Physalis Marmalade: features of the variety

Vegetable physalis, which is of Mexican origin, is still not very common in our beds and can be perceived as an exotic plant. Having received more information about this crop and choosing the varieties correctly, you can register one more useful and quite unpretentious plant on your site.

Description of the variety, its characteristics, region of cultivation, application

Variety Marmalade - was included in the State Register for the Russian Federation in the 2009th year, recommended for cultivation in open ground and under film shelters through seedlings in all regions of the Russian Federation. It can be used fresh, used for canning, pickling and making caviar, preserves, jams.

The plant is cold-resistant, it can spread even self-sowing, fruitful, the fruits are fairly well stored.

Table: grade characteristics (according to the State Register)

TitleVariety Marmalade
Plant heightUndersized
Ripening timeMid-season
Description of the fetusFlat round

the color of the unripe fruit is green,

mature cream

Fetal mass30–40 g
Productivity1.3–1.4 kg / sq.m
Attitude towards lightingShade tolerance

Physalis Marmalade is registered in the State Register

Among the seeds of the Zedek company one can meet yet another variant of the physalis Marmalade - with fruits of purple color. The State Register does not provide information about this option. The description on the package is as follows:

Table: Marmalade grade (purple)

TitleVariety Marmalade (purple)
Ripening periodMid early
Plant heightTall, up to 1.5 m
Description of the fetusRound, purple
Fetal mass50-60 g
Productivity1.7–2.1 kg / sq.m

Fruits can be used for pickling and pickling, from it you can cook jam, jam, jams, cook candied fruits, various desserts and a variety of vegetable salads.

Physalis has a taste and aroma of plum

Gallery: sweet and salty preparations of physalis

Most often, when cooking jam from physalis, additives are used: lemon, mandarin, pineapple, etc.

Instead of jam, you can make jam

The easiest way to harvest is pickling

The jar of mixed vegetables with physalis looks delicious

You can even get dry wine from the physalis vegetable varieties.

Advantages and disadvantages, features, differences from other varieties

Mexican physalis varieties have many gelling agents. They have large enough fruits, similar to medium-sized tomatoes.

One of the main advantages of the variety is its versatility - it is attributed to the berry and vegetable varieties. And this means that the fruits can be used both as vegetable varieties (for making sauces, marinades, caviar, etc.), and as berry (jams, preserves, marmalade, etc.). The taste of the fruit during processing improves.

Growing Features

Growing physalis is much like growing tomatoes. In central Russia, it is recommended to grow it in seedlings.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

It is better to grow physalis marmalade through seedlings that have reached the age of 40–45 days. Sow seeds at the end of March. They are preliminarily kept in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour, dried and then sown in a small container filled with loose soil for seedlings of tomatoes or peppers.

  • The earth in the tank is slightly tamped and with the help of tweezers the seeds are gently laid out;
  • Then the seeds are sprinkled with earth with a layer of not more than 1 cm and gently moisturize;
  • The container is placed in a plastic bag, and then in a warm place with a temperature of +17, + 20 ° C;
  • Shoots will appear no later than a week after sowing.

Seedling Care

Care for seedlings is the same as for seedlings of tomatoes. Because she needs a lot of light, a container with seedlings is placed on the windowsill. Well, if there is the possibility of using phytolamps for additional illumination.

Seedlings dive after the appearance of three real leaves.

Planting seedlings in open ground

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You can plant physalis seedlings when the seventh true leaf is formed

Planting seedlings is possible only after the disappearance of the threat of frost. Most often this happens in late May - early June. Seedlings are planted according to the scheme 60 × 70, because thickening leads to a decrease in yield. On one square meter there should not be more than 5 bushes.

The best predecessors for physalis will be cucumbers or cabbage, the most unsuccessful are any solanaceous crops.

The landing place on the site should be sunny, the physalis does not like low places and excessive humidity. Any soil for physalis is suitable if it does not have high acidity. Although if it is fertile, the yield and quality of the fruit will increase. Before planting seedlings, nitroammophoska can be added to the soil: 50g / m2.

Video: growing physalis


Physalis is quite unpretentious, therefore, special efforts to care for it are not required:

  • One of the main conditions for good growth is a sufficient amount of heat and light;
  • Watering the planting is necessary only at the very beginning of growth, when the root system is actively formed. In the future, physalis perfectly dispenses with frequent watering. They are needed only in hot, dry periods.
  • But the physalis is especially responsive to loosening. They need to be carried out at least three to four times per season.
  • Tall plants, especially during fruiting, require garter.
  • Plants are fed two weeks after planting. This can be a mullein infusion in a ratio of 1: 8. In two weeks - top dressing with full mineral fertilizer - 1 table. spoon on a bucket of water.

Physalis is very responsive to cultivating

Although physalis, like tomatoes, belongs to the solanaceae family, it does not require pinching . This is due to the fact that the fruits of the physalis are formed in the axils of the branches, which means that the more branches the plant has, the more it will produce fruits.

Physalis does not need to be stepson: the more branches - the more fruits

Having grown seedlings, at the end of May I picked up a sunny corner on the plot, crossed the 40-day-old seedlings into holes, watered and almost forgot about them. After all, they especially did not require attention. Twice she weeded and once fed her new pets a solution of mullein. By August, physalis bushes “loaded” with fruits. Some twigs had to be pinched, and so that they did not break from gravity, they had to be tied up. Collected as it ripens in dry weather, stored well. Freshly, my family does not really accept physalis, but in the form of marinades and caviar - for a sweet soul. Many of these bushes are not required to be planted at all. Physalis bears fruit very well. And now I can share the collected seeds with my friends.

Video: the collection and storage of physalis

Video: Physalis Jam

Physalis Marmalade ideal for pickling


In terms of seed germination and fertility, Marmalade is slightly inferior to Children's jam, and its fruits are smaller, although the location and care were the same. The size of the fruit in the picture is clearly exaggerated. It is noteworthy in Marmalade another - its color and taste. The color is dark purple (and not so strange lilac as on the package), and the taste really resembles plums. It made an unusual sweet compote and a good pickled appetizer. Seed quality: 4 Grade quality: 5 Taste qualities: 5 Season: 2010

Inspector Semkin

The purple color of the large fruits struck me on the spot. I bought it. Since I was not familiar with this product before, I planted 5 seeds for the sample. And they all ascended! Shoots appeared within one week. In the spring, she planted wonderful bushes with small yellow flowers in the country. The bushes themselves are very spreading, up to 1.5 meters high. Please consider this when landing in a permanent place. Bushes are also very prolific. From five bushes I gathered a bucket of such fruits. The fruits were preserved on the balcony until January next year! The main thing is to collect them in dry weather and ensure dry storage. The packaging indicates that the fruit is plum-flavored. Honestly, he recalls plum only in color and sour taste. The seeds inside the fruit are a little annoying, they are hard and there are a lot of them. The physalis tastes very specific, rather sweet and sour. I can’t say that it’s super tasty, very amateur. There are many seeds left, enough to plant next year. How much the result differs from the photo on the packaging - judge for yourself. If you are a big fan of physalis or just want yourself such a curiosity - I can recommend it to you. Have a good harvest! Usage time: 1 season Year of release / purchase: 2017


Planting physalis, we thus also make sure of a crop failure of tomatoes during an unsuccessful summer, because Physalis is more tolerant of weather adversity. And if physalis of the variety Marmalade appears on your site this summer, then in winter you can please yourself and your relatives with a jar of fragrant jam, jam or marinade.


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