Polycarbonate Pergolas

Just one successful experiment, and in due time the world got durable transparent polycarbonate. In what sphere is it not used! Starting with medicine and ending, of course, with a modern building design. And especially beautiful and airy from this material small architectural forms are obtained.

Indeed, unlike other materials, such polycarbonate can be bent in almost any shape, in any shape, mounted on the most fragile frames - and all thanks to its flexibility and low weight. That is why a gazebo made of modern polycarbonate does not need either a foundation or strong supports, and you can install it even on the most restless ground.

Modern arbors made of polycarbonate are built both compact, small in size and spacious. And sometimes also mobile, so that, if necessary, they can be moved to any other place. But the most pleasant news is that such arbors remain aesthetic even in winter. Unlike glass, modern polycarbonate is much stronger and lighter, and therefore it is fashionable to build arbor walls from it. Inside, it turns out to be bright and comfortable, and also warm.

As for the style, in modern landscape design it is trendy to install arbors with polycarbonate in white, blue, raspberry, bronze and dark. Just create a ready-made sketch of the gazebo first, or select one in our photo album, and it will not be difficult to get the right piece of polycarbonate - many companies are doing this today. In addition, this material is easy to cut right on the spot. See how stylish, elegant and lightweight arbors from this material turn out:

The gazebo is a real work of art: a black metal frame with forged parts and a roof curved in the form of an umbrella with transparent smoky polycarbonate.

Bright, cheerful gazebo with a red polycarbonate arched roof and wrought iron elements in the style of postmodernism. A real decoration for any site.

Bright, cheerful gazebo made of red polycarbonate for a wonderful mood in any weather!

Trendy lemon gazebo with a polycarbonate roof, metal stands and wooden benches. Everything else and mobile!

Gray gazebo cabin made of metal wooden elements and a roof made of curved honeycomb polycarbonate. Such a gazebo remarkably saves in bad weather, and you can put it in any corner of the garden.

Romantic arbor of delicate blue color with polycarbonate walls. The cool shades of the design are enlivened by the glare from the stove fire while cooking barbecue. Tricky move!

A light miniature gazebo with a blue polycarbonate roof on thin racks that completely does not admire the surrounding nature. Such arbors are placed in the most favorable places in the garden.

A miniature arbor made of dark polycarbonate, attached to the house. It is indispensable in terms of salvation from the sultry heat and prying neighbor's eyes. An excellent solution for private conversations and morning coffee!

A futuristic arbor in the form of a dome made of metal and polycarbonate, with white garden furniture and bright blue accessories. True connoisseurs of hi-tech will like it.

Slender metal gazebo-umbrella made of white polycarbonate for small talk. These usually put several pieces at once, reviving a standard garden, in which there are few flower beds and decorative elements.

Ash gazebo with a rounded polycarbonate roof and sophisticated wrought iron elements. A light hint of a romantic French style is clearly read.

A compact polycarbonate arbor of hi-tech extraordinary shape for two to four people, where a wonderful mood in any weather will reign.

Bright gazebo for the home pool: warm, comfortable and open from the most favorable side. To put such a one is not difficult, but there are many benefits: protection from dirt and leaves carried by the wind, a pleasant shadow and a sense of comfort.

An unusual gazebo with an arched entrance and bright blue polycarbonate instead of glass. Such a solution saves from the monotony of such buildings and favorably sets the gazebo against the background of the entire garden.

A metal high gazebo with a shed roof made of polycarbonate, which creates a separate cozy zone in the corner of the garden. Polycarbonate creates a soft, diffused light that is especially pleasing to the eye.

Chic polycarbonate gazebo on a metal frame in the best architectural traditions. Unusual, beautiful and ideal for a particularly solemn atmosphere.

Arbor of incredible size for a whole mini-garden under one roof. Everything else and unusual shape!

Arbor made of polycarbonate of unusual shape: on one side the curved sheet touches the ground, and the other does not.

Pergolas made of cellular polycarbonate in an unusual style and complex architecture. Made on a metal frame.

Stylish corrugated polycarbonate canopy on a wooden frame. Very durable, in trendy eco-style.

Particularly spectacular from polycarbonate are light arbors, canopies, because the roof of this material can be made of almost any width. And the choice of absolutely transparent or tinted polycarbonate is always determined by how comfortable such an arbor will be.

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So, transparent polycarbonate practically does not create a barrier to sunlight, but at the same time actively protects vacationers from UV rays - and all thanks to a special protective film. But tinted polycarbonate not only looks bright and unusual against the background of any garden, but also creates the right atmosphere, adding some kind of joyful shade to the sun's rays. And finally, matte and cellular polycarbonate scatter the sun's rays perfectly, turning them into a soft, eye-friendly color.

We also note that thanks to polycarbonate alone, a new type of garden gazebos appeared - arched, where the roof and walls are a single whole. In appearance they resemble a carousel booth from an attraction and consist, in fact, only of a closed whole sheet of colored polycarbonate. The design is simple to genius! And against the backdrop of a large garden, they look like huge flowers, bright and laconic dots for which the eye immediately clings. And all thanks to the fact that polycarbonate is easy to cut into the necessary parts and it is available in a large color scheme.

That is why modern landscape designers use it in many style decisions - mostly modern ones like minimalism, high-tech, pop art and futurism. In a word, wherever bright colors or transparent elements are welcomed. And specifically in the gazebos, modern polycarbonate has replaced the traditional wooden trellis, which for a long time has been largely not used for its intended purpose (plants do not creep on them), but simply scatter sunlight.

But polycarbonate walls allow you to avoid monotony and easily place accents on the interior and exterior of the gazebo. And to everything, polycarbonate is "friendly" with any material: stone, brick, wood, metal and plastic. Caring for such a gazebo is simple as it is, because it is not afraid of either corrosion, rust, or a bark beetle bug.

And finally, polycarbonate gazebos are the only small architectural forms in which modern plastic furniture does not look alien!


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