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How to make a mini pond from a tire at a summer cottage: a selection of ideas and a master class

The idea to build an artificial reservoir in the country comes to the minds of many landowners. Undoubtedly, such a source of coolness and positive emotions will delight not only the owner himself, but also his guests, becoming a real highlight of the landscape. The mere look of a smooth surface helps a person to relax, tune in to the lyrical way, and causes inspiration

Wooden deck platforms for a country house: we equip the flooring on the site

Owners of suburban areas, characterized by a complex shape of the relief, trying to equip the territory as comfortably as possible, often choose wooden deck platforms. Wooden floorings raised above the ground can not only expand the space in front of the house, but also help to “master” a site that is unsuitable at first glance for use. Wh

Living pictures in vertical gardening: plant selection rules and planting technology

Each owner equips the site so that its design is unique, different from the neighboring ones. Therefore, non-standard methods of decoration are used, with which greening not only horizontal space, but also vertical. Creative summer residents cover the ugly walls of farm buildings with an green decor, the old fence and even manage to create a barrier from plants for the prying eyes of neighbors

Artificial creek in the country: from planning to shore design

Not every summer resident can boast of a natural pond in a personal plot. At best, this is a small pond decorated with improvised materials. We propose to make a stream - flowing, gurgling and sparkling under the rays of the summer sun. Agree that the dynamics of moving water among stones and greenery completely changes the landscape picture, more precisely, turns it into a real living corner of nature

Master classes: we build a round garden bench and a table around a tree

Improvement of the landscape is not one day. In addition to the construction of the main buildings and the arrangement of the garden, you always want to highlight a place for relaxation, where you can enjoy unity with nature. And the main element of such a cozy corner in the open air will certainly be garden furniture

Moss Garden: the secrets of creating decorative green masterpieces at your dacha

Moss is an inhabitant of humid and shaded forests, so we rarely encounter it in life and know little about this amazing plant. In fact, once upon a time he could replace a medical bandage and show the way to lost mushroom pickers. Adherents of environmentally friendly housing still use dried plants to insulate their homes

Photos of the best ideas of stone garden paths

Stone garden paths are one of the interesting solutions for the original design, a simple and at the same time effective addition to your buildings, which can emphasize and highlight the individuality of the territory. Why choose a stone to create tracks The paths paved with stone have a lot of useful functions: allow you to comfortably move around the garden and courtyard, perfectly zoned create a unique decor of your site

Ideas for decorating a summer cottage: we learn to use waste and old rubbish

Original landscape decorations are always very expensive if you buy them in stores or order from skilled craftsmen. Having shown imagination and having applied a little work, it is possible to independently create unbanal decor. It will not cost a dime. Moreover, you finally get rid of unnecessary things and recycle the remnants of building materials after repair

Relish, Lutenitsa and 8 more unusual sauces that can be prepared for the winter

It's nice when in order to enjoy a delicious dinner in the winter, you do not need to stand at the stove for a long time. It is enough to pre-cook pre-filled hearty sauces and store them in the refrigerator. To the vegetable base, it remains only to boil the side dish. Here are 10 unusual sauces that are easy to prepare for the winter

We equip the playground for children with things from improvised materials: top 5 unusual ideas

Do you want to diversify your children's vacation by turning improvised tools into a field for creativity? Then use in the arrangement of the playground and the manufacture of gaming equipment, household equipment that has expired and has not found use in the household natural materials. Be sure that the playground created by your hands will always be filled with laughter and sonorous voices of children playing on it

5 ideas on what can be done with fading rose petals

So much can be made of fading roses. They do not lose their aroma, which is why they are used in cooking, home cosmetology and as a decoration. Jam Sweet treats are very unusual and aromatic. And it is prepared like this: First, syrup is made from 2 liters of water and 4 kg of granulated sugar. 500 g of rose petals should be cleaned and washed

7 ideas for saving watermelon for the New Year

Serving a watermelon to the New Year's table is a very unusual undertaking, which will undoubtedly surprise guests and delight loved ones. However, to keep it juicy and tasty for several months is not an easy task, because without special conditions it will simply begin to rot. For storage, the fruit is suitable without external damage, with a thick skin and a weight of about 4-5 kg

Unusual horoscope: what kind of vegetable are you according to the zodiac sign

The similarity between the characters of people and the elements of nature was noticed in antiquity. So a “vegetable horoscope” appeared, where each zodiac sign corresponds to one or another fruit. Aries For these people, there is no middle ground - they see only good or bad in everything. They like to dress brightly, to be in the spotlight. Th

11 effective ways to protect a summer cottage in the winter from the invasion of rodents

With the onset of cold weather, a large army of rodents rushes closer to human habitation in search of food. Most often, mice run away from the fields, since everything has been removed and there is nothing to profit from on bare ground. The most affected are the plots of land. Until spring, the owners leave their 6 acres, and there is no one to protect the household plots from pests

Cooking like Jamie Oliver: 11 simple and delicious pumpkin dishes

What dishes can be prepared from pumpkin, not many know. In this article, we learn 11 dishes from this vegetable from Jamie Oliver. Pumpkin punch Ingredients: 700 g pumpkin puree, 700 ml. rum, 700 ml. apple juice, 3 tbsp. l maple syrup, cinnamon, star anise, ice cubes, nutmeg. Pour pumpkin puree into the jug, add rum

4 easy ways to quickly remove the smell from the refrigerator after the holidays

An abundance of food on New Year's Eve can lead to unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. You can solve this problem with both folk and professional cleaning products. Wash the refrigerator with a solution of vinegar with water This tool not only solves the problem of unpleasant odors, but also disinfects all surfaces

Appetizing flower beds: how to plant a small area with edible crops

Any summer resident acquires a plot of land primarily for relaxing from the busy city life. But gradually the land becomes an additional source of fresh vitamins, because it is illogical to go to the village, having bought a whole trunk of vegetables and greens. All this can be grown right at your side

Decorative vases in the design of the site: rules for composing compositions + master classes

The hostesses of their own plots have long been accustomed to flower pots and are able to make up compositions on the plot from them. But street vases are rarely used in private design, since their grace and luxurious appearance do not always fit into the rural landscape. Once upon a time, vases were generally considered the prerogative of the royal courts, as they were too expensive

6 life hacks to help quickly wash dishes after a feast

The festive feast is behind, and a whole mountain of dirty dishes flaunts on the table. These 6 life hacks will help to cope with its washing quickly and with the least effort. Wash the dishes as soon as they are free Golden rule: if possible, never leave dirty plates. Wash the stewpan or pan with fresh dirt is much easier than cope with the old, when you can not do without prolonged soaking

5 budget dishes for the Old New Year

After the New Year holidays, when many spent the entire budget on gifts, dresses, Christmas trees and holiday feasts, there was little money left. Salary is not soon, so you need to save. But in front of us is no less beloved holiday among our fellow citizens - the old New Year. He also wants to set a delicious table, celebrate with his family, or even call guests

6 beautiful botanical gardens of Russia, where you can peep a lot of interesting ideas for your flower garden

You can join nature not only thanks to hiking in the mountains or regular trips to the forest with barbecue. In Russia there are botanical gardens where all kinds of plants are represented, among which there are both the rarest and those that can be grown in your garden. Their visit can be a great source of ideas for decorating home flower beds

10 simple and tasty recipes with squash for the winter

Patisson, called a dish-shaped pumpkin, is fried, boiled, salted and pickled. It is combined with other vegetables. Particularly popular are winter preparations from squash in the form of caviar, lecho, salads. Salty Squash For cooking you will need: small squash - 2 kg; garlic - 1 pc.; salt - 4 tsp; horseradish - 3 pcs

10 original ideas for harvesting persimmons for the winter

With the onset of cold weather, bright and juicy persimmons reach maximum ripeness. It’s just impossible to walk past her in the store! Of course, persimmon is tasty and in kind, but if you experiment a little in the kitchen, you can create many interesting blanks for the winter. Persimmon Mousse Ingredients: persimmon - 1 pc.;

Jam from rose petals and its 7 useful properties that you probably never knew before

Roses give a delightful aroma, delight with a variety of colors, their petals are used in perfumes, cosmetology, medicine and nutrition. Of roses make essential oils, powders, rose water, decoctions, ointments and tinctures. And jams, preserves and jams from the petals are not only tasty, but also have an impressive list of useful properties

13 fruit plants that can be grown at home from an ordinary seed

In this article, we will consider what fruit plants can be grown from seeds at home and how to do this. Apricot Apricot kernel is planted immediately after extraction from the fetus. Only half of the seedlings sprout, and a quarter of the seedlings die in the first year. Therefore, a lot of seeds are needed

13 delicious plum ideas that you can prepare for the winter for the whole family

Plum is a beloved fruit by many with an amazing sweet taste and a large amount of nutrients. You can make delicious spins out of it, and from this article you will learn 13 Recipe: the most delicious preparations for the winter from plums. Dried plum 100 grams of product contains: calories - 240 kcal; proteins - 2

5 life hacks for a summer cottage that will come in handy for you this winter

In winter, it is very difficult to maintain cleanliness in the country. It is necessary to clean sand and snow daily. Hot batteries dry the air very much, and things barely fit on a hanger. Some life hacks will help you quickly clean up your home. Plastic or rubber pallet with gravel It is necessary to dispose of the adhering snow on the boots on the street, so as not to wipe the puddles in the hallway later

5 original ways to use pallets in the area

It's amazing how much you can create from old unnecessary things. Many people consider wooden euro pallets to be useless pieces of wood and send them to the scrap. But in skilled hands, even they can turn into useful garden furniture. Horizontal beds This option allows you to streamline the cultivation of seedlings, because its bushes grow in clear rows

10 original ideas for harvesting apples for the winter

In autumn, most housewives begin to actively harvest apples for the winter, because a rich harvest of juicy fruits should be used as quickly as possible. We offer you 10 simple and affordable ideas for delicious apple blanks. Dried apples The most affordable way, requiring a minimum of effort - drying apples

7 proven ways to keep garlic fresh, juicy and fragrant for a long time

At home, you can save garlic heads for the winter. Simple ways will help to preserve their juiciness, freshness and aroma. In banks The heads of garlic are well preserved in glass jars. To do this, they must first be thoroughly dried, but not peeled from the top layer of the husk. Procedure: Take a sterilized jar

Soaked mother-in-law apples: 9 tasty ideas

Soaking apples is an old way of preserving the harvest for the winter. But modern housewives also love him, because the fruits retain all the beneficial properties, as well as acquire an unusual spicy taste. Sour soaked apples We put the apples in rows in a prepared container; between them add the leaves of currant, basil and mint

Mushroom glades: the use of live and artificial mushrooms in site design

In the summer cottage there are always such shady places where no ornamental plant survives. It can be a meter-long strip along the foundation of the building, land under tall trees, areas near solid fences, etc. Even grass there takes root weakly and is suppressed by weeds. In such a situation, you can solve the problem in an unusual way - to plant real mushrooms in a problem place

I managed to stabilize the rose with glycerin: the flower stood for 4 months

I always liked flowers - single and whole compositions - covered with large glass caps. They do not just look like alive, they are really alive, only stable. I passionately dreamed of having at least one small rose, but I could not afford to give a whole bunch of money for it - the price varies from 5, 000 to 7, 000 rubles

I make sugar dressing for indoor flowers, and they began to actively grow and bloom

I consider granulated sugar to be one of the most affordable natural fertilizers for a number of indoor plants. I myself don’t remember where I came from this experience, but I successfully use it to feed my favorite flowers, I’m ready to share with you such technology that will give active growth and color to your green pets. Wh

Talisman flowers for each zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has its own talisman, which favorably emphasizes the positive qualities and smooths the negative. It is not necessary to grow flowers that correspond to the zodiac constellation. In any case, the abundance of plants at home or in the garden will add coziness and positive energy. Aries: Zinnia Thanks to a combination of courage, wit and perseverance, Aries are bright personalities that attract constant attention

My option for laying a garden path that even a fragile woman can do

Two years ago, our family bought a plot in an old garden partnership at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, cheapness had its reasons: there is no well or well on the site, and there is no central water supply in horticulture. But about fifty meters from our summer cottage a wide stream flows merrily