Pergolas made of bricks

Brick arbors are always massive, warm and solid. They never hide them somewhere deep in the garden - on the contrary, they make them the central and semantic element of the whole landscape design. And they approach the question of designing such a gazebo as slowly and thoroughly, as well as to the building itself. And over time, the brick gazebo always becomes the pride of the garden and the outlet of the whole family!

In fact, a brick gazebo is a real miniature house, its smaller image, in which they certainly put their understanding of comfort and coziness. But it is not at all necessary that the brick gazebo be deaf and compact, of the very standard design that has snapped us since Soviet times. No, today incredibly beautiful small architectural forms are built from bricks, combining this material with natural stone, wood, metal and even organic glass. And especially luxurious are the forged openwork elements between massive brick pillars, which are always out of fashion.

When choosing a project or a sketch of a brick gazebo for yourself, think carefully about such moments: which bricks you will use, whether the walls will retain heat, and with what materials you are going to combine them.

So, if you are not constrained by budgetary frameworks, then pay attention to a stylish black brick with white filling, which always looks very stylish. Decorative types of bricks, such as clinker or facing, are also good for gazebo. Although plain red also always looks amazing!

The only exception is the old home brick, from which modern summer residents often build arbors. Such, of course, is better to hide under a decorative "fur coat" from a siding and similar finishing. Also for a brick gazebo you will need a good foundation and a reliable roof that will protect this hydrophobic material from destruction.

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A comfortable gazebo with racks of white brick and a flat roof made of metal, as if descended from the pages of a glossy magazine. Cozy and reliable protection on rainy days.

Bright, stylish and spacious gazebo for barbecue with wooden trellis instead of walls and a wonderful panoramic view from both sides.

The historic-style gazebo is made of red brick, with chic columns and transparent walls between the racks. The warm color of the poles is in classic harmony with the dark forged elements.

A beautiful arbor of noble muted tones with an arched entrance. An eternal classic that fits perfectly into any background and is easy to beat even for a novice landscape designer.

Japanese-style brick gazebo with trellis and a pitched roof. Calm design, minimum details and maximum usable space.

A fashionable red brick gazebo with a closed and open area, with a stove that is heated inside and an open area that allows you to enjoy fresh air and coolness while preparing barbecue.

A very creative solution that could only be imagined from brick. Having spent exactly two times less material, the authors of such a gazebo built twice as spacious a structure, which receives fresh air and which glows from the inside in the evenings.

Very elegant French-style gazebo with an incredibly beautiful lavender-colored roof. Such an arbor will never seem cumbersome!

A solid, solid gazebo made of brick and concrete on a solid foundation, designed to serve faithfully for at least 100 years. Be sure to build one!

A real Chinese-style barbecue gazebo. This immediately draws attention to itself, and therefore initially becomes the central element of the entire landscape design.

Barbecue gazebo with trendy architecture, when they try to leave the walls as open as possible for a panoramic view.

Dutch-style gazebo: large glass windows, natural wood and stone trim. For easy and easy communication with family and friends.

Aesthetic brick gazebo with a hip and gable roof. A competent approach to the arrangement of space near a stationary furnace.

A neat hexagonal arbor made of metal and brick in dark colors, glazed on all sides for a cozy atmosphere.

Capital brick gazebo with a sophisticated barbecue roof. They have been building it for centuries, all the elements are solid, strong and durable.

A very stylish brick gazebo attached to the house. The simplicity of forms is enriched by special techniques of skillful lighting design.

A brick gazebo, built in historical style and hidden in the back of the garden, behind tall bushes for the necessary silence and comfort.

A square enclosed brick pavilion glazed in blue polycarbonate with a hip roof.

Arbor with a large massive stove, open, with sturdy racks and a solid roof.

Very beautiful gazebo with a multi-level roof and two internal rooms. An almost full-fledged miniature house!

This gazebo consists of two attached rooms, each of which has its own roof. Dear and prominent building!

The most reliable and strong brick arbors are built in order to install a brazier inside. After all, the brick remarkably retains heat inside and does not allow, thanks to this, the heat from the furnace to affect nearby plants that do not tolerate such temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, brick walls keep heat well, and in wet weather you will enjoy not only fragrant barbecue or homemade, just baked bread, but also a pleasant atmosphere inside.

In addition, a brick gazebo is easy to build in almost any style of architecture: postmodernism, which harmoniously combines natural curls with strict geometric lines, in the Norwegian style with a separate open terrace, in Canada, using dark glass or polycarbonate instead of solid walls, and even in Russian adding more wooden elements from a fresh log house and decorative accessories.

Quite often in brick gazebos, the barbecue makes only one wall deaf, closing the hottest part of the stove, and they try to leave the rest open for an overview of the beauties of the surrounding nature. Unless, of course, there is something to contemplate. Indeed, sometimes it’s better to really close the gazebo completely, preserving the inner comfort and silence, than to make vacationers look at the monotonous neighbor’s fences. That is why in this case, modern landscape designers go to tricks, planting tall bushes around such an arbor, creating the appearance of dense greenery surrounding the arbor.

You will be interested to know that bamboo enters the landscape fashion - they simply dig it into the ground around the arbor and the view opens up from the windows! Therefore, in any case, it is more rational to leave the walls of the brick gazebo glazed, there is a well-kept garden around or not - ideas for decorating always come suddenly, you just need to give them the opportunity. Colored plexiglass windows look especially funny: turquoise, yellow and purple - the very peak of popularity!

Particularly like solid, solid bricks from a strong half of humanity. Therefore, you will probably find more brick arbors on the glossy pages of landscape design magazines precisely in the male concept, when you need to realize the arbor in the Swedish, hunting or brutal style. And already openwork weightless designs can be installed at the opposite end of the garden - and no style conflict!


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