Planting marigolds on seedlings - when and how?

Variegated flowers, which are so popular among gardeners, are also known under the names of Tagetes or Chernobrivtsi. Planting marigolds on seedlings allows you to create beautiful compositions in the garden at the beginning of summer. The plant will not only decorate your patio, but can also be used as a medicine.

Why are they so popular with gardeners

Marigolds - unpretentious flowers, pleasing with bright shades and long flowering

There are several reasons why marigolds are so loved by gardeners and budding gardeners:

  1. Flowers belong to herbaceous plants, and their species number more than 30. All varieties are very unpretentious in care. They grow quickly and can withstand long periods without watering.
  2. Although the plant propagates by seed, it is best to grow seedlings. If there is no way to do it yourself, you can buy seedlings in a flower shop or purchase seeds and try to sow flowers.
  3. It can be grown both at home and in open ground. Landing is carried out in early spring, when the air in the street warms up to + 18 ° C.
  4. Low cost of seeds of different types. Even exquisite varieties with beautiful flowers are inexpensive.
  5. The bright color of the plant, as well as a strong specific smell, which helps to get rid of garden pests.

Many people love these flowers for their colorful color and long flowering. They decorate flowerbeds and alleys in city parks.

Marigold planting for seedlings in 2018

Choose varieties to your taste, but consider the basics of color when creating flower beds

Before planting them, remember that in each region, landing occurs at different times. An experienced gardener can determine the dates individually, based on weather conditions and their own knowledge. If it is not possible to find out this information, it is better to consult a professional or consult the seller in a flower shop.

Planting directly depends on the age of seedlings. Seedlings aged 1.5–2 months can be planted in open ground.

Care must be taken to ensure that at the time of landing in your region the frost stops. Usually this is the end of May - the beginning of June. If you decide to plant flowers earlier, it is worth making shelter for them.

Planting also depends on the variety of marigolds, because some bloom earlier, some a little later. The appearance of the first sprouts occurs 1.5–2 months after the seeds were sown.

Usually planting this plant for seedlings begins in March and is carried out until the first decade of April. Those who want flowers to appear in early summer plant seedlings in late January or early February. But you need to consider the fact that seedlings will require additional lighting at this time of year.

Using the lunar calendar

Seedlings can be planted in any container: in cassettes, containers, even cups

Based on the advice of the lunar calendar, you can successfully plant seedlings and grow beautiful flowers. Many gardeners and florists use his data to improve crops.

According to the lunar calendar of 2018, it is recommended to plant seeds on such favorable days:

  • January: from 12 to 16, from 22 to 30;
  • February: from 12 to 14, 26 to 27;
  • March: from 12 to 15, from 22 to 26;
  • April: from 9 to 11 and from 15 to 17.

If seedlings were planted in early February, planting in the ground can be done at the end of March, but remember the protective film, since at that time there may still be frosts.

There are also unfavorable days. Experienced gardeners say that at this time you should not plant plants, as there is a risk of losing marigolds. In February 2018, there are two unfavorable days: 11 and 24. In March it is 1, 11 and 28. In April, it is worth refraining from landing during such periods: from 1 to 3.04, as well as on April 24 and 25.

It is very important to plant plants during the growing moon, or immediately after the new moon.

When to plant in different regions: table

Region NameLanding date
Moscow regionFrom May 18–25 to June 5–7
KubanFrom May 18–25 to June 5–7
Leningrad regionFrom May 28 to June 7–10
UralFrom June 1 to June 12
SiberiaFrom June 1–5 to June 10–15

Do not be afraid to shift the dates of planting marigolds for 1-2 weeks. They still grow well, but will bloom a few weeks later.

Focus on a stable temperature when planting in open ground

If you plant seedlings in May, it is advisable to use a film to protect the sprouts, as well as carefully and regularly water and fertilize the plants.

  • First of all, direct-resistant marigolds are sown. It is recommended to do this in late March and early April. Before disembarking, it is also worth checking the temperature of the soil and using a protective film for the first weeks;
  • Undersized can be sown only after two to three weeks. Such varieties also require additional protection;
  • If you sow flowers in May, the plants will bloom by mid-summer and will delight the eye much longer than those that were planted in March. This is important for those who want to enjoy magnificent bloom all summer ;
  • Make sure that the soil during planting was not lower than + 15 ° C.

This is useful! On the same days, you can plant such flowers: hyacinths, asters, peonies, irises and tulips. Before planting, it is advisable to well weed the soil so that the earth is loose. Additionally, peat and fertilizers can be used.

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How to sow seeds: planting methods

It only seems that marigolds are monotonous flowers like weeds, in fact they have many varieties and colors!

Future plants directly depend on whether the seedlings were planted correctly. Strong sprouts will be obtained only when all planting measures are followed, quality material is used.

Seedlings can be grown in a box, an elongated peat pot, in a container or in peat tablets. If cultivation takes place in common containers, a pick is required. If sown in separate pots, an intermediate transplant can be omitted.

If you grow several varieties at the same time, it is worth making the necessary inscriptions on the container. Also, holes must be on it so that excess water can leave. And in each box you need to cover the bottom with paper and pour a layer of drainage, which should occupy 2-3 cm in height.

Suitable for drainage:

  • Expanded clay;
  • Coarse sand;
  • Rubble;
  • Perlite;
  • There are also many synthetic fillers that are suitable as drainage.

Most often, seedlings are sown in plastic cups or cassettes. Soil is better to choose neutral. Garden soil mixed with a small amount of sand and peat is excellent.

If there is no experience in mixing different soil, you can buy the mixture in finished form by choosing the low acidity option (it is suitable for indoor and garden plants).

Seedlings can be grown without land, in rolls or on toilet paper

You can grow seedlings without land. This is a completely new method that allows you to save space and get great seedlings. To do this, we need a plastic film on which a strip of toilet paper rests on top. After which it should be sprinkled with water and put the seeds. From above it is necessary to put one more bowl of toilet paper and 2 sheets of polyethylene. Fold everything into a roll and put in a separate cup or pot.

Next add water. This should be done carefully, and the amount of liquid should be at the level of 3-4 centimeters. The whole system can be kept on the windowsill or put in a warm place. The first sprouts appear after about a week. With this cultivation, do not forget about changing the water. This should be done at least once a week, after which pour fresh water.

At an early stage of development, marigolds are susceptible to a disease called the black leg. To prevent the occurrence of this ailment, you need to use a solution of a fungicidal preparation or ordinary potassium permanganate. It is potassium permanganate that you can wipe the container into which the seedling is planned to be planted. This method of protection will prevent the emergence of bacteria and various diseases.

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Step-by-step instructions for planting seedlings

Make a mark on the date of planting flowers, so it will be easier to control germination

  1. Before sowing in the ground, it is necessary to make small furrows 1 cm deep. In the same recesses, it is necessary to lay out the seeds. The distance between them should be at least 2 cm (marigolds grow quite strongly, and therefore this should be taken into account when planting on seedlings).
  2. After the seeds are covered, you need to even the furrows.
  3. Pour over water. After this, containers with seedlings must be placed on the windowsill so that there is enough light.
  4. Marigolds love loose soil rich in nutrients. For good seedling growth, you can prepare such a mixture: fertile soil, peat, humus, river sand. Coconut fiber can be used for drainage.

Special attention should be paid to seed preparation. To germinate better, they need to be moistened with water. Keep in paper dipped in water for about 3 days. After planting in the ground, you can cover the container with glass or plastic wrap.

How to sow marigolds on seedlings - video

Proper care when growing

Determine the optimal distance, taking into account the height of other plants in the flowerbed

After the seeds have been planted for seedlings, it is worth putting the container in a warm and bright place. It is advisable that the room temperature be at least + 22 ° C. If the seeds are of good quality, and the planting is done correctly, the first sprouts can be seen in 2-3 days. After you begin to notice the appearance of the first sprouts, you can reduce the temperature in the room to + 18 ° C.

Do not be afraid that you did not water the plant on time. These flowers are very unpretentious and can be without water for several days.

After two weeks, you can start fertilizing them. If you notice that several leaflets have already appeared, you need to dive and transplant the sprouts into separate cups.

Leaving consists in the correct dive. Low-growing varieties are planted closer to each other, tall - further.

There is no special care for the seedlings, you just need to monitor the temperature in the room, water on time and dive, so that the plant continues to grow and strengthen.

There are also several basic rules for care:

  • Old inflorescences need to be removed after withering - this will allow the plant to bloom better;
  • You can transplant at any age;
  • If the land is good, you can not use additional fertilizers in the cultivation.

Important! If seed planting occurred early (March-April), you need to use additional lighting to increase daylight hours to 15 hours. This is especially necessary for decorative varieties.

Marigolds can be grown on the windowsill, and its flowering will delight you for 2-3 months. To admire the flowers for a long time, you should pay great attention to the choice of seedlings, planting in the ground and proper care. Planting seedlings at the right time, based on the opinion of gardeners and the lunar calendar, you can grow any variety of marigolds.


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