Tomato Budenovka - characteristics of the variety and features of cultivation

More recently, greenhouses in personal plots were very rare. Today, many gardeners find a place in their possessions for a polycarbonate miracle. And then the question arises - what varieties of vegetables to plant in order to get a decent harvest. In greenhouses, it is better to grow varieties for covered ground. One of these is tomato Budenovka. A harvesting variety that does not require effort when growing, will surely please an abundance of beautiful delicious fruits.

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Budenovka

Tomato Budenovka was registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation as a variety for homesteads, gardens and farms in 2002. According to the registry - this is a salad culture of medium early maturity. Fruits can be harvested starting on the 111th day after seedlings sprouting. The variety is recommended for cultivation in greenhouses and under film shelter, so it can be cultivated in any area.

Tomato Budenovka is characterized by an abundant harvest of beautiful fruits

Budenovka is an indeterminate, medium-sized variety with bright green leaves of medium size. Inflorescences of the intermediate type have one or two branches and are laid starting from the ninth and then every three leaves.

Indeterminate are tall tomatoes with unlimited growth. They are grown most often in greenhouses, since plants need to be tied. But not only therefore - growing top, they are compact and take up little space on the bed, which allows rational use of the area. The fruiting of indeterminate varieties is extended, which makes it possible to collect fruits for a rather long time, and the yield is much higher than that of low-growing tomatoes.

The weight of the fruit depends on the number of ovaries and growing conditions and ranges from 150 to 350 grams, diameter about 15 cm. The red flesh is dense, juicy, with good taste. Productivity of a grade of 9 and more kg per sq. m

The fruits of Budyonovka are indispensable for fresh salads, but they are also good in pickled pickles. Use tomatoes and for the preparation of tomato juice, pasta, ketchup and for any culinary dishes.

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Appearance of fruits

Budenovka fruits of the original heart-shaped bright red or dark pink color. The round fruit with a sharp tip, apparently, reminded the creators of the famous Red Army hat - hence the name. The surface of the tomato is highly ribbed, the flesh is dense with four nests, the taste is good.

The fruits of the tomato Budenovka differ in the original heart-shaped

The variety is valued for its high yield and large tasty fruits of a beautiful shape.

Variety features, advantages and disadvantages

Many gardeners, having tried once to grow Budenovka, prefer this particular variety. The plant attracts, first of all, with an abundant harvest of excellent fruits. Tomatoes, despite their large size, do not crack and are well stored. The variety is unpretentious in care, resistant to late blight and other fungal diseases and rot. A bush from one to one and a half meters tall requires mandatory garter. In central Russia and in areas with a short summer, it is grown only in greenhouses and hotbeds, and in warm regions it produces good crops in open ground.

Experienced gardeners who have been growing Budenovka for years assure that this variety has no shortcomings.

The ribbed fruits of Budenovka, despite their large size, do not crack

The nuances of growing tomato Budenovka

What you need to pay attention to is the choice of seeds. The same varieties from different manufacturers often have different characteristics and appearance. It is best to purchase seeds from a trusted company or buy different ones, for comparison.

Photo gallery: assortment of seeds from different companies

"Altai Seeds" offer Budenovka bright pink

Ukrainian agricultural firm "Our Garden" produces seeds for areas with a mild climate

"Ural summer resident" is misleading, promising a good harvest both in the greenhouse and on the street

Aelita has been on the market since 1989 and many experienced gardeners prefer the seeds of this particular company

Budenovka tomatoes are grown in seedlings. Presowing seed and soil preparation is no different from other varieties.

Seeds are sown in containers with fertile soil about 60 days before the intended planting in the ground. To accelerate germination, the container is covered with polyethylene, which is removed immediately after the appearance of seedlings. In the phase of two true leaves, plants dive in separate cups with a volume of 250-300 ml. Many gardeners use peat pots for these purposes or make paper cups on their own. In the future, seedlings grown in this way are easily and simply transplanted into the soil - the root system will not suffer, and the plants will not hurt after transplantation.

Making paper cups will not take much time and save money

After the appearance of two or three real leaves, tomato seedlings begin to be fed. For top dressing, you can use complex mineral fertilizer and organic for vegetables or biohumus solution. On sale you can find many kinds of ready-made fertilizers specifically for tomato seedlings - the microelements in them are selected taking into account the needs of these plants. The main thing when feeding is the alternation of organic and mineral additives. The instructions for the preparations describe in detail the preparation of the solution and the proportions that can not be violated. In case of any doubt, it is better to take a smaller amount of substance, since overfeeding can lead to disastrous results.

Planting tomatoes in the ground

Planting tomatoes Budenovka and further care are no different from other varieties. Beds for tomatoes are cooked in the fall. For digging, make 1 glass of ash, 35 g of superphosphate and 30 g of potassium salt per square meter.

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When planting in the garden, the plants are staggered. The distance between tomatoes is 40 cm in a greenhouse and 50 cm in open ground, between rows of 40 cm. After planting, the tomatoes are immediately tied to pegs or trellis, and the ground around the plants is mulched.

Further care for tomatoes takes place as usual - watering, feeding, weeding, and pinching.

Stepchildren - shoots that appear in the axils of the leaves, it is better not to break out, but to pinch or trim, leaving a small stump. This will eliminate the need for repeated pinching, since after breaking out, unnecessary sprouts will again appear in the same place.

If the soil on the bed is mulled, then watering is rarely necessary, but plentiful, and weeding and loosening the earth will not be necessary at all.

Video: tomato formation

The grown tomatoes of the Budenovka variety are formed into one, less often two stems . In the first case, all the stepsons that appear are removed, in the second - they leave one, the most powerful, in the lower part of the trunk. Very quickly, he will catch up with the main shoot and will develop in parallel. Such a technique will help to get large fruits of good quality. When gartering tomatoes, each stalk is tied separately.

Budenovka variety tomatoes are formed into one or two stems

Tomato Budenovka appeared in our greenhouse one of the first. We have a small greenhouse, 3 x 6, so you won’t especially run away, but I try to grow at least several bushes of different varieties. I buy seeds from the Aelita company - a proven, reliable producer. In May - June, the sun in our region usually burns mercilessly and the temperature in the greenhouse rises above +30 ° C. Many varieties of tomatoes in such conditions simply shed their ovaries. Budenovka, surprisingly, copes with extreme heat and sets fruit with an enviable constancy. Harvesting is extended and the last tomatoes are harvested at the end of September. The fruits, especially the first ones, are large, shiny, without cracks and very tasty. The bushes were never affected by pests and did not hurt anything.

Reviews about tomatoes Budenovka

For about five years now, at first my mother, and now I plant this variety of tomato in my garden. The first time we bought seeds of the Aelita brand, and now every year we make the seeds ourselves from very large and ripe tomatoes. The seeds have never let us down, almost all sprout, despite the fact that they are no longer purchased. Plants are very tall, 150-190 cm. They can grow both in open ground and in the greenhouse. We have all the tomatoes growing in the greenhouse, so we periodically drip them in order to slightly remove their growth. We plant in the middle of May in the greenhouse, and in early July we harvest. They are very resistant to diseases such as late blight. I try to let the first tomatoes grow as large as possible, as I leave a couple for seeds. By weight, they can reach 1 kilogram. It is important to remove the first tomatoes with green ones, as they sprit for a very long time in the greenhouse, and prevent the rest of the tomatoes from growing. They taste sweet, juicy. The color is not red, but pink. We love these tomatoes very much and eat them all summer and all autumn. Try it, I think you will not regret it!

maria vorobieva

The second year I cultivated this variety. I am satisfied with the result. The acquaintance, who advised him to me, said: with Budenovka you won’t be left without a crop.

valentina k

Great harvest, beautiful tomatoes.


Loved the variety. I plant him for the second year. The fruits are delicious, beautiful. Resistant to disease. Harvest.


I put Budyonovka from Aelita! The bush itself is not very powerful, medium, at the moment-1.5 m, tied two brushes, blooms. But what beautiful and large fruits! there are 5–6 tomatoes in a brush, but mine form is not pronounced heart-shaped, but most likely heart-shaped, blunt without a nose. I don’t touch the bushes, I'm afraid they will break due to the weight of the fruits! The lowest brush lies on the ground, I put dry leaves under it, I'm afraid worms or a bear will bite my tomatoes. I look forward to being in time and admire! This variety was one of the first to bloom and tie tomatoes! Then we'll taste it! I think I’ll definitely plant next year !!!!


Tomato Budenovka is a variety tested over the years and tested by experienced gardeners. Many people prefer it when grown in greenhouses for its unpretentiousness, plentiful harvest, large fruits of excellent taste and original appearance. When choosing tomato seeds for a greenhouse, pay attention to bright tomatoes with a sharp elongated tip - a variety that will not disappoint.


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