Pergolas made of wood

Wooden arbors are always the most comfortable, warm and environmentally friendly. And eco-style is especially in fashion today! After all, it is far from always possible to build a modern residential building from those “breathing” natural materials and using the same technologies that many centuries ago in Russia. And so many take their souls in small architectural forms, embodying in wooden arbors all the most beautiful traditions of design and style from around the world.

Wooden arbors pleases with its proximity in nature, constructive strength and pleasant to the touch material. From a tree it is easy to create the most unimaginable forms and realize any ideas from the pages of country magazines.

The texture and color of the tree fits perfectly into any landscape design, no matter what style or concept it is, which cannot be said about the same metal or glass. And, at the same time, in a wooden arbor any accessories, design elements and game of shades successfully look. And if you still approached the choice of wood professionally, and did not confine yourself to larch or oak, then such a gazebo becomes a real SPA corner with a healing aroma of wood resins!

That is why wooden arbors often become a real outlet for urban residents, and at the same time they also delight with their durability and functionality. After all, wood, as a living material, is capable of remarkably storing heat, protecting it from dampness in the autumn evenings, and not allowing the heat to pester in the sultry summer.

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From the same species of wood, wonderful spacious gazebos with a barbecue and even a kitchenette, and slender teremki houses and miniature "cabins" are obtained:

A gazebo attached to the water is one of the most complex architectural solutions, but at the same time the most beautiful. Such a gazebo is always filled with fresh, moist air, and it is important to properly protect its material from moisture.

A massive arbor made of logs does not look heavy at all. It is completely open to sunshine and beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

The gazebo is part of the architectural and landscape ensemble. The use of thin wooden parts gave the effect of sophistication and fragility.

An open gazebo for fashionable dinner parties, with balusters and carved platbands. An inspiring mix of different styles!

The airy open gazebo with tinted wooden details is as if transparent against the background of the surrounding nature and does not create a barrier to walk through the beautiful landscape.

A beautiful gazebo in the style of the American patio with a little eclecticism, with a blank wall and wood lining trim. Despite its simplicity, it is rich and comfortable in its own way.

A real cozy little glazed house immediately stands out as a bright independent element. A real oasis for privacy and relaxation.

Arbor, as from the canvas of the picture: ideal against the backdrop of nature and offers a wonderful view from all four sides. Here, the load from the roof goes only to the angular supports, and therefore they are built more tightly.

A very delicate gazebo with a light-colored tree and pergola stands that have already entangled living plants. A gazebo in which even the most cloudy day will be bright!

A hexagonal enclosed gazebo of unusual architecture, with an original concept of walls and triangular windows-pergolas, through which you can let go curly and bring a piece of nature inside.

Bright arbor in historical Chinese style. Spacious, with barbecue stove. Ideal for those for whom rest is a whole religion.

One of the most unusual arbors, where the bar-racks are connected under the ridge and hold both the roof and the entire structure of the arbor.

A colorful arbor on a solid foundation with walls made of logs with richly decorated friezes of a neat hip roof.

Authentic, beautiful country-style gazebo with artificially aged wood and rustic garden furniture. After an abundance of modern things - a real rest for the soul!

The main pillars here are two thick branches of a tree as a piece of nature itself. Great idea!

A simple cozy gazebo with translucent walls and modern garden plastic furniture. What could be easier?

The gazebo is simple of strict forms, with a slight Victorian touch. Dark roof, golden shade of wood - a classic of modern design!

Unusual roof construction, thick bars at the corners of the hexagon, simple geometric patterns and light “country” stylization.

A sophisticated gazebo, built in accordance with all the rules: varnished dark furniture, dark red color of the floor and roof, elegant ivory color of wooden walls.

A solid stone foundation, a sloping roof and a rich Russian style - such a gazebo is built for grandchildren.

A simple nice arbor of the correct design, with a sharp roof and solid wood walls.

Color pergola pergola with stylish semicircular windows and a red tile roof. It can be left in this form, or you can plant curly flowers around.

Easy, simple gazebo on a simple project that is easy to build for any beginner. And how much good!

An original arbor shaped cabin decorated with thin wooden lamellas. That cozy minimalism!

Spacious summerhouse, where a whole horde of guests can easily fit, and even a tennis table! Here, the original Russian style is clearly traced, but at the same time the arbor itself does not at all resemble a museum.

The roof protects the space in front of the gazebo, where a barbecue stove is ignited. Original and practical!

Gazebo for the farthest corners in the garden. It is spacious, hidden in coolness and silence. The bars of the walls are painted in the same tone as

A wonderful option for a large family: any family celebrations will now be held in the fresh air and with the scents of the garden.

An ethereal sunny gazebo with rounded details. Spectacular contrast of light and dark tones. This is the gazebo in which time stops:

A spacious gazebo where you can conduct sports competitions in tennis, evening dances and at the same time it does not require furniture.

Bright, saturated color of walls and furniture and a roof of complex shape stylized under oriental trends.

Arbor of a real hunter: strong rough walls, thick floor and the same wicker furniture. The dream of every man!

Bright, elaborate arbor of the eastern concept, with a curved roof to the top on wooden rafters. Pretty complicated construction technology!

Arbor with an ongoing roof, which is supported by special metal supports. If the felling of the gazebo to sit unevenly, it will not noticeably. Cunningly!

A simple gazebo with a light floor and thin balusters. Correct geometric lines, minimum design - maximum benefit.

A brilliant combination of a solid Russian style (walls and porch) and light American accents in the form of a blue roof and a white fence inside the walls.

The natural color and texture of wood, slightly rough, “rustic” processing, authentic furniture and a strong four-pitched roof in bright colors.

A weightless pergola, whose walls will protect from scorching sunlight, but will not become a barrier to a delicious haze.

Beautiful noble dark tones of painted wood and muted natural color of the roof.

Fabulously beautiful, elegant arbor of linden with thin lamellas in the openings instead of traditional pergolas. The ingenious decision!

Strict in geometric shapes, this gazebo looks in style unity with the house and is ideal for breakfast with the whole family.

It has become especially popular today to study the decoration patterns of the huts of Ancient Russia, when the owners of the houses - home craftsmen - invested their whole soul and all their understanding of life into them. Therefore, the most beautiful modern wooden arbors are picturesque arbors in a real or eclectic Russian style. Which is not surprising, because such beautiful architectural forms are really built from such material as wood that any artist, seeing such a gazebo, immediately grabs a brush in his thoughts. And there is something to look at: carved friezes, curly balusters, even laying of strong logs and intricate decorations on each nook.

Modern wooden arbors are built most often from timber and logs, less often - profiled or boards. Although quite impressive and elegant, arbors from thin wooden lamellas and natural lining are also obtained. It all depends on what style you prefer: a sophisticated Victorian with its famous English pergolas, where finer material is needed, or a coarser and more thorough hunting or Russian style, where you can not do without a fresh log house. Or you decide to build a real hut in miniature on your land, preserving all the traditions of a kind or copying the house where your ancestors once lived.

The construction principle here is still the same: you need a good foundation for a wooden gazebo, high-quality material, a competent design and reliable protective impregnation of all wooden parts of the gazebo. And what color shade you choose already depends on your undertaking. It can be exquisitely light, or gently sunny yellow, bright orange-gold, or dark brown, noble. And this is the main difference between wooden arbors from others: here they always try to preserve the valuable texture of wood and its natural shade, and rarely resort to unnatural bright colors.

Any wooden arbor by itself looks so harmoniously in the garden, among wildlife, that it is practically not perceived as something foreign or different from it. And this unity, in the opinion of reputable world designers, is extremely important to maintain. And therefore, be guided when choosing a project or sketch of a wooden arbor with one simple principle - harmony and naturalness in everything.


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