Tomato Sunrise F1: a popular variety from Holland

Tomato is a capricious culture, every gardener knows this. But recently emerging hybrids completely refute this claim. Hybrid varieties are universal, they have excellent immunity, are unpretentious and productive. Tomato Sunrise is one of them. But for a hybrid to reach its full potential, you need to know about some of the nuances of its cultivation.

Tomato varieties Sunrise - characteristics and regions of cultivation

Amateur tomato growers are always on the lookout for new varieties with better characteristics. And increasingly, hybrid varieties are preferred, rather than varietal tomatoes. Indeed, it is hybrids that are able to show the best qualities of parental varieties, while many times surpassing them. One of such successful hybrids is tomato Sunrise F1. Its applicants are Dutch breeders, whose work has long been appreciated by domestic gardeners. Tomato Sunrise is even included in the State Register. It happened not so long ago - in 2007.

Dutch breeders are great masters in creating varietal and hybrid tomatoes

Varietal characteristic

To appreciate the potential of the Sunrise tomato variety, you need to carefully study its characteristics.

  1. The variety is intended for cultivation in personal subsidiary plots.
  2. The hybrid is distinguished by an early harvest. The period from seedlings to the beginning of ripening of the first fruits is only 85 - 100 days, depending on climatic conditions.
  3. Long and stable fruiting of the variety is noted.
  4. The immunity of the variety Sunrise is very strong. According to the State Register, it is resistant to fusarium wilt and verticillosis. There are also references to the fact that the hybrid is able to withstand gray leaf spotting and alternative cancer.
  5. Hybrid productivity does not offend productivity - at least 4 - 4.4 kg per bush.
  6. The variety perfectly adapts to the conditions of open ground, it is not afraid of rainy weather and cooling.
  7. Despite the fact that the variety is marked as salad, according to reviews it is perfect for pickling, juice, tomato paste and mashed potatoes are made from it.
  8. It should also be noted the excellent keeping quality of the fruit and the ability to transport the crop over long distances.

Sunrise tomato fruits are quite large, so their main use is summer salads

Growing regions

Hybrid Sunrise is approved for cultivation in all regions of Russia, which means that the variety can be successfully planted both in greenhouses and in open ground. In addition, this variety is popular in Ukraine and Moldova.

Appearance of tomato sunrise

The bush of the hybrid is compact, related to the determinant species. Its height in open ground is on average 55 cm. In a greenhouse, it can grow up to 70 cm. At the beginning of growth, the green mass is actively growing, but in general, the plant can be called medium-sized. The leaf is medium in size, color from light green to green. Inflorescence is intermediate. The peduncle has an articulation. One fruit brush consists of 3 to 5 fruits.

The fruits of tomato sunrise are very attractive in appearance. Tomatoes have a flat-rounded shape and pronounced ribbing. Unripe fruit is green, ripe - bright red. The consistency of the pulp is dense, fleshy and juicy. The number of nests is more than 4. The taste is very good, with acidity. The fruits are quite large - an average of 160 to 180 g. But often there are specimens weighing 200 grams or more.

Thanks to the dense and fleshy pulp, the fruits of the tomato Sunrise keep their shape perfectly

Features of tomato sunrise, its advantages and disadvantages, comparison with other varieties

A feature of the Sunrise variety is that it is equally suitable for cultivation in open and closed ground. Also, the hybrid has been successfully used for year-round cultivation in suitable greenhouses. In a greenhouse atmosphere, the variety copes with high humidity and lack of lighting.

In addition, Sunrise can be laid for long-term storage. Due to this quality, the variety is popular with farmers, and it can often be found on supermarket shelves and in the market.

Good storability and ability to tolerate transportation, makes Sunrise a popular variety among farmers

Advantages and disadvantages - table

Early ripening To grow a variety you have to buy

seeds, as collected personally

will not be given to second-generation hybrids

excellent performance

Excellent yield
Compact bush size
Excellent immunity
Attractive appearance and

great taste

Possibility of transportation to

long distances

Universal use of fruits
Ability to grow a variety in

open and closed ground conditions

How tomato differs from similar varieties - table

GradeRipening periodAverage weight


ProductivityResistance to


Plant type
Sunrise F185 - 100 days160 - 180 g4.0 - 4.4 kg per bushTo Fusarium

withering and


Golden gem F1108 - 115 day40 - 50 g6.7 kg / m²To the tobacco virus


Full Egg Cup F1Mid-late190 - 200 g8.6 kg / m²There is no State Register

of information

Bear in the north of F1Early ripe120 g11.0 kg / m² under

film cover

There is no State Register

of information



Growing Features

Since the hybrid Sunrise with equal success is grown in open ground and in sheltered, the methods of planting are practiced such - sowing seeds and planting seedlings.

Seed preparation takes place in the usual way. Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out in March. Seeds germinate at a temperature of 25 ° C. In phase 2 of these leaves, the seedlings dive. Hardened seedlings are planted in sheltered or open ground at the age of 35 - 45 days.

The seedling method is most suitable for cool regions. But in areas where spring comes early and the soil quickly warms up to 12-14 ° С, which are necessary for planting, this method is also respected. Thanks to the grown seedlings, gardeners have the opportunity to get a crop earlier than planting a variety with seeds.

The seedling method of growing tomato sunrise is suitable for any region

Since tomato Sunrise has rather compact bushes, the distance between seedlings on the bed can be left up to 40 cm. The aisles also do not differ in width - 50 cm is enough.

Such a tight planting scheme helps owners of small plots very much, allowing planting more plants per 1 m².

The seed method, although not as successful as the seedling, is also suitable for growing this variety. It is used only in the southern regions. The timing of sowing seed material falls in late April - early May. To create comfortable conditions for seeds to germinate, shelter is installed over the bed.

Seeds on the garden bed are sown densely, then to thin out, leaving the strongest seedlings for further cultivation.

Care Features

Sunrise Hybrid Care is generally standard. It is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the beds, conducting timely weeding and loosening after watering. But there are some nuances without which the taste of the fruit and its yield may not reach its standard.

  1. Watering. Planted seedlings are watered as usual, allowing the plant to quickly adapt and begin to form a crop. But further, when the fruits are ripening, the frequency of watering is reduced to 1 time in 10 days in hot weather. If the weather is cloudy, then watered even less often. This watering regime will allow more sugars to accumulate in the fruits of Sunrise tomato so that the acidity present in the taste does not become a leader.
  2. Shaping and garter. During the growth period of tomato, Sunrise is sure to carry out stepsoning. Despite the stunted bush, they should be tied up during the ripening of fruit brushes, as heavy fruits can cause a brittle twig to break.
  3. Fertilizers As the main top dressing, potassium nitrate and phosphorus-containing compounds are most often used. Most of them are introduced during the formation of the fruit.

So that the soil under the Sunrise tomato bush does not get too wet, try to use the drip irrigation system

Possible diseases and pests, how to resist them

The best protection against diseases and pests is compliance with agricultural technology and preventive treatment. Therefore, it is precisely this stage of care that should be paid more attention to, because, despite the strong immunity of tomato Sunrise, anything can happen.

Perhaps it’s worth starting with pests, since they most often threaten tomato beds. The most dangerous for the hybrid are:

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  • Colorado beetles;
  • thrips;
  • aphid.

Larvae of the Colorado potato beetle are capable of destroying a young tomato bush in a short time

For the purpose of prevention, you can use folk remedies:

  • infusion of onion husks - fill a liter jar with dry onion husks and fill with hot (40 - 50 ° C) water. Insist 2 days, strain, add a little soapy shavings. Dilute with water half before use;
  • wormwood infusion - 1 kg of chopped fresh grass or 100 g of dried grass pour 10 liters of water, preferably rain, but you can just well settled down tap water. Keep the container in a warm place for 10 days, stirring the fermenting solution every day. Then filter the infusion. Before use, mix 1 part of wormwood infusion with 9 parts of water.

If pests are already seen on the beds with tomatoes, then it is best to use chemicals:

  • Actara;
  • Confidor;
  • Prestige;
  • Karbofosom.

To control pests, you can use many drugs, for example, Confidor

Of the diseases, tomato sunrise is most likely to be threatened by late blight, which is very fond of wet and cold weather. The fungus is able to affect all the aerial parts of the plant - leaves, stems and fruits. In order to prevent the spread of the disease, diseased bushes should be dug from the beds and destroyed. The following drugs have proven themselves best as a fight against fungus:

  • Fitosporin;
  • Gamair;
  • Quadris;
  • Fundazole;
  • Ridoml Gold.

As a preventive measure, the treatment is carried out with a light pink manganese solution, whey diluted with water 1: 1 or a solution of copper sulfate - 2 tbsp. l substances per 10 liters of water.

Phytophthora on tomatoes is easier to prevent with proper agricultural technology than to fight it, losing crop


I had Sunrise lying in the refrigerator for a month, along with other Dutch selection tomatoes. Thought, let lie down, strong such. And yesterday I climbed in to see, and some tomatoes also with black specks, as it happens in winter stores. Urgently identified them in the hodgepodge. And varietal tomatoes, edema. breeding lies in a basket right in the apartment and nothing but softening is done with them.


Sunrise F1 is a good proven variety, the presentation is good without a green spot, fruitful, in our conditions davolno steady fruits even in size, a good variety for conservation. I cultivated several years in a row but in the open ground, mainly for myself and a little for sale. Now for some reason we do not sell this variety unfortunately.

Alexander Voronin

Sunrise ordinary street.


Sunrise and Sunshine (Agros) did not like to taste both fresh and pickled - solid and woody.


I really liked the Dutch Sunrise, early and large, and with the last brushes smaller, in the jar just. And what a tomato with him.


Growing a tomato sunrise is very easy. Even a beginner gardener can do this. After all, the hybrid does not require increased attention to itself. Care for the variety is minimal, but care is still needed. Sunrise in response will thank the harvest of beautiful fruits, which are good in fresh form, and in the blanks.


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