Tomato Doll F1: characteristics and rules for growing a hybrid

Hybrid varieties of tomatoes are popular all over the world due to the excellent characteristics that breeders laid in them. Dutch scientists have especially advanced in this direction. But ours, domestic varieties are not inferior to foreign ones. New varieties are emerging that are credible with their reliability. Take the F1 Doll hybrid as an example.

The history of the hybrid Doll F1, its characteristics and region of cultivation

Breeders of LLC Agrofirm SeDeK worked on the creation of the F1 Doll hybrid. The novelty appeared in 2003, and almost 3 years later, in 2006, it was included in the State Register of Selection Achievements. The admission region is one - Volga-Vyatka. It includes:

  • Republic of Mari El;
  • Udmurt Republic;
  • Chuvash Republic;
  • Perm Territory;
  • Kirov region;
  • Nizhny Novgorod region;
  • Sverdlovsk region.

In general, favorable conditions in the region make it possible to grow a hybrid in the open field of personal subsidiary plots. But F1 Doll shows good results in closed ground, which gives gardeners in colder regions a chance for successful hybrid cultivation.

The originator and distributor of the F1 Doll Hybrid is SeDeK. On the bag with seeds must be marked F1, which means belonging to the first generation hybrids.

On the bag with the seeds of the Hybrid Doll must be marked F1

Characteristic Tomato

In the F1 Doll hybrid, breeders managed to combine the characteristics that are attractive to each gardener:

  • The variety is early ripe, from the period of full germination to the beginning of fruit ripening, only 85–95 days pass.
  • Harvest can be harvested in July, while the fruiting process is long, lasting almost until the cold weather.
  • Ripening takes place in unison, this allows you to collect 96–120 kg / ha during the first 10 days of fruiting, which fits into the standard level.
  • A bag of seeds contains a message about "incredible productivity." If you look at the data of the State Register, then the yield of marketable fruits is really high and amounts to 263–632 c / ha, which exceeds the White filling 214 and Siberian precocious taken by 27–162 c / ha taken as a standard. If you measure the usual measurements for each gardener, then from 1 m² you can collect 9 kg of first-class tomatoes.
  • The output of marketable products is very high - from 84 to 100%.
  • Due to the dense, but not thick skin, the fruits are resistant to cracking.
  • Like all hybrids, Doll F1 has high immunity to the main diseases of the culture, for example, the tobacco mosaic virus and verticillosis. Due to the early ripening of tomatoes, the plant is not threatened with late blight.
  • The ability of the fruit to endure lengthy transport without losing its presentation is very high.
  • Tomatoes withstand long-term storage.
  • You can use the crop in any way - to prepare salads, make dressing for borsch, canned, salted, processed for tomato products.

Appearance of Tomatoes

Many gardeners favor determinant hybrids that are easy to care for. The doll just belongs to such low and compact plants - its height is only 50–70 cm. The plant is not standard. The bush is not distinguished by good branching, the foliage is moderate. Leaves of the usual tomato type, green. The surface of the plate is dull, slightly wrinkled. Yellow flowers are collected in inflorescences of the intermediate type. Each fruit brush can contain up to 6 tomatoes of almost the same size. The peduncle has an articulation.

Tomatoes look very attractive due to the classic round shape with a smooth surface. The unripe fruit has a green color and a contrasting dark green spot at the stalk. Ripening, the tomato is poured in an even saturated pink color. The flesh is moderately dense, but tender and fleshy. The number of nests is 4 or more. The State Register estimates the taste qualities as good, but on the forums some gardeners call the taste not expressive enough. There is also evidence of the presence of a white core inside the fetus. The average weight of the fruit is 71–190 g, but sometimes tomatoes can have a mass of 300 g.

Tomatoes Doll F1 are small and one-dimensional, which is very appreciated for canning

Features of tomato Doll F1 and differences from other hybrids

From the above information, we can conclude that the features of the Doll are very early ripening of fruits and a high yield for a small plant. You can compare this hybrid with similar ones, especially since the SeDeK company has several more hybrids with similar names.

Table: Comparative characteristics of tomato doll F1 with similar hybrids

NameDoll F1Doll Masha F1Doll Dasha F1
Ripening periodVery early - 85–95 daysEarly ripening - 95-105 daysMedium early - 110–115 days
Shape and weight


Rounded, weighing 150-200 g,

sometimes up to 400 g

Flat round, slightly ribbed,

weighing 200–260 g

Rounded, weighing 160–230 g
ColorPinkHot pinkPink

(according to the State Register)

263-632 kg / ha8 kg from 1 m28.1 kg from 1 m2 in unheated

film greenhouse

Type of plant


Determinant, height 60–70 cmDeterminant, height 60–80


Determinant, height 60–70 cm
Resistance to


Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus,


Resistant to verticillosisResistant to complex




Fresh Cooking

tomato products

UniversalFresh for cooking


Table: Advantages and Disadvantages of F1 Doll Hybrid

  • early ripening of tomatoes;
  • high productivity;
  • long process of fruiting;
  • high commercial quality of fruits;
  • universal use of ripe tomatoes
  • insufficiently expressive taste;
  • the presence of a white core

Features of cultivation and planting

The cultivation of the F1 Doll hybrid, perhaps, cannot be called complicated, and the rules for leaving almost do not differ from the standard ones. But some nuances exist. To begin with, the described hybrid is grown by seedlings. This saves valuable seeds, and will allow you to get the desired result on time. Seedlings are sown in mid-March - early April.

Since I live in Crimea, I spend sowing seeds for seedlings very early - in the middle or end of February. By the time the grown seedlings are planted, the soil is usually already warming up enough, and covering materials thrown on iron arches and fixed below using ordinary bricks reliably save from possible changes in night and day temperatures. During the week, however, it is necessary to raise the fabric during the day so that the seedlings do not suffer from heat if it is sunny on the street. But the bushes take root very quickly, which allows you to completely remove the shelter.

Hybrid Doll F1 is grown by seedling


  1. The seed is treated in the usual way, that is, it is disinfected and soaked.

    Before planting, the tomato seed is soaked

  2. Hatching seeds shallowly, by 1.5–2 cm, close up in the soil, cover the container with a bag or glass and put in a warm place. Thanks to this, a special microclimate is formed inside, which allows seeds to germinate quickly. Suitable temperature for germination should be in the range of + 20 ... + 25 ° C.

    Hacked tomato seed is planted in containers

  3. After the seedlings have sprouted, they are moved to a cooler room, where during the day about + 15 ° С, at night - no lower than + 10 ... + 12 ° С. Thus, it is possible to avoid stretching seedlings.
  4. In phase 2 of these leaves, they pick.

    When 2 true leaves appear in seedlings, they pick

After 55-60 days, the seedlings are ready for transplanting to a permanent place, but 2 weeks before the intended event, the hardening procedure must be started. The usual planting pattern is 40 × 50 cm. Recommended planting density is no more than 6 seedlings per 1 m2.


Due to its low height and weak branching, plant formation is not very difficult. In this case, stepsoning is carried out moderately, shoots are usually removed before the first fruit brush begins to grow. The stepsons formed above will form a crop. Since the plant is not standardized, it is best to tie it to a support, otherwise the poured fruits may bend the trunk, because of which fruit brushes will be on the ground.

In order for the tomatoes to ripen faster, seasoned gardeners advise removing the leaves below at the bottom after removing the lower brush. In this way, all the nutrients will go straight to the fruit brush.

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Watering should be done with warm water heated in the sun, being careful not to wet the leaves and ovaries. Humidification is carried out in such a way that the soil under the tomatoes is in a moderately wet state. Watering in a greenhouse is especially strictly controlled, where excessive humidity can cause a mushroom infection.

At the beginning of the growing season, top dressing is carried out with nitrogen-containing fertilizers. During the period of fruit loading, potassium and phosphorus-containing compounds are used. The fertilizer application rate is in accordance with generally accepted standards.

Inexperienced tomato growers can use complex universal fertilizers for tomatoes

Reviews about tomato doll F1

I planted a doll about four years ago for the last time, and I don’t remember the first one. A good tomato can be grown both in the exhaust gas and in the greenhouse. For me, the advantage was smooth, almost the same tomatoes, 100-150 g each. My taste was ordinary, tomato, with a slight sourness. It was well stored and suitable for conservation.


In the greenhouse in two stems, but in the open ground in any way. They grew in my greenhouse, did not form. In brushes, 6 pieces, all the same, even. You say that tomato is tomato, but tomatoes taste different. Doll F1 is solid, no taste. It takes productivity. I prefer to plant not hybrids. They smell like a tomato, a lot of varieties of sweet, sweet and sour. The doll looks like a tomato, bought in the winter at the supermarket, just the fact that it’s wet! This is my opinion, everyone has different tastes, they asked - I answered.

Elena Volkova-Morozova

Each gardener has his favorite tomato varieties and hybrids. Share tips on who grows and how. I planted different, but always traditional - these are Doll, Andromeda, Kostroma, Caspar, Cream, etc.


I like Alsou, One hundred pounds, Eldorado, Doll, Siberian troika, Mushroom basket. She grew in the open ground. Very satisfied.


Reliable and productive tomato hybrid Doll F1 is becoming increasingly popular among tamatovodam. A short and unpretentious hybrid allows gardeners to save enough time to engage in other, no less important things. And the housewives appreciated the universal use of the crop - early ripe tomatoes are very useful for spring replenishment of vitamin reserves, and they can also be used in cooking and canning.


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