Shtil-250 chainsaw: problems with the factory for hot

I have Calm-250, an old man, a problem has arisen: it starts without a problem on a cold one, you start a hot horseradish until you burn an unburned mixture through a muffler. I put a new candle, washed the filter, cleaned it, washed the carburetor too. Anyway, the problem remains, tell me, please, how to solve it?


Muffler test

Most likely, the reason lies in the muffler, which is clogged with combustion products (deposits) or simply garbage. It is enough to clean it, and the normal operation of the chainsaw will be restored. To do this, it is best to dismantle and rinse this part using ordinary detergents (you can use aggressive ones). Then thoroughly rinse the muffler with clean water and blow dry.

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Muffler cleaning usually gives a positive effect

When cleaning, be careful: carbon deposits contain carcinogens that, if they enter the lungs, can be harmful. The reason for the appearance of soot is the wrong ratio of gasoline and oil poured into the tank. Most users prefer to do this “by eye”. But to observe the exact proportions is quite simple: just use a disposable syringe without a needle of the appropriate volume.

Other reasons

Here, first of all, we mean the deterioration of the cylinder, piston, rings, as well as the bearings of the crankshaft. The unsuitability of these elements ultimately leads to a drop in compression (pressure) in the cylinder. You can check the state of the CPG along the way when you remove the muffler. After dismantling this part, a window opens through which a part of the cylinder is visible. If scuffs or scratches are visible on it, you will have to change it.

Repair parts can be purchased at special stores or the Internet.

Next, you need to check the compression. If there is no special device, turn out the candle, plug the hole with your finger and pull the starter cord. With good pressure, the finger will be sucked in. If there is a compressor, but you need to insert it into the candle hole. Also crank the crankshaft through the starter and look at the readings of the device. The normal parameter is 8-9 kgf / sq. cm (which corresponds to 0.8-0.9 MPa). The reason for the low compression may not necessarily be in a worn cylinder or piston: sometimes it is enough to replace the coked rings.


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