Undersized flower varieties for flower beds: a selection of the best options

Creating spectacular multi-tiered compositions in flowerbeds is impossible without the use of miniature flowering plants. Low-growing flowers are universal in gardening flower beds, because they can act as soloists on carpet beds, or serve as the background design of a mixborder or border-edging for taller, beautifully flowering representatives of the plant world. The assortment of miniature flowers, whose height does not exceed 30 cm, is diverse: to create bright compositions, you can use both annuals and biennials, as well as perennial low-growing flowers. We propose to consider the most popular types of flowering plants, which can become an original addition to low compositions.

Miniature handsome annuals

To create a colorful composition that will please you with lush flowering in the first year of planting is quite simple if you apply undersized flowers to annual landscaping.

The handsome Purslane, known since the time of Hippocrates as a “blessed” flower, has become widespread in horticulture due to its ability to grow in arid areas

Surprisingly, it was on hot dry days that miniature semi-double and double flowers of purslane cream, orange, pink and purple shades manifest themselves in all their glory. Openwork green rugs with variegated purslane colors can be found at the joints of concrete slabs in rockeries, on retaining stone walls and dry slopes.

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Among the beautiful stunted annual flowers that prefer sunny areas, the Houston ageratum can also be distinguished.

Dense pillows of spherical inflorescences painted in white, carmine-pink, blue or lilac-blue tones, blooming in early summer, do not lose their decorative appeal until the first frost

Such undersized flowers can also be a worthy decoration of a flower bed: sunny marigolds, dwarf varieties of an annual aster, nasturtium, gatsaniya, Alpine poppy, lobelia, Iberis.

You can add unprecedented charm to a flower garden with the help of bright shoes-like flowers of calceolaria

Extraordinarily beautiful flowers, having a peculiar two-lipped bubble form, are dotted with a scattering of dots and spots. Blooming in early March, the calceolaria becomes its bright decoration throughout the spring. Shade-loving exot prefers to grow on well-moistened soils.

Undersized biennial flowers

Bright decoration of flower beds in sunny areas can make pansies. The beauties of Wittrock violets, blooming already at the end of April, are able to please with long blooming throughout the summer.

An incredible combination of colors, ranging from pale blue and ending with deep blue with intermediate shades of yellow and red, is the reason for the huge popularity of viola in floriculture

Small delicate flowers of daisies outwardly resemble scattered pearls. It is not surprising that in Greek margarites means “pearl”.

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Elegant baskets of terry inflorescences of daisies of various shades, the first of which bloom in late April, continue to blossom until the coldest

For shady and fairly moist areas, touching forget-me-nots are optimal. The young hairy leaves of forget-me-nots look similar to the mouse’s ear, which is why the plant got its name, which means “mouse’s ear” in Latin.

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White, blue, blue and pink flowers with a yellow eye bloom on racemes in early May, flowering lasts for two months.

Forget-me-nots in combination with bulbous plants look most impressive, acting as a backdrop for daffodils and tulips, decorative onions and hazel grouse

Beautiful flowering undersized perennials

Wanting to create a flowerbed, which every year does not need to be re-formed, in the preparation of flower arrangements, the key role should be assigned to perennial species.

The first to revive the flower garden are miniature primroses. Blooming inflorescences, painted in pink, raspberry, yellow and burgundy shades, are able to delight others with flowering from April to June

In early May, the flowering baton takes over the spectacular handsome phlox awl-shaped. The sun-loving plant easily tolerates drought and prefers loose and dry soil.

Dense inflorescences of numerous buds are gradually transformed into surprisingly beautiful five-pointed stars, the color palette of which varies from snow-white to purple and even purple shades

In May-June on a dense green densely pubescent rug, white miniature flowers bloom in the stumps.

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The snow-white pillows of the sun-loving stingrays look good next to the fescue and bells

Among the undersized flyers, the most attractive are: saxifrage, cloves, obrietta, three-lobed liverwort, creeping veronica, dwarf swimsuit, alpine aster. Autumn-flowering species include: Korean chrysanthemum, colchicum, shrub aster.

When planning the arrangement of flower beds from stunted flowers, it is important to choose plants so that they harmoniously fit into the overall composition, pleasing to the eye and decorating the landscape.


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