Photos of the best ideas of stone garden paths

Stone garden paths are one of the interesting solutions for the original design, a simple and at the same time effective addition to your buildings, which can emphasize and highlight the individuality of the territory.

Why choose a stone to create tracks

The paths paved with stone have a lot of useful functions:

  • allow you to comfortably move around the garden and courtyard,
  • perfectly zoned
  • create a unique decor of your site.

You can pave the tracks with your own hands, you just have to stop the choice on the material you like.

Stone is a material that has passed through man through the centuries, it will not only ennoble your site, but will delight you for decades. For laying out the paths, stones of various shapes, an extensive palette of colors and textures are used.

Paving stones

A common material is a natural stone, in common people called a sheath. It stands out with a pleasant appearance, while it is wear-resistant, paving stones from it have symmetrical shapes and this allows you to pave the tracks with various patterns.

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Plastushka has several advantages:

  • Interesting appearance
  • strength,
  • environmental friendliness.

River pebbles

For the manufacture of paths in the garden, river pebbles are also used - small rounded stones of different sizes. Often they are covered with pavements with historical territories. And of course, it is suitable for you if the Japanese style is not alien to you, which will also give the site a noble appearance.


Sandstone and flagstone

Another interesting and economical material may be sandstone or limestone. These are inexpensive materials that are popular with ordinary summer residents.

Sandstone Path

Of course, any material for paving footpaths has its pluses and minuses. And sometimes it’s difficult to dwell on one thing, and the diversity in the market often distracts one’s eyes. As a result, each of the above materials can add something unique to your garden and allow you to bring it closer to the ideal.


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