Selection of plants for an alpine hill: examples of varieties + decor rules

A rocky garden decorated with a flower garden is a fairly common element of many garden plots. The decorative appeal and ease of caring for the rock garden were the reasons for this popularity of this element of landscape design. Rocky plants for an alpine hill always visually revive the stone composition, but at the same time retain the effect of a natural mountain landscape.

Basic rules for the selection of plants

To create a stone composition, which will become a spectacular decoration of a suburban area, is not difficult. To do this, when selecting plants for a "rocky garden", you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • When creating a composition, preference should be given to compact and stunted plant forms that correspond to the proportional sizes of the slide itself.
  • The plants should be selected taking into account their resistance to terrain conditions: soil, climate features.
  • When choosing a place for rooting, it is important to take into account the attitude of the plant to sunlight: sunny areas are for light-loving representatives of the plant world, shaded areas are for shade-tolerant ones.
  • The intensity of the growth and tillering of individual species is an important moment, the lack of which can lead to the death of the "neighbors" rapidly increasing the mass of the plant.
  • When creating compositions, it is important to take into account the characteristics of each of the plant inhabitants of the rock garden in order to avoid an “unfavorable neighborhood”. For example: very attractive and unpretentious in the care of a stalk, a soap dish, a reaper and an obrietta, have a bad effect on their “neighbors”.
  • Planting is desirable to carry out planting, taking into account their "common interests": they should be combined with each other not only in appearance, but in the similarity of conditions for growing, growth and development rates, as well as flowering rhythm.

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Choosing perennial flowers for landscaping an alpine hill, you should focus not only on the location of the rock garden on the site, but also on the overall style of the composition

The most spectacular combination is given by combinations of herbaceous perennials with shrubby and tree-like forms, decorated with colorful rugs of flowering creeping species and juicy green touches of evergreen and decorative deciduous species

Examples of decorative varieties

Ideal plants for a "rocky garden" are slow-growing woody and stunted plants. Coniferous for an alpine hill allows to provide high decorative composition throughout the year.

In miniature stone compositions, creeping and dwarf forms of conifers look great: miniature Canadian spruce "Conica", black pine "Nana", juniper scaly "Blue Carpet", thuja western "Danica"

Combining conifers with a different shape of the crown and the color of the needles in one composition, you can significantly enhance the picturesque effect.

You can find out how to properly arrange a composition of decorative conifers from the material: ozelenenie / dekorativnye-xvojniki.html

Among the deciduous shrubs for the Alpine slide, the obvious favorites are the decorative forms of barberry, cotoneaster, henomeles, spirea

It is hard to imagine a rock garden without flowers. Beautifully flowering perennials for an alpine hill allow you to give any garden a unique style and uniqueness. When creating compositions, the choice is not limited only to plants characteristic of the alpine terrain. In the "rocky garden", representatives of the plant world will be appropriate to look, the main habitat of which is forests and the sea coast.

A bright decoration of a rock garden can be: Arends Saxifrages, styloid phlox, Erica grassy, ​​Alpine edelweiss, Balearic gerbil, Iberis evergreen, Carpathian bell and many others.

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We design a rock garden, taking into account the tier of the composition

Alpine hilltop

The upper tier of the “rocky garden” is planted, as a rule, with drought-resistant and sun-loving plant species, since this site is most exposed to sunlight, but at the same time, moisture in the soil layer is practically not retained. When arranging the top of the composition, ground cover plants are used.

About the best groundcover perennials for the garden, you can learn more from the material: ozelenenie / pochvopokrovnye-rasteniya-dlya-sada.html

Perennial cloves and Iberis forever green can become a bright decoration of the peak.

Iberis’s fluffy carpet will cover the peak with snow-white flowers in May-June, pillow-like clove bushes will delight you with abundant flowering and pleasant aroma throughout the summer

The sun-loving edelweiss growing on the slopes of the impregnable mountains can be the main decoration of the rock garden, and the lush purple rugs of creeping thyme will attract a lot of bees and butterflies with honey aroma of flowers

Middle tier of stone composition

To decorate the middle part of a rocky hill can plants that prefer sunny areas, but easily tolerate light shading. At an average level, higher soil moisture. This makes it possible to expand the assortment of plants for decoration by hygrophilous beauties.

In May days, the phlox is awl-like, playing in a violent color of pink, blue and snow-white shades. An effective background for phlox can be a woolly cleaner with pleasant to the touch silvery pubescent leaves

Three-veined anaphalis and Schmidt wormwood also have noble silver shades.

Aubrietta is a universal plant for landscaping, because in addition to gorgeous flowering in the summer months, it has decorative foliage, the richness of color and the attractiveness of which remains throughout the year.

At the end of May, the beauty of Aubrietta cultural will take over the baton of bloom, delighting the eye with lush streams of delicate pink, saturated raspberry and dark purple flowers

It is well suited for the middle tier and the unpretentious semi-shrub in care is monetized sunflower. All kinds of stonecrops can be placed on the sunny sections of the tier, which are formed into cute pillow-like bushes decorated with miniature flower asterisks in the summer months

If you choose among the flower names for an alpine hill that feels comfortable in our latitudes, then the slopes of the hill can be decorated with all kinds of bulbous, diverse heichera, dense bushes of armeria, delicate alpine aster, primrose primroses, beautiful autumn blooming colchicum.

Rock garden foot

At the foot of the planted plants that love to grow on rich, saturated soil and are not afraid of shading.

The color accents of the foot of the composition can be arranged with the help of compact bushes of saxifrage and spike-shaped flowers of lyatris

The lower tier is also reserved for the placement of tree and shrub plants. Often on this part of the hill place group plantings of miniature dwarf conifers, rhododendrons.


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