A selection of options for original flower beds from improvised materials

Originally designed flowerbeds always look interesting. Wanting to decorate their site with floral arrangements, many gardeners equip flower beds using ready-made fences and containers for plants. But to create an unusual element of landscape design, you can do it at minimal cost, showing a little imagination for arranging a flowerbed from improvised materials. Such unusual designs will be the highlight of the suburban area.

Installation of decorative fences allows you to solve several problems:

  • with the help of flowerbeds and building envelopes it is easy to visually divide the territory into functional zones;
  • flower beds decorated in the same style make the site look more neat and presentable;
  • the sides of containers and enclosing structures prevent the plants from “spreading” across the territory;
  • fences perform a protective function, protecting fragile plants from domestic animals.

Old things, long served, but carefully stored in the pantry or garage, can get a second life, becoming the original functional element of landscape design.

Fences and flowerbeds allow you to give the territory a more complete and more harmonious look.

Original flower beds made from waste material

Reviewing our stocks of “necessary things” we find a set of old rubber.

Flowerbeds made of tires, decorated with curly notched edges and decorated in an interesting color combination, despite the simplicity of manufacture in the finished form look very impressive

Decorating a flower garden, you can take ready-made options for arranging a flowerbed using the old tire, but it’s much more interesting to come up with unusual design elements yourself.

An old kitchen utensil can also play the role of an unusual flowerbed: an obsolete kettle, a sooty pot, a leaky pan

To transform the old kettle into a miniature flowerbed for primroses, it is enough to paint the product in a suitable color and paste over with colorful pebbles using hot melt adhesive. A combination of stone applications with decoupage technique looks harmonious

You can also create original flowerbeds with your own hands from old shoes and boots. In each family there are several pairs of old shoes that no one has been wearing for a long time, but throwing out a hand does not rise.

There is a place under improvised flower pots, turned by skillful hands from old leaky rubber boots, in any corner of the site

Amusing flower pots attached to the fence, steps or porch will enliven the interior and give an excellent mood to both the owners and guests. The main advantage of such a mini-flowerbed from old shoes is mobility: it is easy to move around the site, thereby reviving the most dull corners of the garden.

It is difficult to walk, without smiling, past such a shoe or shoe, which is decorated with a shock of fresh greenery dotted with miniature variegated flowers

To turn an old shoe into a garden container, it is enough to drill a product in several places just above the sole with a knife. Slots are necessary to ensure adequate drainage. For the same purpose, gravel, clay fragments, wood chips that fill the bottom of the boot can be used. The remaining interior space of the product is densely filled with soil mixture. Also, some useful tips we can draw on this video:

For landing in such improvised containers, petunias, geraniums, pansies, fuchsias and other unpretentious flowering plants are perfect.

Garden containers made of old furniture

Creating flower beds from improvised materials is a fascinating process that allows you to turn any old thing that has long become rubbish into a piece of art.

An old chair can become not only an unusual design element, but also a functional design for a small flowering flower bed

A flower arrangement for decorating such a flower bed can be made up of either short flowers or tall perennials. It will be convenient to place a mobile flowerbed in any zone of the site, and if you wish to change the interior, move it to any corner of the garden. To give the structure more stability, it is advisable to tie the chair to the armature inserted into the ground or partially dig it into the ground.

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If you wish, you can even attach an old grandmother's bed, transforming it into a base for a chic flower garden.

To equip the flowerbed, the metal bed must be painted in the desired color and dug into the ground so that the legs are completely submerged, and only the side backs remain on the surface

You can fill the flower bed with both flowering and decorative leafy ground cover plants. Closer to the headboard, it is advisable to plant curly flowers, whose stems will braid a metal support, giving the flowerbed a special picturesque.

A darkened wooden bedside table can also find application in the capable hands of a creative master. To create an original planter, both the worktop itself and the side drawers are used

Before filling the containers with a layer of earth, it is advisable to cover them with spanbond or polyethylene, fixing the material with a construction stapler.

Processing the wooden surface of the product with special protective compounds will significantly extend the life of the structure.

Unusual use for old vehicles

To give the old bike more decorative, it is advisable to paint it with spray paint, and then attach a couple of wicker baskets to it.

An original mobile flower garden can be made using an old bicycle. This arrangement of flower beds can significantly save space on the site for planting other plants

Containers with flowers can be installed on the front wheel, frame or rear trunk, turning a regular bike into a real installation of floral arrangements

When painting, the bike can be fixed in an upright position using a metal pin driven into the ground.

An old boat, a boat or a kayak, which previously plowed the expanses of water, and now sank on an emerald lawn and fragrant with flowers, will become a bright accent of the design of any suburban area.

It is easy to turn a disused little boat into an improvised planter by filling it with a layer of soil and planting miniature bushes dotted with variegated flowers

No less interesting are boats decorated with many pots with flowering plants

The design option of the flower garden with potted cultures allows you to change the composition of plants depending on the mood and season.

The flowerbed in the old boat looks harmonious in the area bordering the pond; then the flower arrangement combines two elements - the garden flora and water.

In the hands of a craftsman, even old cars can find a new life.

To equip the flower garden from the car, it is necessary to remove the engine and all things from the trunk, then fill it with a layer of soil so that at least 20 cm is left to the edges. For planting in the flower garden, climbing plants that quickly braid the surface, and ground covers, creating a solid flowering carpet, are better suited.

When decorating the flowerbed, both smooth transitions from one tone to another and contrasting color combinations look interesting

For the arrangement of flower beds, you can use any improvised materials that harmoniously combine with flowers growing on the site. The only condition is to correctly select the ratio of the elements so that the created flowerbed becomes a stylish frame for a beautiful well-groomed flower garden.

Ideas for creating unusual flower beds in the video


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