Pergolas and relaxation area

Pergolas made of bricks

Brick arbors are always massive, warm and solid. They never hide them somewhere deep in the garden - on the contrary, they make them the central and semantic element of the whole landscape design. And they approach the question of designing such a gazebo as slowly and thoroughly, as well as to the building itself

Original designs of arbors

Have you ever had such an unusual arbor in a glossy magazine about construction and design that you wondered: how was it built? Is it realistic to build this architectural miracle on the site? In fact, nothing is impossible! And, reading our site, you probably already noticed this. After all, the most unusual and original arbors are actually built using the most conventional technologies

Live arbors

Live arbors in any garden look absolutely amazing! The main feature is that they consist mainly of living plants, occasionally fixed on a special frame. Moreover, the frame itself requires light, thin, but durable, why, and even a thin metal wire is quite suitable for this purpose. Therefore, something like that, conceived design, with your own hands is capable of any person

Pergolas and awnings

Since ancient times, even from the time of Ancient Egypt, the pergola known to everyone today was not an ornament, but simply served as a backup for grapes - to make it easier to harvest. And only with time she began to carry out also decorative functions, which some talented gardener once examined in her

Pergolas made of metal

Pergolas made of metal at one time were born by chance: then, when metal fences began to be built between stone columns, and they tried to somehow decorate them with forged elements. And today, these strong small architectural forms are able to withstand any storm, hail and snow, but at the same time, it’s not for many decades to stay pleasing to the eye.

Canopy Rest Area

The arrangement of a recreation area under a canopy is the simplest version of a garden arbor that you can think of. There is no foundation, walls and strong supports. Simply choose a good place on the site from which you can admire the surrounding landscape, and install racks with a canopy. Moreover, as a roof of this design, you can use almost any material, from modern anti-waterproof fabric to modern acrylic transparent coatings

Pergolas made of wood

Wooden arbors are always the most comfortable, warm and environmentally friendly. And eco-style is especially in fashion today! After all, it is far from always possible to build a modern residential building from those “breathing” natural materials and using the same technologies that many centuries ago in Russia. An

Polycarbonate Pergolas

Just one successful experiment, and in due time the world got durable transparent polycarbonate. In what sphere is it not used! Starting with medicine and ending, of course, with a modern building design. And especially beautiful and airy from this material small architectural forms are obtained. Indeed, unlike other materials, such polycarbonate can be bent in almost any shape, in any shape, mounted on the most fragile frames - and all thanks to its flexibility and low weight

Pergolas with barbecue

Building barbecue arbors today is a whole art! Rest with cooking on the grill or baking in the home oven has recently become a separate page of culture. And all because the stressful life of modern citizens simply forces them to take care of their good rest. And what could be better to spend it in nature, on your own garden plot of a country house, with tasty and really wholesome food, in the circle of your closest people