Popular pumpkin varieties from A to Z

Pumpkin is perhaps one of the most amazing garden plants. An amazing variety of shapes, colors and sizes is a surprise to this natural wonder. There is something genuinely alive in it, attractive and at the same time frightening, not for nothing that pumpkin is one of the indispensable attributes of Halloween.

About pumpkin classification

In order not to get confused in the great variety of pumpkin varieties, it is useful to know that the whole family of pumpkin plants is divided into types:

  • large-fruited;
  • nutmeg;
  • hardcore.

In turn, the hard-core view includes:

  • pumpkin itself;
  • zucchini;
  • squash.

The name of each species accurately characterizes its feature.

The classification of pumpkin plants was laid by K. Linnaeus in 1762. To date, about 800 varieties and hybrids of pumpkin are known.

Well, from the point of view of the gardener, it is more convenient to follow not a scientific classification, but an applied one.

Usually, when choosing a pumpkin variety for a garden, attention is drawn to the following:

  • it is a table variety, decorative or fodder;
  • ripening period;
  • with long lashes or compact, bush;
  • fruit size;
  • characteristic external features: surface and pulp color, seed condition.

Popular varieties of pumpkin

According to the listed characteristics, tables are given in which the popular pumpkin varieties are presented alphabetically. The tables will help you make the right choice of variety according to what you want to get from the fruit.

Features of pumpkin varieties, table 1

VarietiesViewThe purpose of the fetusCompact bushRipening periodWeight of pumpkin, kgSurface color and conditionColor and quality of pulpSunflower seedsFeatures
AcornHardcoreTableBoth bush and long lashesEarly ripening, 85–90 daysup to 1.5Yellow, black, green, white. Segmented.Light yellow not sweetIn the shellThe shape of a pumpkin resembles an acorn
ButternutNutmegTableAverageEarly ripening1–1.2Yellow, smoothBright orange, juicy but fibrousIn the shellPumpkin shape resembles zucchini
FreckleHardcoreTableBushEarly ripening0.6-3.1Green with whitish accentsOrange, juicy with pear flavorIn the shellIt can be grown in the Urals, in Siberia, in the Far East
VitaminNutmegTableLong lashes, up to 6 metersLate ripening, 125–131 days5.1-7.1Orange with green framesBright orange, even red, sweet or slightly sweetIn the shellDue to its high carotene content, it is recommended for dieters and children.
Volga gray 92Large-fruitedUniversalLong lashes, up to 8 metersMid-season, 102–121 days6.3–9Light or greenish gray, no patternYellow or cream, medium flavorIn the shell, largeGood drought tolerance
Gleisdorfer YolkerbisHardcoreTableWickerMid-season3.3–4.3Yellow, smoothNot sweetGymnosperms
Mushroom bush 189HardcoreTableBushEarly ripening, 86–98 days2.2-4.7Light orange with green or black stripes with spotsDark yellow, light orange, good tasteIn the shell
DanaeHardcoreTableStrongly braidedMid-season5.1-7.1OrangeLight yellow, starchyGymnosperms
MelonNutmegTableStrongly braidedMid earlyup to 25-30BananaDark orange. Taste and aroma of melonIn the shellRecommended for children.

Favorite from the table: Acorn variety

The variety appeared recently, but is already popular. And there is a reason. Regardless of the color of the bark, pumpkin-acorns are great for frying in a pan or grill, the taste can not but like.

Acorn care is standard: planting according to the scheme of 70x70 cm, fertilizing during planting, pouring warm water. Ripens on 85–90 days after planting.

Favorite from the table: butternut variety

A little knowledgeable English will guess that this pumpkin has something to do with butter and nuts. And it will be right: its pulp has a nutty flavor with an oily aftertaste. Many pumpkin lovers like this.

It is preferable to grow it through seedlings, and when leaving it is necessary to pay special attention to watering and cultivation - Butternat loves good breathable soil.

Varieties of pumpkins, photo gallery 1

Acorn surprises with a variety of color bark

Butternut shape is pear-shaped

Pumpkin Freckle is grown in many regions of Russia

Vitamin recommended for diet

Volga gray 92 goes to livestock feed

Gleisdorfer Yolkerbis is grown mainly on seeds

Mushroom bush 189 - very tasty pumpkin

Danae Pumpkin - gymnosperm

Children will not refuse from Melon

Grade Reviews

Pumpkin Acorn white Cucurbita pepo. Bush, fruitful. A pumpkin that can replace potatoes! Therefore, it must be cooked according to potato, not pumpkin recipes.

Gulnara, Khabarovsk

... decided on an experiment, planted several varieties of pumpkins in his country house, including butternut (peanut butter). Agricultural technology a little surprised, compared with other pumpkins, it grew 4 meters in length and 2 in width, such a piece of the garden all in the leaves, nowhere to go. It is also interesting that she has male flowers at the beginning of the lash, and female flowers at the end, so if you cut the flowers, you can not wait.


Last year I bought (and raised) Freckle, seeds from Gavrish, it was very much, the taste is not ah and the skin is very thick, not like not being cut, not cut and very similar to the Amazon in my face.


Vitamin: I eat it only in raw form. It has an amazing aroma - something between a pumpkin and a watermelon.


About pumpkin Volga gray 92. Very juicy. We cut the pumpkin three weeks after being removed from the garden. Thick peel well and for a long time this fruit protects both from external influences and from drying out. It's hard to call it sweet. Sugar is not felt in it.


O Gleisdorfer Jölkerbis: pumpkins quickly went up, ahead of all their domestic relatives and filling up allotted space with their powerful foliage. Of the three planted seeds, 15 pumpkins averaged 5 kg each.


The next season I bought Gribovskaya Bush 189. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but her seller advised me. ... Gribovskaya Bush - tasteless, fodder.


About Melon: regarding taste, did not notice the taste of melon. The color of the pulp is orange, it tastes sweet, very tasty. Grows large, it all depends on the soil. Harvest.

Nina Trutieva

I sowed the gymnospermous Danae in 2012. It has also read conflicting reviews here. Planted .... You don't need to count on delicious pulp. I couldn’t eat it. Spoiled with sweet and tasty. I ate the seeds.

Katia iz Kieva

Features of pumpkin varieties, table 2

VarietiesViewThe purpose of the fetusCompact bushRipening periodWeight of pumpkin, kgSurface color and conditionColor and quality of pulpSunflower seedsFeatures
CinderellaLarge-fruitedTablePowerful lashesMid-seasonto 10Smooth, slightly segmentedCream, not fibrousIn the shell
PearlNutmegTablePowerful lashesMid-late2.5–5.5Orange with orange spots and fine meshOrange with a red tint, crispy, juicyIn the shellGood drought tolerance
SweetieLarge-fruitedTableWickerMid-season1.2–2.8Dark red with green spotsRed-orange, dense, juicyIn the shell
BabyLarge-fruitedTableMedium braidedAverage 110–118 days2.5–3Light gray, smoothBright orange, dense, sweetIn the shellJuicy
LelHard barkUniversalBushEarly ripening, 90 days4Pale orangeOrange, medium sweetIn the shell
MedicalLarge-fruitedTableShort-hairedEarly ripe3-5.5Light grayOrange, sweet, juicyIn the shellResistance to low temperatures
BabyLarge-fruitedTableBushEarly ripe1.4–4Dark gray with bright spots.Orange, medium juiciness and sweetsIn the shell
Paris GoldLarge-fruitedUniversalWickerEarly ripe3, 5-9Cream with yellow spotsOrange, juicy, medium sweetIn the shell
PrikubanskayaNutmegUniversalMedium braidedMid-season 91–136 days2.3-4.6Orange-brown, cylindricalRed-orange, tender, juicyIn the shell

Favorite from the table: Pearl variety

Pearl - the most popular pumpkin of nutmeg varieties among summer residents of Russia. It does not have any characteristic feature distinguishing it from a number of other nutmeg varieties, but there is a consistently high yield.

That must be why she was so loved.

Favorite from the table: variety Medical

Despite the boring hospital name, the pumpkin is wonderful. She has a juicy sweet pulp, you can eat it like a watermelon, without doing culinary delights.

And it is better than many other varieties tolerates cold, resistant to powdery mildew, well stored.

Varieties of pumpkins, photo gallery 2

Cinderella - a typical representative of large-fruited pumpkin

Pearl is not afraid of drought

Sweetie has a very beautiful pulp

Pumpkin Baby is not so small

Lel likes cattle more, people do not really

Therapeutic is good and raw

Baby is like a black woman among her brothers

Paris gold has a large variation in fruit weight

The tender pulp of Prikubanskaya gave it the name Muscat

Grade Reviews

I plant different varieties. But I won’t put Cinderella anymore. Great pumpkin, but sooo big, 10-12 kilograms grows.


Pumpkin Candy, a large-fruited species, was planted for two years. This is the sweetest pumpkin I've tried, you can easily eat it all raw, especially since the pumpkins are small, I have everything about 1 kg.


Today I want to talk about the pumpkin variety "Baby". I got 3-4 huge bushes from which I got about 10 small (from 2 to 4 kg) pumpkins.


Lel: There are the best varieties to taste, but there is no equal to this variety, so we eat gagbuzovy porridge until spring ... The bark is really thick, you have to chop it with an hatchet.

Vasily Kulik, Nikiforovs

About Medical: the real one, as I understand it, should be with a gray bark, this is exactly what grows out of the Gavrishevsky packages according to the reviews of those who planted them. This year I planted the Healing from the seeds of RO - the green ones grew almost the same in color as the pumpkins I got this summer.

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As a result, Baby gave me 17 kg from the bush. The largest is 7kg, then 6kg and 4 kg.

Oksana Shapovalova

And the Parisian pumpkin is golden. All seeds are dense, gone for dessert. The pumpkin is sweet, you can even eat it in a salad.


Prikubanskaya: pear-shaped pumpkin with a predominant amount of pulp (and not seeds).


Features of pumpkin varieties, table 3

VarietiesViewThe purpose of the fetusCompact bushRipening periodWeight of pumpkin, kgSurface color and conditionColor and quality of pulpSunflower seedsFeatures
Russian womanLarge-fruitedUniversalMedium braidedEarly ripe1.2–1.9Orange, smooth, chalmoid formBright orange, sweet, fragrantIn the shellNon-juicy pulp, resistant to low temperatures
Rouge Vif de TampLarge-fruitedTableMedium braidedMedium late, 110–115 days5–8Red-orange, flattenedOrange sweetIn the shellPumpkins are the same size. Recommended for baby food
One hundred poundLarge-fruitedSternLong-toedMedium late, 112–138 days10–20 and morePink, yellow, gray, smooth, spherical shapeCream and yellow, not sweetIn the shell
CrumpetNutmegTableMedium braidedLate ripening7Greenish, segmentedBright orange sweetIn the shellHybrid F1
Sweet chestnutNutmegTableMedium braidedMid-season0.5–0.7GreenThick, starchyIn the shellHybrid F1
SmileLarge-fruitedUniversalBushEarly ripening, 85 days0.7–1Bright orange with white stripes.Bright orange, sweet, with a melon aromaIn the shellJuicy
HokkaidoNutmegTableMedium braidedEarly ripening, 90-105 days0.8–2.5Orange, shaped like a bulbSweet, with a chestnut-nut flavorIn the shell
JunoHard barkTableWickerEarly ripe3-4Orange with stripesGood tasteGymnosperms
AmberNutmegUniversalLong-toedMid-season2.5-6.8Wax Orange BrownTasty, crunchy, juicy orangeIn the shell

Favorite from the table: variety Rossiyanka

A variety that does not require careful maintenance. This variety can be identified by the original wolf-shaped pumpkin shape and its bright color.

The pulp is also bright, fragrant.

Pumpkin care is standard, 3-4 weeks before picking a pumpkin from a watering bush, you must stop it, otherwise the pumpkin will not be stored for a long time.

Favorite from the table: Variety Butter cake

According to many gardeners, Buttercup is the most delicious late pumpkin variety. It has a high sugar content, the pulp is very beautiful.

Very fond of well-fertilized soil and warm.

Varieties of pumpkins, photo gallery 3

The flesh of Russians is sweet but not juicy

Rouge Vif de Tamp has pumpkins aligned in size

Hundred-pound pumpkin is huge and beautiful in appearance, but the internal content is for livestock

Butter cake - yummy

The sweet chestnut got its name because of the chestnut aftertaste of the pulp

The smile is beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside

Hokkaido Japanese pumpkin as a big Christmas tree toy

Juno, in addition to naked seeds, boasts tasty pulp

Grade Reviews

I specifically weighed every pumpkin (Russian woman). The packaging read the information. that the weight of pumpkins ranges from 1.9-4.0 kg. My smallest weighed 1.7 kg, the largest - 3.5 kg. Honestly, the weight of one pumpkin is very convenient.


Rouge Vif de Tamp: very delicate, odorless pumpkin. It cooks very fast. They made juice out of it — delicious. Pluses: The most delicious pumpkin I've ever tried. Minuses: no


One hundred pounds grows if you leave 1 ovary + proper agricultural technology + fertilizing + a lot of sun and heat. In general, all large pumpkins are grown for livestock feed, because they do not have improved palatability.


Butter cake is my favorite variety. I grow 5 years. And always with the harvest. The variety is early because one of the first to tie fruit. 2-3 pumpkins 5-6 kg each grow. Very sweet, more suitable for desserts, cereals, juice and tasty in raw form.


Slaughtered Sweet Chestnut. Ripened, dark brown meat, smells like pumpkin, really sweet with a nutty flavor. Not for nothing that her mice came to gnaw. But! She has a bulletproof hide and the seed chamber is huge. With 3 pumpkins, the meat was barely scraped into pancakes.


My favorite variety is the Smile pumpkin, I have not been unfaithful to him for many years. The pumpkin is ripe, high-yielding, on one lash 5-7 pumpkins ripen. Fruits are small, 0.5–2 kg, which is very convenient to use, round, bright orange, sweet, fragrant, well stored until spring.


Source: //7dach.ru/vera1443/tykva-ulybka-94186.html

Let us dwell on this. After all, as my beloved Kozma Prutkov noted, “No one will embrace the immense.”

However, as he does not hug the record-breaking pumpkin grown in Switzerland in 2014. When weighed, she pulled 1056 kg.

Record-breaking pumpkin and its owner

Useful information about a variety of pumpkin varieties, video

Exotic Pumpkin Varieties

Varieties of pumpkins are so diverse that they provide a huge scope for fantasy lovers of wonders.

Want a black-skinned pumpkin? - you are welcome! To the already mentioned Ankorn, you can add the Japanese Black Kotcha: medium-late with very sweet flesh.

Japanese Kotcha will be good in soups, salads, cereals

Do you want bottles hanging from trees? - Choose from a variety of varieties of lagenaria.

Some varieties of lagenaria are edible, but mainly used for decorative purposes.

Tired of rough pumpkin leaves? - Then plant a foliage squash (phycephaly), with black seeds like watermelon and leaves like figs (figs).

They say that the fruits of phycephaly are stored up to 3 years!

Well, small decorative varieties are simply irresistible. If you find on sale a bag of a mixture of decorative pumpkins, buy, you will not regret it. And what pumpkins may appear in this bag, see.

Decorative pumpkins, photo gallery

Little Red Riding Hood - like mushrooms

Baby boo pumpkins as tender as baby skin

Little two-tone - a big miracle

Small two-tone striped

Little warty

Crooket - why not chicks in the nest?

Pumpkin assortment

And what kind of compositions can be made from the crop you have grown - it all depends on the gardener's imagination.

What can be made from pumpkins, photo gallery

If the crop is a success

Autumn Still Life

Hello it's me

Simple and beautiful

A little personal about pumpkin

I admit that the author treats pumpkin in a special way, distinguishes it from other vegetables. Maybe everything stretches from youth when the lines from the poem of the undeservedly forgotten poet Leonid Lavrov were read and remembered:

To my tense ear

gets from the garden

cucumber shaggy rustle,

like a leather crunch of cabbage

and the rustling of creeping pumpkins ...

L. Lavrov

Of the three books, M., Soviet writer, 1966

But indeed, long lashes of pumpkins, making their way through the beds, make a rustling sound, especially at night in dry weather, listen.

The Parisian Golden Pumpkin tried to crawl from me to the neighboring beds and grabbed everyone who tried to stop it by its whips by its lashes.

A miracle hung proudly from the compost pile and demanded support under its pumpkins. By the way, he made a compost heap in three sections (the 1st year of compost laying, the 2nd year of ripening and the 3rd year of use). So, I always have a two-year-old bunch with luxurious pumpkins, and the leaves of pumpkin bushes protect the bunch from drying out.

And of your favorite pumpkin dishes - grated raw pulp with cranberries and a little sugar.

What makes a pumpkin good is its unpretentiousness. Therefore, choose your favorite variety, follow the simple instructions for caring for it and you will have pumpkin happiness.


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