Pergolas made of metal

Pergolas made of metal at one time were born by chance: then, when metal fences began to be built between stone columns, and they tried to somehow decorate them with forged elements. And today, these strong small architectural forms are able to withstand any storm, hail and snow, but at the same time, it’s not for many decades to stay pleasing to the eye.

The most striking, memorable element of the classic metal gazebos is the forged openwork details that make any design a real architectural masterpiece. And such subtle curls and their connection with each other cannot be repeated in work with other materials. Also, among the valuable advantages of metal as a material for the construction of arbors, we will mention special structural strength and unhinderedness for sunlight. In such arbors there is absolutely no place for shade, and the warm wind in the evenings will bring vacationers wonderful aromas from all over the garden!

Another advantage of a metal gazebo is the ability to paint in absolutely any color, from elite lavender to airy white, while wood is usually preserved only in natural colors, and bright touches are considered to be a sign of bad taste on such a gazebo. Although most often metal arbors are painted in dark colors to emphasize the sophistication and elegance of individual details.

Modern metal gazebos are never lost on the background of landscape design, do not "merge" with it, but more often, on the contrary, they become a spectacular central element of the landscape zone. In addition, metal, as a plastic material under the influence of fire, allows you to build gazebos of the craziest and most unrealistic structures placed on any foundation and height - wherever the soul pleases. That is why precisely such arbors are most often built by modern designers when they compete in the struggle for the most beautiful and unusual idea-project!

Spacious high arbor from direct metal parts with a roof made of metal. Durable, simple and reliable.

The striking simplicity of the gazebo with a removable roof is enriched with beautiful metal curls in the racks.

Very stylish gazebo complex octagonal shape with a domed roof and wrought iron fencing in dark colors.

A sophisticated gazebo with a canopy of blue polycarbonate, where the cool shade of the sunshine perfectly balances the furniture made of wood.

A gazebo in which you can hide from any weather: two blank polycarbonate walls let in light, but make the interior space cozy and warm.

Luxury, style and comfort - where metal and stone combine. Fantastically beautiful patterns under the roof and durable metal supports.

Winter gazebo with removable roof and classic wrought iron patterns. Without much ingenuity, but tasteful.

A slender bell arbor with an original roof architecture, where metal racks go into the analog of rafters.

A real work of art for connoisseurs of Renaissance architecture: intricate wall patterns, wrought iron garden furniture, a dark noble color of painting.

A simple strong arbor with a roof made of thick tarpaulin, which is easily transported from place to place. Ideal for outdoor recreation.

Arbor intricate architecture with a complex pattern and a bright roof. It looks pretentious and romantic!

An elegant arbor with a removable roof, with a classic combination of strict architectural forms and fancy curls.

A cozy metal gazebo-lighthouse for two: with a bright roof that can not be lost even in the largest garden.

A high and patterned gazebo in retro style with oriental elements of the roof architecture. For the most fiery evenings!

Bright gazebo with white roof and unobtrusive wrought metal pattern. It can serve as an excellent canopy for garden furniture and even a car - depending on the situation and tasks.

A graceful gazebo, protected by bronze-colored polycarbonate from wind and rain with a spire on the roof ridge.

Art Nouveau in every detail of metal forging: a triumph of style and taste, balanced by a hexagonal base and straight walls.

Thin transparent arbor, built on the principle of a cobweb. It is easily covered with any material during the rain.

Arbor with a rich decor in the Turkish style: aristocratic white color, a characteristic shape of the roof and a sense of light monumentality.

A gazebo in which living plants are not needed - they are successfully replaced by lush branches and leaves forged from metal.

Unlike wooden arbors, metal ones are often built mobile, i.e. their legs simply go deep into the ground, and if necessary, the entire structure can be moved to another place. After all, the foundation of such an arbor is built according to the rules as a separate construction object. The thing is that the metal is subject to thermal expansion and should not be immobilized fixed with something that has a different structure. Therefore, when your garden expands or changes (which is quite natural and expected), you can find a new place for your pride object.

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Metal is a very strong material that does not need additional protection or support. And it’s very simple to take care of such small architectural forms: it’s enough to only slightly tint them every two or three years, and that’s all. - Not a mold, not dampness, such a gazebo is not terrible!

Often inside a metal gazebo, furniture and accessories are also made of metal: legs of chairs and tables, evening lamps, decorative elements. As a result, everything looks magical and harmonious. For example, a wrought iron lamp in retro style will help you feel like in the royal garden many centuries ago, and evenings in such an arbor will be charming and unusual.

And finally, you can choose absolutely any style of construction, and it is easy to bring it to life: a beautiful ornate Art Nouveau with its twisted natural details, fashionable minimalism, cutting-edge high-tech technology, the severity of details of the German style or smooth lines of the Dutch. And you can give free rein to imagination and create a project with the most complex details.

Or stop at the classic version, when the frame of the gazebo is built quadrangular or hexagonal, according to the principle of simplicity and strength, but at the same time it is tastefully decorated with more complex metal forged parts. In any case, today specialized companies custom-make any metal structures, and sometimes they offer good ready-made options, and therefore it will be easy to accent the necessary elements in the gazebo. Try to develop your own design of a metal gazebo - this is an exciting lesson!


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