Pergolas with barbecue

Building barbecue arbors today is a whole art! Rest with cooking on the grill or baking in the home oven has recently become a separate page of culture. And all because the stressful life of modern citizens simply forces them to take care of their good rest. And what could be better to spend it in nature, on your own garden plot of a country house, with tasty and really wholesome food, in the circle of your closest people?

The design of such a gazebo (and its whole concept) greatly depends on which furnace you put there. This can be a small mobile grill, for which you do not need to arrange a canopy at all - it is easier to put it next to an existing arbor. Or it’s about a stationary barbecue of medium parameters, which makes sense to install inside a compact gazebo, with a blank wall on one side and open to fresh air. Such a gazebo is enough for a small group of friends or family.

But in order to build a real large barbecue oven, you will have to allocate a good half of the arbor for it and protect it from the other half - the front zone, where it is possible to install garden furniture away from smoke, soot and heat. They also have the right to life when the stove is in the open air, and the gazebo itself is almost immediately attached to it.

For example, options for miniature gazebos with barbecue or stove, where only one table and only a few chairs are placed - a rather rare option, rather even an intermediate one - until better times, as people like to say. Almost always, for the weekend with a barbecue, gazebos are built massive, spacious and it is in the winter version.

The most popular barbecue arbor styles today are Russian, with centuries-old log art, Dutch, with its huge transparent windows from the ceiling to the floor and panoramic views from all sides, Norwegian with a small terrace, French with spectacular decoration with large natural stone, hunting to use with it lacquered wood and attributes of a purely male interior design. See the variety of modern barbecue pavilions:

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A Canadian-style glazed gazebo with a quadrangular hip roof. A rather risky combination of warm and cold tones has been successfully implemented here.

A huge, stunning gazebo with barbecue stove and hood in the form of a small cafe. Round roof, multifaceted wall structure and impressive interior design.

A classic small metal gazebo attached to a large brick oven. The main task: to protect vacationers from direct sunlight and light rain.

An excellent compact barbecue gazebo, with a well-chosen roofing, a blank northern wall and three open views to view the surrounding pine forest.

A square arbor with a barbecue, with two blank walls and wooden pillars, with competently calculated pressure on the common foundation. Spacious and functional.

One of the few gazebos where brick really harmoniously blends with the variety of forged elements.

Stunning wooden barbecue gazebo with a stationary barbecue-oven inside and a full range hood. Cozy and memorable eclectic design of the interior adds to its charm.

Spacious gazebo, built in the best traditions of the modern Russian style with a massive stationary stove in the center. Such arbors should be put in the most unpretentious places of the garden, because vacationers in them do not care what is outside the window.

A nontrivial luxurious fusion-style barbecue gazebo, where the touches of Norwegian, Japanese and even strict German style are perfectly visible.

Incredibly aesthetic French-style barbecue gazebo with natural stone decoration. In the best traditions of southern Provence!

Picturesque, well-thought out in its architecture gazebo with a separate front-zone and back-zone, with different parameters. A real find for any landscape design!

A beautiful, proportional, rustic-style barbecue made of natural wood. Simple, sophisticated and very practical!

Spacious long gazebo-annex near the stove, where you can celebrate entire weddings. Everything is made in the best traditions of the rustic style, and only a modern roof made of metal gives modernity.

This gazebo is the ingenious decision of a talented architect. Natural stone and wood as materials speak of a romantic French architectural style, which emphasizes the old high lantern.

Very simple and unpretentious construction of the gazebo with an unattractive roof, but in its own way cozy and neat.

A truly unreal gazebo, which is installed on four support trees. A risky venture, because it is quite difficult to install the roof at the right angle.

An eclectic gazebo in a modern style for a barbecue stove, where the warm orange color of the racks enlivens the calm tone of the roof.

The gazebo is a fabulous house. Colorful stylization of the gazebo-barbecue with the help of parts of wood and interior decoration.

A tidy gazebo made of timber for a small metal furnace, open from all sides. Beautiful warm tones of the roof and pillars look great against the background of the lush greenery of the surrounding landscape.

Before designing a barbecue gazebo, select a well prepared place in advance. There are many nuances in the architecture of such a gazebo. Firstly, cooking something on fire requires an appropriate temperature and air regime. In simple terms, the ideal option for the stove is the blank back wall of the gazebo, and preferably the same - side. It is good if the wind enters the gazebo on only one side, leeward. Secondly, hot air should not reach plants or trees, as they poorly tolerate this, stop blooming and even wither away. Therefore, they should also be protected with a wall or a barrier. Thirdly, a barbecue gazebo is usually built away from home, so that smoke from the stove does not smoke facade decoration.

It is especially popular today to build a barbecue pergola in the style of French Provence. Its main distinguishing features are the use of natural finishing materials, and specifically: real stone and accentuated wooden elements, especially rafters.

And, of course, the main place in such a gazebo is occupied by a huge white stove. And the decoration uses an additional warm yellow and sky blue. Such a gazebo brings a special cosiness, always looks sunny and fresh, it becomes habitually dear from the very first days.

New trends in the construction of closed barbecue areas are closed gazebos. They are built in the chosen authentic style, and the stove or barbecue is located exactly in the middle of them, with a special exhaust hood that exits smoke through the roof ridge. This is a well-thought-out design that remarkably retains heat from the stove, warms the entire arbor in frost and reliably shields the walls of the arbor from the surrounding garden.

You will like this option: you can not only cook the same barbecue or pizza, but also warm it up for those who are late, without getting up from the bench, which goes in a circle. Such a local Feng Shui according to the principle of the round table of King Arthur, where none of the guests will sit at the warmest place of the gazebo or near the exit, under a draft. Great idea!


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