Tomato Batyania - a variety with a Siberian character

Tomato Batyana is appreciated by lovers of delicious tomato pulp. The variety has established itself as an unpretentious plant, not afraid of lowering or raising temperatures in the open ground. In addition, the tomato bears fruit well in closed ground conditions. Healthy fruits ripen very early, which is the case when grown in cold regions.

Description of tomato variety Batyan

The vegetable that is on our table all year round is a tomato. Fresh or canned - tomato fruits are always good. That is why breeders are working on breeding new plants that would surprise gardeners not only with resistance to weather conditions, but also with productivity. Such successful varieties of tomatoes include the Siberian miracle called Batyan.


The plant is an indeterminate type. Basketball players can envy the growth of tomato - 2 m, and this is not the limit. In a greenhouse, actively expels inflorescences and continues to grow. In open ground, the usual height is likely to reach 1.7–1.8 m. With high growth, the bush has a not too powerful stem. Branching variety is also unusual. The leaves are large, dark green, of the usual form for a tomato, sparse. Inflorescence of a simple type.

Father Tomatoes are very tall

A feature of the variety is that of the total number of flower brushes, the fruits are usually tied to 3 or 4. Each brush carries about 3 large fruits.

Tomato Batyana belongs to salad varieties. The fruits are large, with an average weight of 200 g. But some sources indicate that tomatoes can also be large-fruited, weighing up to 350 g. In shape, they resemble a heart with a slightly elongated tip. The surface of the fetus is slightly ribbed. Green unripe tomato, at the base of the stalk there is a dark green spot. But during the period of full maturity, the tomato is poured with an even raspberry color. The skin is thin and glossy shiny.

Fruit brush tomato Batyan consists of 3 weighty fruits

The pulp is fleshy, medium in density. There are more than 4 seed nests, but the seeds are small. The taste of tomato Batyana, as with all pink-fruited varieties, is simply delicious, sugary.

Variety Batyana is valued for fleshy flesh, which has a great taste.

Tomato Batyana is very reminiscent of everyone's favorite variety Bull's heart. They have a similar heart-shaped and fleshy, melting juicy flesh in the mouth.

Characteristic varieties Batyan

Tomato Batian has the following features:

  • Early fruit ripening, which is a big advantage. The period from the appearance of seedlings to the start of ripening is only 90 days. But if the climatic conditions are far from ideal, then it can be slightly delayed and amount to 105 days.
  • Stretched fruiting period. After removing the first crop, new fruit brushes appear and fruits are tied. But this process needs to be controlled. Toward the end of the growing season, the top should be pinched so that the fruits that are set do not pull on nutrients and allow the already formed to mature safely.
  • High yield. Regarding this feature, the opinions of sources differ. Only 2 kg from 1 m² are indicated in the State Register. But, given the size of the bush and the large-fruited tomato, this is too low, even in open ground. Other sources, including the creators of the variety, provide other information:
    • in open ground - from 6 to 12 kg with 1 m²;
    • in the greenhouse - 17 kg with 1 m².
  • Resistance to many diseases, primarily to late blight.
  • The ability to use fruits in salads. They also make great juice, tomato paste, lecho. A meaty slice can be put on a sandwich. In general, the variety cannot be preserved due to its size.
  • Undemanding to weather conditions. Tomato easily adapts to climate change, withstanding cooling and rising temperatures. But, of course, this will affect the overall yield.
  • Good transportability due to dense pulp.

Tomato Batyania has excellent characteristics that make it easy to grow this variety in open and closed ground

Table: merits and demerits of a grade

  • large-fruited;
  • excellent taste and appearance

    type of fruit;

  • high productivity;
  • resistance to late blight;
  • undemanding to weather conditions;
  • early ripening;
  • possibility of transportation
  • tall, which requires a garter;
  • large size, because of which the fruits can not be rolled whole;
  • the risk of violating the integrity of the tomato shell at high humidity

With high humidity, which often happens in a greenhouse, Bati’s fruits may burst

Table: Comparative characteristics of Batyan tomato and other varieties






to diseases

Bush height
Father200-350 g6-17 kg from 1 m²Salads, juices,

lecho, pasta

90-105 daysResistant to

late blight

1.7–2 m
Stellate sturgeon300-500 g15 kg from 1 m²Salads, juices110–115 daysSteady1.5–1.8 m


200–250 g14.9 kg from 1 m²Salads110 daysResistant to

tobacco virus



and fusarium

1.5–1.6 m
rose flower


140-160 g6-7 kg from 1 m²Universal100-105 daysResistant to

late blight

Up to 50 cm

Video: tomato Batyan

Features of growing tomato

A feature of the Siberian Batyan is its excellent plasticity, which allows this tomato to be grown in open ground, under film shelter and in greenhouse conditions. Of course, different climatic conditions dictate their landing methods. So, in warm regions, seeds can be safely sown on a bed. But the conditions of cool and cold areas will allow you to get a good harvest only when planting seedlings.

Seed way

Before sowing the seeds are treated in the usual way. Sow tomato in soil warmed up to + 15 ° С. Usually in warm regions, such conditions develop in late April - early May. If the time has come, but the soil is not warm enough, you can make a removable greenhouse, which is easy to ventilate and can be removed from the garden at any time.

The film shelter will create conditions under which the seeds will sprout quickly

Seedling method

Sowing seeds for seedlings is an indispensable condition when growing Batyan in harsh climates. Many southern gardeners also prefer this method. But do not rush to grow seedlings, consider the features of your place of residence. In warm climates, you can sow seeds in mid-February. In cool areas a little later - in late February or early March. Well, in regions with a short summer - and at all at the end of March. So that the beginning and end of the growing season coincides with weather conditions and allows you to collect the maximum yield, seedlings should be planted in the soil at the age of 65–70 days.

Seedling method is extremely popular, as it allows you to get a good harvest even in cold regions

In the non-chernozem zone of Russia, for example, seedlings are planted in early June, which means that seeds are sown in late March or early April.

If the seedlings are intended for open ground, and the weather still does not allow leaving the plants without shelter, a film construction is installed over the garden bed. It is periodically ventilated to maintain normal moisture levels.

Do not forget that the seedling method of growing necessarily requires picking and hardening.

Tomato seedlings need to be prepared before planting in open ground

Crop rotation and soil preparation

Variety Batya prefers well-drained and light soil compositions with moisture permeability. This is due to the fact that the root system of a tall bush is not so powerful. In heavy and excessively moist soil, it will simply die.

If the soil on the site does not meet the required standards, when digging, add coarse sand, sawdust and humus to it.

The predecessors in the garden should be plants that do not accumulate diseases dangerous for tomato:

  • cauliflower;
  • carrot;
  • cucumbers
  • zucchini;
  • parsley;
  • dill.

After growing solanaceous crops (eggplant, pepper, potato), the soil should rest for a year, or even 2 years.

Planting scheme and bush formation

Planting scheme for indeterminate varieties - 40/50 cm. In total, 3-4 plants should be on 1 m². Father form in 1 or 2 stems. The second option is the most common, as it allows you to increase productivity. Form the second stem from the stepson, located above the first flower brush. All stepsons on the shoots must be removed.

Tomato Batyan most often form in 2 stems

The variety must be tied up, otherwise the fragile stems will break under the weight of the ripening fruit. Moreover, the garter is best done in the first week after planting seedlings.

It is easy to tie up the father's tomatoes in the initial stage of vegetation

The lower leaves, of course, need to be broken off to form a trunk and provide the bush with good ventilation. But you need to do this in different ways, including the growing conditions:

  • yellow leaves with drying edges or stained leaves are subject to immediate removal;
  • in open ground, when there is intense heat, the lower leaves help to shade the soil, retaining moisture in it;
  • in conditions of high humidity, in wet and rainy weather, or when growing in a greenhouse, lower leaves must be removed, which will help to prevent late blight and other fungal infections.

So that the lower leaves do not delay food, they are removed

Care Features

Water the Batyana tomato sparingly, but at the same time, make sure that the soil under the bush does not dry out, but is sufficiently moistened. Due to excess moisture, the ripening fruits will burst. If the summer is very hot and dry, you will have to water more often, sometimes every 4–5 days. Try to moisturize only with warm water so that the roots do not suffer from sudden changes in temperature.

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The best way to water is drip. It protects the leaves and the stem from falling drops of water. And so that the moisture does not evaporate too quickly, loosen the soil after watering and use the mulch.

Drip irrigation is considered the most acceptable when watering tomatoes

Feeding is carried out 2 times a month. The most successful combination of minerals that affect the quality and quantity of the crop is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in conjunction with other trace elements. The most suitable fertilizers are:

  • Agricola
  • Fertika;
  • Vermicompost.

These fertilizers are applied in the form of a solution to pre-moistened soil to avoid burns to the root system.

In addition, the Father does not mind eating organic matter. Especially useful will be green fertilizer, which is easy to prepare with your own hands. For this, weed grass collected on the site, for example, nettle, is useful. It is recommended to add wood ash to the prepared infusion.

Many gardeners in vain ignore foliar top dressing. Minerals absorbed by leaves allow the plant to be nourished much faster than regular root top dressing. Such top dressing can be performed with a solution of Kemira. But remember that the foliar method is carried out with a very weak solution, preferably in the evening.

Foliar feeding of tomatoes helps to improve the quality of the crop

Photo gallery: fertilizers for feeding tomatoes

You can feed tomatoes with fertilizer Agricola

Biohumus is ideal for processing tomatoes

Fertik's fertilizer contains substances necessary for tomatoes

Diseases and Pests

Dad has powerful Siberian health, especially, as the originators emphasize, the variety is resistant to late blight. If you adhere to the correct agricultural technology, then the plant is not afraid of diseases and pests. But preventive treatment once every 2 weeks should be carried out necessarily.

Particular attention is paid to preventive measures when growing tomatoes in a greenhouse.

To combat the problems that arise, use well-known chemical preparations:

  • Bordeaux liquid;
  • copper sulfate;
  • Ridomil Gold;
  • Fitosporin.

Photo Gallery: Tomato Disease Medicines

The drug Fitosporin allows you to cope with diseases of tomatoes

Tomatoes are treated with copper sulfate if there are problems

The drug Ridomil Gold helps with many diseases of tomatoes

Bordeaux mixture is used for various diseases of tomatoes

Reviews about the variety Batyan

And I Batyany shore the best guests, as these are the most delicious tomatoes now - sweet, with a little acidity - a miracle, what a delicious! Tastier than a Bull's heart, without hollow chambers and yellow shoulders.

Nata N.

I grew up in the open ground, this year I planted for the first time. Very harvested, despite the terrible current summer with the early ff, they didn’t even get sick. Tasty.


Tomato Batyan. It seemed to me so huge and weighs so little. Tasty, juicy, thin-skinned, but there is a tastier variety than it is, however, and the sizes are smaller. Thinking about planting the next year or not, there are five tomatoes on the bush, this is the biggest one I have.


Mountain ash67, Mazarin and Batya similar varieties. Last summer, Batya was the first to mature in my open ground.


Father is the only variety that I plant every year. Very productive, tasty, large, early, compact bush and what else you like is that there is almost no discharge of flowers in the heat. I collect seeds every year just in case.


Large-fruity tomato Batyan was appreciated by gardeners from all regions of the country. Care of the variety requires the most ordinary, the only inconvenience is the need for support due to the tall plant. But this will seem a little problem if you tie the seedlings in a timely manner.


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