Unusual horoscope: what kind of vegetable are you according to the zodiac sign

The similarity between the characters of people and the elements of nature was noticed in antiquity. So a “vegetable horoscope” appeared, where each zodiac sign corresponds to one or another fruit.


For these people, there is no middle ground - they see only good or bad in everything. They like to dress brightly, to be in the spotlight. They never get bored and know how to entertain others. They have extraordinary mental abilities. Always insist on their own, even to the detriment of themselves do not compromise. If they love, then with all their hearts, if they hate, then they are ready for the inveterate frenzy to take revenge on the enemy. Their vegetable is sweet pepper.


The character of Taurus combines sensuality and authority. At rest, these people are always ready for dialogue, make concessions to others, show sympathy and may even cry when watching a melodrama. But they easily become irritable if they impose anything on them. Thanks to developed intuition, they often make the right decisions and give good advice. But to listen to someone else's opinion is not typical for them. The symbol of Taurus is a cucumber.


Friendly, but can dramatically change the attitude towards another person. They need constant movement - they like to travel, get new knowledge and skills, get to know each other. They are absent-minded, but easily focus on what interests them. They know how to get out of difficult situations. In a conversation with them it is impossible to determine where the lie is and where the truth is. The zodiac sign of Gemini corresponds to a radish.


The difficult nature of people born under the constellation of Cancer makes them spend most of their time "in their shells." They are secretive and cautious, before doing anything, they calculate the situation in advance. Homebodies; reluctantly communicate with strangers. We are ready to help family members and friends, listen carefully and support. With other people, they are indifferent and cold, even cruel. They remember grievances for a long time and do not lose an opportunity to take revenge. According to the horoscope, their vegetable is peas.

a lion

Vanity and selfishness are what prevail in the character of Lions. People of this sign are demanding of everyone and, first of all, of themselves - they try to be the best both in work and in their families. They are doing everything to reproduce a positive impression. Minor positions and roles are not for them. Often they are arrogant and devalue other people's accomplishments. Love flattery. However, for the sake of a good purpose, they will abandon ambitions and commit a noble deed. In the zodiac circle, their vegetable is zucchini.


They are distinguished by pedantry. They analyze, systematize, arrange everything on the shelves both in the literal and figurative sense. Hardworking, economical and reasonable. Many Virgo suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. In the vegetable horoscope, beets correspond to them.

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The scales are elegant, polite and judicious. They value comfort and pleasant communication. They have a stable psyche and sharp tongue, they are able to find non-standard solutions. At the same time, these people react painfully to criticism - they can lock themselves in and abandon what they started halfway. Their vegetable is garlic.


Those born under the sign of Scorpio take everything from life. They are prone to risk and gambling. Passionate and inventive in love. They are easy to piss off, but hard to calm. Both men and women do not trust others, are categorical in judgments, tend to behave aggressively. True feelings and thoughts are not shown to anyone. But they themselves understand psychology and know how to manipulate people. Their horoscopic vegetable is chili pepper.


The friendliest zodiac sign. Sagittarius is open to dialogue, but if they notice that the interlocutor is hypocritical, they immediately stop communicating. They believe that they can change the world for the better and often idealize people. Decisive, do not put things off for later. They love freedom and cannot stand those who impose restrictions on them. They look to the future with optimism. The vegetable symbol of Sagittarius is a tomato.


Discipline and patience are the main qualities of Capricorn. These people set a goal for themselves and confidently go towards it. Throughout their lives, they gain new knowledge and skills, always want to get to the truth, do not spare no effort in seeking recognition. But where it is necessary to take risks, Capricorns have no place - they lose self-confidence and become passive. Among vegetables, cabbage corresponds to this zodiac sign.


Aquarians, despite the romantic nature, see the world around them as they are. They say what they think and consider their opinion to be the only true one. Often suffer from loneliness, but it does not bother them. They love popular science films and literature, are well-educated. In critical cases, they remain reasonable and always find the right solution. They do not refuse help if they see that a person really needs it. The vegetable of Aquarius is corn.


Pisces are fond of mysticism, believe in the supernatural and rely on chance. In most cases, these people are lazy and take a passive position in life, but they skillfully manipulate others, pretending to be weak and helpless. Pisces cannot be called mercantile, vanity is not peculiar to them either, but an excellent sense of humor often helps them in unforeseen situations. The vegetable of this sign is eggplant.

The horoscope provides general information about each of the signs of the zodiac, but since each person is a person with his own characteristics, the descriptions can only partially correspond to his character.


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