Software for landscape designers

Sierra Complete 3D Land Designer

Quality program for landscape design. Excellent 2-dimensional view, many design options, distances, area, etc. A huge base of plants, with the ability to add your own options and filter by area, type of plant. Easy enough to learn. Suitable for standard landscape compositions. It is a decent 3-dimensional view, though all objects are 2-dimensional, but they do not suffer from quality

Punch professional home design

Program for three-dimensional intuitive planning and design of a house, land and apartment. Contains a large number of handy craftsmen and design examples. The American approach to everything is as simple, fast, effective as possible. A lot of templates and built-in standard modules that can be edited in every way

Our Crystal Garden (version 10)

"Our Garden Crystal" - a program for landscape design and design, a program for landscape design and design of a garden plot with three-dimensional viewing of the created project. does not require special computer training. It consists of a three-dimensional planner, photo editor that allows you to work with digital photography of an object, an encyclopedia of plants and a resource editor that allows you to add your own three-dimensional models and textures


Today this series of software products is highly demanded in the Russian market of computer programs. This is due to the trend in the construction of suburban housing, which has manifested itself in recent years and is strengthening and expanding every year. Over 10 years, the program was reprinted four times, in total over 200, 000 units of this software product were sold