Tricky methods of decorating old barrels in a summer cottage

In the landscape of our summer residents even old, leaky barrels are transformed, becoming unusual flowerbeds and seats on playgrounds. But after all, “healthy” barrels, specially set up to collect rainwater, do not always fit into the landscape, especially if they are under each ledge and drain. And here summer residents have to make sacrifices: either close their eyes to the unaesthetic “picture”, or remove the barrels away, depriving their beds of life-giving moisture. Yes, only the second option does not suit the owners, on whose plot there is no central water supply or well. One thing remains: to decorate the barrels so that they become part of the landscape, and not its "warts."

Methods for “dissolving” barrels in the landscape

Before choosing the way to decorate the barrel, you need to consider the overall design of the place where the containers are installed. If flower beds are broken there, then you should look for design options that will be most harmonious in the environment of flowers. If the containers are near the playground or recreation area, the decor can be completely different: bright, defiant, and noteworthy.

Even the most unpretentious barrel can be entered into the landscape, choosing the decor in accordance with the style and colors of the yard

Consider which barrel design options look good in the flowerbed area.

Decoration by plants

So that ugly metal barrels do not catch the eye, the easiest way is to "dissolve" them in the landscape, making them as inconspicuous as possible. You can simply dig a container up to half into the soil, and plant bushes densely in front of the top. They will create a green wall by hiding the old metal. But when digging a container into the ground, it is necessary to wind the lower part into several layers of the film so that moisture from the soil does not accelerate the corrosion of the walls.

Moss Packing

The original design option may be decorating the barrel with moss. To do this, you need forest, well-dried in the shade of moss and twine. Starting from the bottom, moss is applied in layers to the barrel and secured with twine. One cannot cope with such work, since one person will hold the moss on the wall of the container, and the second one will wrap twine around in a circle.

Vine decoration

Most often, decorative fences or baskets are woven from vines and other flexible trees. But in our case, this method can be used to decorate the barrels. The container hidden in a willow basket will look spectacular both against the background of flower beds and in the recreation area.

Hidden inside a wicker basket, the barrel seems to dissolve in the general landscape, and this decor looks most spectacular in rustic areas

Instructions for creating a willow box:

  1. In winter, in January it is necessary to prepare branches. You willow, dogwood and other shrubs growing in your forests. Try to be in time until February, so as not to weaken the tree with late pruning.
  2. The length of the branches should be enough to braid your barrel (this is approximately 1.7-2 meters).
  3. For the base of the basket, cut thick and even branches, with a diameter of 2-3 cm. For 1 barrel, 7-8 pieces are enough. Their height should be 25-30 cm higher than the height of the tank (in order to drive branches into the ground).
  4. Fold the prepared material until spring under a canopy or in a cold utility room.
  5. When the soil is thawing, you can begin to create a decor. 2-3 days before, throw all the branches (except 8 thick) into a container of water so that they are completely immersed. Soaked stems bend well and take the desired shape.
  6. Sharpen with a knife 1 end of the support branches and drive them into the ground in a circle so that the barrel can freely fit inside. Those. the diameter of the base of the basket should be 10 cm larger than the diameter of the bottom of the barrel.
  7. The container may already be inside (if it is bulky), or it will be inserted after it is finished weaving.
  8. Weaving begins from the back, invisible to the eyes. The ends of thin branches are nailed to the supporting branches with small cloves.
  9. The essence of weaving: it is necessary to thread each twig between vertically driven branches so that it passes either in front or behind the pegs.
  10. To stick the rods denser, tap them on top with a wooden hammer.


If you need to hide the barrel as soon as possible - paint it in a dark green or spotty (camouflage) color. Against the background of plants, such a barrel is almost invisible.

Sometimes it’s enough to paint the barrel in shades of green foliage or camouflage - and it will turn into a fashionable element of landscape design

Effective ways to color barrels

It happens that barrels stand in a place where there are no green spaces, flower beds, and therefore immediately attract attention. In this case, it is necessary to turn the old tank into a spectacular element of the landscape, complementing the overall picture.

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In the area of ​​the playground

It is advisable not to put such barrels in the children's zone at all, because, filled with water, they are a danger to curious mischievous people. Without fail, such containers are covered with tight lids that the child will not be able to tear. Cut a round hole in the lid so that rainwater drains into the barrel during your absence. But in this case, the container should always stand in one place, just under the drain of water from the drain.

You can paint barrels with the brightest and most fun colors. The easiest way to depict funny faces, covering the entire barrel in one color and against its background, drawing eyes, nose and smile. Kids especially like the images of ladybugs, butterflies, frogs. If you cut out the stencil (and there are a lot of them on children's sites in the decoration section), then you can print whole stories from cartoons with a sponge.

A bright and perky picture on the barrel will attract the attention of the kids, so do not forget to properly strengthen it and cover it with a lid for safety

In a relaxation area or patio

For adults, children's drawings on barrels are not suitable. Too much they will be ridiculous against the backdrop of a barbecue, hammocks or outdoor furniture. In this area, barrels are best painted with spray cans, creating something like graffiti on them. It just seems that learning to draw is difficult. In fact, it all depends on the technique and accuracy of execution.

Here's how to make a floral pattern on a barrel. They buy several spray cans (the most reliable ones for painting cars), rubber gloves and safety glasses, so that during painting the smallest particles of paint with wind will not get into your eyes. One spray can should be with the lightest paint (white, pale blue, etc.). In the garden, branches of different sizes and types with beautiful leaf shapes are cut.

Look for trees and shrubs with carved leaf shapes, as it gives a beautiful pattern when stained and makes the barrel a real artistic masterpiece

With emery paper or a brush for metal, they clean up all the places damaged by corrosion on the barrel. They treat the entire surface with an anti-corrosion compound and allow to dry.

The final step is staining:

  • The barrels are turned upside down and placed on a raised platform (chair, table, etc.).
  • Apply the base paint (the lightest) to the entire outer surface of the container, uniformly covering the walls with it.
  • When the paint dries, a contrasting background is blown over it in vertical stripes.
  • Apply a branch to the wall and apply the darkest paint on top of it. It will lie with a contour around the leaves, and in the middle the color will remain lighter.
  • Thus make out the entire outer surface of the tank.
  • You can apply the leaves in one layer, or you can apply the next over one (when the first batch of patterns dries).
  • After complete drying, the barrel is turned over and the inner surface is painted (approximately 20-30 cm from the edge). Then the old metal will not be striking, which reduces the visual effect of the picture.

In addition to the vegetable pattern, barrels can be decorated with inscriptions, wise sayings, printing each word on the printer and cutting out the letters to make a stencil.

Multilayer compositions look richer, but to create them requires more time, since each layer of paint must be allowed to dry

You can create a landscape on the barrel surface from any season of the year if you select the right colors: for summer - green, for autumn - yellow, etc.

Luxurious decor options

If the landscape near the house is created solid, with sculptures, fountains and other paraphernalia, then the painted barrel will look a bit poor. Here it is worth using materials that are already found in the decor of the territory. For example, overlay a container with stone, pebbles or mosaics. Only when using mosaics or small pebbles, choose the correct adhesive mixture. It should be frost-resistant and suitable for metal (if the barrel is metal). Liquid nails also received good reviews from summer residents. The rest of the technology is common, as when laying any mosaic decor.

Some summer residents so skillfully hide the walls of the barrel under a mosaic or mounting foam that the product takes on the features of an antique and expensive thing

An excellent pedestal for garden sculpture can be made out of a barrel by covering the top with a half-cut lid. This is enough to put a gnome or a frog, and there will be an opening for a stack of water. The main decorative material will be foam. Any form of pedestal can be blown out of it: like a slide and a column, with expansion from below or above. It all depends on your imagination.

The main points of design:

  1. For a firm grip on the metal, wrap the barrel with a netted net and blow foam on it.
  2. To make extensions, attach plastic bottles to the barrel, and fix a sheet of thin insulation, such as Isolon, with tape on top.
  3. Foam is applied in a single layer on top of a sickle and isolon, uniformly covering the barrel.
  4. Wait 4-5 days to dry completely.
  5. They cut off the excess.
  6. The finished pedestal is smeared with a primer, and on top - with paint for outdoor work.

If at least one of our ideas has aroused your imagination, try to restore your old barrels. You will see what a spectacular element an old tank can become, while maintaining the basic function of collecting water.


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