There was no place in the garden, so I planted tomatoes in bags

Two years ago, I helped my daughter to nurse my grandchildren and completely launched my garden. Dust flooded everything around, digging and any landings was too late. But do not sit back.

And then I remembered a new and interesting way of growing vegetables. Now they do it in bags or sacks. I wanted to try it soon. Moreover, they gave me so many tomato seeds that it was possible to plant an entire plantation with them.

To begin with, I decided to shoe myself theoretically. I watched several videos and realized that the method of growing vegetables in bags is not a fake, but a really useful novelty. I immediately found several suitable bags in the pantry. There are special landing bags on sale, but for business you can also use ordinary non-woven bags for vegetables.

Arriving at the cottage, I settled down near the house and arranged my bags in a row. I filled them out as follows:

  1. At the bottom laid a large layer of dandelion leaves, the benefit of this material in my garden is always enough. Added dried potato peels and even a few banana skins.
  2. Then a shovel of good wood ash went into the bag, it remained after burning dry branches in the spring. Good top dressing for tomatoes, proven.
  3. Humus shovel. You can even take sapropel from the pond. This layer will nourish and warm our mobile bed.
  4. The fertile garden land went to the top of the bag. This is where I planted two early varieties of tomatoes. Took those that do not require preliminary germination of seedlings. Deepened by half a centimeter, well watered. She covered the crops with film.

A week later, the first sprouts appeared. Further care was the same as in the case of landing on a bed in open ground. As a result, from two early-ripening varieties, after about 90 days, I received several kilograms of delicious fragrant tomatoes!

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I liked this method so much that now I put my tomatoes in bags every year, although I have already put all the beds in order. Firstly, the bags look neat and do not take up much space in the garden. They can be transferred if you want to provide vegetables with better lighting or, conversely, shade. Such a container is inexpensive, you can even pay nothing - find something suitable among the old stocks.

One more argument for: all plant waste from the summer house is quite environmentally friendly to use for such plantings. That is, they automatically save you from the compost heap.

On each bag I write the name of the tomato variety and the timing of planting: so all the important information will always be at hand. You can also grow other vegetables: cabbage and cauliflower, carrots, zucchini and potatoes.

Of the minuses can be called quick drying of the soil in bags. It will be necessary to water such mini-beds much more often than usual. But in the rainy summer, your vegetables will not suffer from excess moisture.

Try this method and you won’t regret it! The optimal ratio of expended forces and the results obtained. In addition, it is always interesting to get a new experience, and perhaps to add something from yourself to an unusual method.


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