Tomato Openwork: a variety with excellent characteristics

Regardless of the region in which the tomato lover lives, he sets himself the one and only goal - to get an excellent harvest. In this case, of course, I would like not to particularly bother myself with the care of the culture. Knowing the demands of gardeners, breeders are trying to develop just such varieties - fruitful, tasty and unpretentious. And scientists are successful. One example of such a combination of excellent characteristics is the tomato Azhur. But in order to achieve high quality fruits and their large quantities, you need to properly study the agricultural technology of the variety.

Characteristics and description of tomatoes Azhur

Fragrant, juicy, fleshy tomato, and even from its garden - it's just a celebration of taste. But how to choose a variety with minimal care and maximum impact. Everything is very simple. You just need to study the characteristics of the available varieties and plant the selected culture on the site. We add information about a new variety - tomato Azhur to your piggy bank of useful knowledge.

Tomato Openwork - a great example of productivity and taste

The variety belongs to hybrids, which means that F1 must be marked on the package with seeds.

Openwork is a relatively new variety, which was registered in 2005 by the agricultural company CedeK. In 2007, the variety was included in the State Register. It is allowed for cultivation in all regions of Russia, which means that it can be successfully cultivated in open and closed ground. Recommended for personal subsidiary plots. In addition, Openwork is very popular in Moldova and Ukraine.

The hybrid created at SeDeK agrofirm feels great in various regions of Russia and beyond.

Grade characteristics

Openwork has unique characteristics that make it a favorite vegetable of many gardeners.

  • the ripened ripeness of tomatoes of the Azhur variety occurs early - after 105 - 110 days from the appearance of seedlings;
  • the yield is also good, given that the bushes are low. 6.1 kg of marketable fruit is removed from 1 m². The yield potential increases with the observance of agricultural technology, which we will mention below;
  • immunity is high. The hybrid is resistant to verticillosis, powdery mildew, apical and root rot, root sampling, fusarium, tobacco mosaic virus and nematode;
  • It tolerates high temperatures. Large leaves reliably shelter the fruits from the hot sun;
  • crop formation occurs in any weather - both in drought and during periods of excess moisture;
  • the fruits do not crack and do not fade from the first brush to the last;
  • thanks to a strong skin, tomatoes withstand long-term transportation;
  • excellent keeping quality allows you to store tomatoes in special refrigerators for up to 3 months, without loss of commercial quality. According to the originators, in vivo fruits can be stored for up to 35 days;
  • the use of fruits is universal. They are consumed in kind, as ingredients of vitamin salads, pickled, salted, canned small fruits.

The one-dimensional and beautiful fruits of the Openwork tomato are great for conservation

Appearance of Tomatoes

A plant of a determinant type, that is, its growth is limited. The bush is 70 - 90 cm high. The bush is well leafy. The leaves are large, green, dissected into lobes, with pronounced venation. The inflorescence is simple. The peduncle with an articulation. On the plant, an average of 5 fruit brushes are tied, each with 5-6 fruits.

Tomatoes are flat-round, smooth, with a strong glossy skin of red-raspberry color in a ripe fruit. The color is uniform, there is no green spot near the stalk. The pulp is dense, fleshy, sweet and juicy. The high and balanced content of sugars and organic acids makes the taste excellent. Seed nests 4 - 6 pieces. The fruits are large and very large. Average weight - 220 - 250 g, maximum - 400 g.

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Up to 5 - 6 magnificent fruits ripen on one branch

Features, strengths and weaknesses of the variety Azhur

There are no ideal varieties, each has strengths and weaknesses. For example, the hybrid Azhur has many more advantages than disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of tomatoes Azhur - table

Good yields, wonderful

taste and marketability of fruits

Bushes need to be tied up
Resistance to many diseases,

including verticillosis, fusarium,

powdery tobacco mosaic virus

dew, apical and root rot

Second generation hybrids not

will be endowed with the above

characteristics. Therefore seeds

have to buy annually

The possibility of forming an ovary in

any conditions

Resistance to transportation and

long storage

Universal use

Tomato Azhur needs a garter, otherwise a heavy brush with fruits may fall to the ground

To more fully reveal the characteristics of the variety, you can compare it with other hybrids.

Comparison with other hybrid varieties of agricultural company CedeK - table



Ripening periodPlant typeFetal massAverage


Disease resistance
Openwork F1Early ripe

(105 - 110 days)

Determinant220 - 250 g6.1 kgTo verticillosis, powdery mildew,

vertex and root rot,

root sampling, fusarium, virus

tobacco mosaic

Fat F1Mid-season

(107 - 115 days)

Determinant200 - 300 g8.2 kg / m²To verticillosis, vertex and root


Gift to Woman F1Early ripe

(105 - 110 days)

Determinant180 - 250 g8 kg / m²To verticillosis
Happiness Russian F1Mid-season

(105 - 115 days)

Indeterminate280 - 350 g18 - 22 kg / m² in

film greenhouses

To alternariosis, fusarium, virus

tobacco mosaic

Features of planting and growing

Cultivation of openwork tomato in open and in closed ground is a fairly simple matter. Tomato can be planted with seeds, directly sowing them in the ground, or after growing seedlings.

The seed method is practiced in the southern regions, where the soil warms up quickly enough. Sowing pre-prepared seeds is carried out at the beginning or middle of May. The main thing is that the threat of freezing frost is over. If the weather is naughty, then the bed can be covered with cellophane.

Seedlings are sown in March - April. Hardened seedlings are planted in the garden in May - June. This method is more popular, especially in cool regions, as it allows you to get a crop a little earlier.

The most popular way to grow openwork tomato is seedlings

Up to 4 plants can be planted per 1 m2. Landing pattern:

  • row spacing - 60 cm;
  • the distance between plants in a row is 40 cm.

Care is not difficult. The culture does not require frequent watering; it can tolerate short periods of drought. Loosening and weeding are carried out periodically. Pashynkov Azhur forms a little, which further simplifies the procedure for leaving. To increase productivity, the bush is formed in 3 to 4 stems. But the plant needs garter, especially during the period when the fruits begin to ripen. Good resistance to various diseases will allow you to collect an environmentally friendly tomato crop, as the number of preventive treatments is reduced. Best predecessors:

  • parsley;
  • dill;
  • zucchini;
  • cauliflower;
  • cucumbers.

The variety shows the best results in the greenhouse. But there, with non-compliance with the temperature regime and too high humidity, there is a risk of developing fungal diseases.

The best results hybrid Openwork shows in the greenhouse

Harvest and unpretentious hybrid of tomato Azhur will impress any gardener. Beautiful and tasty fruits will not stale. What you didn’t have time to eat can be recycled. Most pleased with the opportunity to grow a product environmentally friendly and healthy.


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