TOP 5 tallest trees in the world

Trees play an important role in human life - they can be a source of food, building material, energy and other necessary things, and they are also “lungs” of our planet. For this reason, they are under the close attention and protection of environmentalists - this is especially true for the highest representatives of the plant world, because each of them is at least several hundred years old. Interestingly, the tallest tree in the world and its brethren belong to the species of sequoia (Sequoia sempervirens) and grow in only one place in North America.

Hyperion - the tallest tree in the world

In ancient Greek mythology, the name Hyperion was one of the titans, and the literal translation of the name means "very high"

The tallest tree at the moment is considered a sequoia named Hyperion. It grows in southern California in the Redwoods National Park, its height is 115.61 m, the trunk diameter is about 4.84 m, and its age is at least 800 years. True, after the top of Hyperion was damaged by birds, he stopped growing and could soon give up the title to his brothers.

Trees above Hyperion are known in history. So, the report of the Australian inspector of state forests of 1872 tells about a fallen and burnt tree, it was more than 150 m in height. The tree belonged to the species Eucalyptus regnans, which means royal eucalyptus.


Almost all giant trees have their own names

Until August 25, 2006, another representative of the genus sequoia named Helios, which also grows in Redwoods, was considered the tallest tree on Earth. He lost his status after the staff of the park discovered on the opposite side of the tributary of the Redwood Creek a tree called Hyperion, but there is hope that he can return it back. Unlike his taller brother, Helios continues to grow, and a few years ago its height was 114.58 m.


The tree got its name in honor of the legendary mythical hero due to the fact that it grows under a slight slope

Closes the top three is another sequoia from the same California Redwoods national park named Icarus. It was discovered on July 1, 2006, the height of the specimen is 113.14 m, the trunk diameter is 3.78 m.

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In the world there are only 30 groves in which sequoias grow. This is a rare species, and environmentalists are trying to support it - to grow it specially in British Columbia (Canada) and carefully protect nature reserves with sequoias.

Giant stratosphere

For ten years, the tree grows by almost 1 cm

This sequoia was found in 2000 (location - California, Humboldt National Park) and for several years was considered the leader in height among all plants in the world, until foresters and researchers discovered Icarus, Helios and Hyperion. The giant of the Stratosphere also continues to grow - if in 2000 its height was 112.34 m, and in 2010 it was already 113.11 m.

National Geographic Society

The tree is named after the American Geographical Society

A representative of Sequoia sempervirens with such an original name also grows in Redwoods California Park on the banks of the Redwood Creek River, its height is 112.71 m, trunk girth is 4.39 m. Until 1995, the National Geographic Society was considered the leader among giants, but today it occupies only fifth line in the ranking.

TOP 10 tallest trees in the world on video

The exact location of the trees discussed above is carefully hidden from the general public - scientists worry that a large influx of tourists to these giants will provoke soil compaction and damage to the branched root system of sequoia. This decision is right, because the tallest trees on the planet are rare species of the plant world, and therefore need to be protected and protected.


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