because the central water supply networks rarely pass outside the city. But even if there is running water in the house, many owners prefer to drink well water, believing it to be cleaner and healthier. True, over time, a well mine can become a container for all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms, and only memories will remain of the former transparency of water

How to properly analyze and purify water from a country well

When the owners try to acquire a personal source of water supply in their own country house in the absence of a central water supply, the first question is whether there is any water under the site and how to raise it to the surface. On the taste qualities begin to think only after the well is drilled