Pergolas and awnings

Since ancient times, even from the time of Ancient Egypt, the pergola known to everyone today was not an ornament, but simply served as a backup for grapes - to make it easier to harvest. And only with time she began to carry out also decorative functions, which some talented gardener once examined in her. But today, the variety of types, materials of manufacture and methods of installing pergolas are amazing!

A pergola can be a wonderful visor for a house, under which a car or a couple of benches are hidden from the sun, an amazing tunnel inside a beautiful garden, a fantasy superstructure above a garden path, or an entire arbor where pleasant partial shade always reigns. Yes, you guessed it, a modern pergola does not have to be a pair of arches twined with plants, although their presence will definitely not hurt it. Although the mere presence of a pergola gives the garden neatness, orderliness and grooming!

More often in Russian gardens, a pergola is built as an alternative to a gazebo, even with a brazier oven. Instead of walls, either a screen or trellises are used, which scatter the light remarkably and also support climbing plants. After all, the ribbed pergola design itself already breaks the sun's rays into separate parts, and therefore it is quite difficult to burn under it (that's why the pergola itself without plants is a frequent guest of mini-beaches near the house). But lovers of more stringent styles, like hi-tech, techno or futurism, prefer a pergola with a single-pitched ribbed roof, for which it is convenient to hang potted plants to everything.

Today, a pergola in itself immediately becomes one of the key centers of landscape design, from which you need to build on the development of the rest of the concept. But there are no particularly strict rules of style or design here. The main thing is that it should look harmonious and be built from reliable materials. But, if you want to achieve a beautiful visual effect, paint it in a snow-white color - even without braided plants, this will look just gorgeous:

Lightweight pergola pergola made of coniferous wood, open to the surrounding area. Strict and laconic geometric shapes are wonderfully balanced by the chaotically arranged different-style furniture inside the arbor and the colorful floor.

An attached pergola with curly ivy, which does not cover everything with a solid carpet, but serves as a separate decorative element. Thanks to this, the gazebo inside is flooded with warm spring sun.

A classic eight-element pergola that leads to the barbecue. Non-standard supports and internal trellises for curly roses. Wonderful option for a personal plot!

Attached close to the house, such a wooden pergola pergola brings life to the appearance of a residential building, and lighting design gives a special charm to evening relaxation in such a zone.

Massive pavilion pavilion made of solid wood, with rectangular pillars and trimmed with wooden lining. The bulkiness of the entire structure is smoothed by the presence of elegant wrought iron furniture and light stone floor.

A stylish penthouse pergola on thin supports, the main task of which is to create a soft afternoon for vacationers. Her plants twist only in columns.

A bright sand-colored gazebo is installed above the beach area near the pool specifically to create a vacationer who is not sunburned. There is no need for climbing plants.

An arched arbor of noble dark color, an extraordinary design, where two separate arbors are interconnected by a two-component pergola of the same material. Thanks to this, inside the two arbors will always be pleasant, and the arch effectively crowns the entire building.

A solid pergola arbor where instead of plants ribbed gaps are filled with transparent polycarbonate, and round trellis instead of walls. Such a gazebo by itself creates a separate relaxation area in the garden.

A picturesque gazebo made of thick wooden beams made of the same material and in the same color as the porch of the house. This is a single architectural and landscape ensemble!

A rather original pergola pergola, consisting of 100% of one wood. A kind of ecological oasis in the middle of a modern garden.

A quiet corner in the Garden of Eden. In this arbor, built on a metal base and entwined with dense plants, truly soul and body rest.

A spacious pavilion-pergola two and a half meters high, made of strong pine wood for relaxing with friends, entertainment and evening gatherings.

Tunnel high pergola for a whole range of climbing plants: from downtime to a spectacular wisteria. Ideal for a garden in a landscape or rustic style.

Pergola, hidden in the corner of a lush garden and equipped with a beautiful lantern. Great for private conversations and watching the stars.

A miniature, very stylish colonial-style gazebo attached to the house. The dark, golden color of the tree, spectacular oak steps and light curtains give a unique cosiness against the background of a siding house.

An extraordinary arbor area made of natural wood, which consists of two parts: open to the sun and cooler shaded. One of the most functional and beautiful solutions!

A simple, simple pergola pergola made of wood for garden furniture near the barbecue stove. A wonderful solution for a country house or a private estate in a small village, although such a gazebo does not have enough walls with climbing plants to at least slightly cover the unattractive view of the neighboring courtyards.

An elegant, high ivory arbor with an eight-element pergola and profiled bars as pillars. In such a canopy gazebo it is easy to hide all shady garden flowers, arrange sun loungers and even a table with chairs for the whole company. The light touches of the refined Roman style are clearly visible.

A thin white pergola looks fragile and sophisticated, remarkably “readable” at any time of the year. A corrugated transparent acrylic coating perfectly harmonizes with thin garden furniture in black, giving the entire arbor space.

Artificially aged country-style pergola pergola with authentic village benches. Simple, straightforward and quite comfortable, if you add to it a couple more bright pillows and some flowers in the background. A true relaxation for the soul!

Impressively spacious pergola with lattice frames instead of walls, well closed from the sun. These are usually built for a particularly active holiday with the whole family or with friends.

A graceful carved pergola pergola in a juicy color to create a pleasant shadow. It is so high that under it you can place not only garden furniture, but also a large brazier.

Fresh, “airy” gazebo in the English colonial style with imitation of white fabric under the roof. Apparent negligence gives a special charm to this design.

The arbor is very simple and light in design with a rectangular wooden beam, with a thick pergola instead of the roof.

Tunnel pergola made of wood, painted in dark colors. White elegant garden furniture creates a wonderful contrast that speaks to the taste of the designer

A brilliant architectural solution: a gazebo in the gazebo. When the first one in two or three years will be "captured" by climbing plants, the inner gazebo will be closed in a secluded corner of the magical garden, hidden from prying eyes.

The white elegant pergola arbor also serves as a terrace of a house near an artificial reservoir. Stylish, unusual: a great alternative to standard solutions.

Wooden pavilion gazebo with a slight hint of Indian style and a transparent roofing to shade the area near the entrance to the house. Simple and functional.

An attached pergola arbor using deliberately coarse elements in the design to create a trendy downshifting on the background of faceless suburban buildings.

The classic arched pergola also often becomes the most spectacular element in the transition from one garden zone to another. The most popular such design looks like this: high side walls of trellises in the form of trellises, and an arch above them from above. It also often serves as a connecting element between different small architectural forms in the garden. It’s good to combine two different arbors, two canopies or even the entrance in front of the bridge.

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Modern landscape designers often notice that the connecting pergola is similar to the last touch of the artist, who collected various inconsistent garden elements on one canvas and connected them into a single unit with a flick of the wrist.

Most often, a pergola is built of wood, although metal and durable plastic will become an acceptable option. The design is simple: there are only four light supports and connected elements repeating among themselves. Moreover, the mounts themselves usually should not be visible.

Believe me, literally one, two, or three pergolas in a small garden can completely transform it, giving it aristocracy, grooming, and grace. Please note: the most beautiful modern gardens are often not without this Italian guest, even if the style itself is a little different.

As for the stylization itself, such an element is indispensable in the landscape garden, Victorian, English and even French. Remember a couple of cult melodramas - it was under the pergola entwined with roses that the most beautiful wedding ceremonies were held.

Do you like these garden buildings? Feel free to get to work: draw a sketch or select the option you like from our photo album, draw a sketch and carefully calculate all the parameters of the future pergola, determine the color and design - and roll up your sleeves!


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