Stone rose (younger) as a decorative element of the garden

  • Type: Crassulaceae
  • Flowering Period: June, July, August
  • Height: 5-35cm
  • Color: pink, red, white, yellow, purple
  • Perennial
  • Winters
  • Sun loving
  • Drought resistant

The young - a beautiful succulent in its original form, has other interesting names. Latin sempervivim is an eternally living plant, or folk - a stone rose. Despite the fact that the dense "petals" of the plant can be of different colors or shapes in varieties of youngsters, in general, their combination really resembles a rose. The richness of shapes and colors, unpretentiousness in care make younglings a wonderful garden ornamental plant. With it, you can decorate paths, flower beds, create alpine slides. Youngsters look great in flowerpots of various shapes, and combinations of its varieties allow you to create very effective compositions.

Youngsters feel good both in stony soil and in sandy soil. So, if you like gravel gardens or paths, this plant will help make them more attractive, more original.

You can learn more about how to arrange a gravel garden from the material: dekor / ustraivaem-gravijnyj-sad.html

It has been used for a long time in landscape design - back in the Middle Ages they were decorated with flat roofs. The ancient Romans believed that this plant removes a thunderstorm. The British also planted young on the roofs, calling it living tiles. The French - the creators of magnificent gardens and palace parks, began to combine various varieties of stone roses on the paths along the curbs, doing carpet planting. Already in the 19th century, stone rose began to be used for decoration of alpine slides and in asymmetric, free garden plantings.

The semicircular flowerbed near the path is made using beautifully laid out stones and three varieties of young. The harmonious combination of pastel shades attracts attention and is pleasant to the eyes.

Thanks to the excellent decorative qualities, breeders drew attention to the stone rose. Currently, there are more than 4000 varieties of youngsters.

Thinning is widely used:

  • for planting in rock gardens;
  • to create carpet-ornamental patterns on the flower beds, paths and borders;
  • as an element of decor against a background of sand and gravel;
  • for landing on slopes;
  • for group plantings on the background of ornamental shrubs;
  • to create compositions in flowerpots.

Young growth is also grown in frames, so that topiary forms using this plant can be created and experimented by combining its species, combining it with other plants. On a low flat roof, it is possible to land youngsters even today, when various design refinements are in fashion.

The root system of this plant is small, so it can be planted almost everywhere - in the gap when paving paths, between stones, its amazing appearance will revive any element of garden design. Young growth can take root even in places where other plants are useless to plant. Anywhere in the garden, a graceful stone rose will look like an exotic decoration.

Carpet ornaments using youngsters

A variety of colors and shapes of a stone rose allows designers to effectively draw a bend of a path in a garden or park or create a patchwork of various plant varieties. When landscaping a flat area, some craftsmen even create pictures from the young. Sempervivum forms beautiful combinations with soil protectors - stonecrops, saxifrages, armeria, etc.

You can learn more about the use of phyto pictures in landscape design from the material: ideas / zhivye-kartiny.html

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Modern varieties of youngsters are presented in a wide range of colors: light and dark green, burgundy, yellowish, pinkish, silver. This diversity allows you to create luxurious living carpets.

Monoplanting of all kinds of stone roses resembles a starry placer. Such beauty will please you all summer, you only need to plant plants in the sunny part of the garden and sometimes water it. A dense landing of youngsters virtually eliminates the appearance of weeds

In one landing, you can create compositions from different varieties or single-varietal monocompositions - both of them look very aesthetically pleasing. Patterns and lines created with a stone rose are a living mosaic. Of course, it will take effort to properly break the cells, but the resulting ornamental patterns will be worth your effort.

Sempervivum on a flower bed framed by other flowers. To create a winding path, 4 plant varieties were used - identical at the edges and larger in the center. Rosettes form a beautiful pattern contrasting with vibrant colors

Create a mini rockery with a stone rose

Far from every site you can break up a rockery, to create it requires a certain area, the creation of embankments, if there are no suitable sections of the landscape. A miniature copy of the rockery - a small rocky garden, can be done on any site.

Choose a shrub that will create the background of the composition, for example, barberry. You can use a clay pot or flowerpot, pebbles or gravel. Put the flowerpot on its side, strengthen it, fill the container with soil from the inside and the area directly next to it and plant the young woman sockets. Several boulders can be placed next to the flowerpot, and the area around the composition is covered with pebbles or rubble. The mini-kindergarten is ready, it looks very picturesque, and you can make it in any sunny corner of the garden.

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Two options for creating a mini rockery: using a clay pot and a wicker basket. Capacity, a little pebble or rubble, several sockets younger - and a nice composition is ready

Molodo is a leading plant in the creation of modern landscape compositions in the style of minimalism, preserving its decorative qualities throughout the year.

Mini rockery with elements of a gravel garden: with the help of colored gravel the effect of flowing water is created, “streams” are decorated with elegant rosettes

Pot, pot and more original options

If you like small forms, mini-gardens, plant several varieties of stone roses in a beautiful flowerpot or large garden pot. You can try to create a mini-garden in oriental style, using stones and even oriental statues. Such a corner will be conducive to contemplation, a departure from everyday fuss, relaxation.

Options for creating a small rocky garden in flowerpots - you can use either one variety or different, plant plants in several containers

Thinning is an original plant in itself, so it looks great in an exotic setting. Pick up the original containers for it - it can be a colored flower pot, a broken old jug or a pot, a plastic colored basin, a steel box, or even old shoes.

Also, material on creating original flowerpots with your own hands will be useful: dekor / kashpo-dlya-sada-svoimi-rukami.html

Although water is not used in this composition, it seems that rosette sockets, which have an obvious resemblance to water lilies, float in water. The illusion is enhanced by the blue color of the container, blue and green decorative glass gravel

The new life of old shoes - fill them with soil, and plant young roses in the slot. Such unusual compositions always attract attention.

Especially impressive looks young in a stone and concrete tank. For a plant with a small root system, low, it is better to choose a squat flowerpot. In a flat container, beautiful small rosettes of the plant form beautiful unusual compositions that seem artificial. I want to not only consider them, but also touch them. The only requirements for the potted cultivation of a stone rose is to provide a drain of moisture and separate the daughter processes, if you do not want the composition to change and grow.

Spectacular composition in a beautiful squat flowerpot: several varieties of young growth, colored gravel and ceramic decor were used to create it

Stone rose surrounded by stones - plants are planted in varieties in groups, separated by chains of stones, the groups stand out clearly against a lighter background

Combining unpretentiousness in leaving and exotic beauty, a stone rose allows any amateur gardener to try himself as a designer and create interesting compositions that will make your garden special - original, vibrant, attractive and doubly beautiful, because this beauty is your business hands.


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