Patio area in the country: step-by-step arrangement with your own hands + design ideas

An open-air living room in the shade of plants is a cozy corner on a site where it is pleasant to retire from the hustle and bustle of the street, enjoying unity with nature or chatting in a pleasant company. With the help of such an element of landscape design as a patio in the country, you can equip a kind of courtyard in your area, where you can spend time devoting it to your favorite pastimes or relaxation. The initial view of this recreation area, which was widespread even during the time of the Roman Empire, was a platform enclosed by high walls of the house. A modern version of the patio as a protective structure involves the use of green hedges, screens and fences. When deciding to equip a patio on your own site with your own hands, it is important first of all to correctly choose a place for this relaxation area.

Choosing a place for arranging a patio

Traditionally, the patio area has a playground at the back of the house.

Thanks to this arrangement, one side of the recreation area becomes completely closed, and the other three are completely open, or fenced from the outside world by gratings, screens or fences

It is very convenient for relaxation, when an additional exit is provided in the wall of the house adjacent to the patio, so as not to bend around the building again, heading to the kitchen for your favorite treat, or to hide from the weather at any time.

You can choose a place under the patio in a cozy shady corner of the garden, where noise and curious views from the street do not penetrate. With the help of mobile screens and trellises, as well as stationary fences and trellises, twined with flowering climbing plants, you can even create an atmosphere of security on the outdoor patio in the garden.

You can learn more about how to choose weaving plants and loaches for decorating the fence from the material: ozelenenie / vyushhiesya-rasteniya-dlya-zabora.html

It’s great if the patio is located near the artificial reservoir so that at sultry noon the air above the site becomes wetter and fresher, thereby providing more comfortable conditions for a good rest

The shape and size of the site will depend on its purpose: to equip the "paradise" is quite enough territory of 2-3 square meters. meters, a company of 3-4 people will comfortably accommodate on a patio of 4 square meters. meter.

We select the best coverage

Since the patio is a paved area, it is advisable to use a dense coating as the base.

Concrete slabs are the most economical and durable version of the coating for the site. The combination of square and rectangular shapes gives an interesting effect

A more elegant design of the site can be obtained using slabs made of natural stone.

Broken sections of products, forming a fanciful pattern, give the surface of the site naturalness and special sophistication

No less solid foundation can be obtained using paving slabs.

The variety of forms and shades of paving slabs allows you to embody any design decisions, laying out various ornaments and patterns

Garden parquet, created on the basis of a combination of wood waste and polymers, has excellent performance characteristics and, unlike natural wood, is not subject to decay.

You can learn how to lay the garden parquet from the material: postroiki / sadoviy-parket-deking.html

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As a wooden coating for outdoor areas, you can use both natural wood flooring and modern building decking material, which is externally difficult to distinguish from real wood planks

We prepare the base and lay the site

So, the first step is to prepare the foundation. The place for the future site is enclosed by pegs. After that, the topsoil is removed from the fenced area, deepening the base by 10-15 cm. To level and equip the site, the recess is filled with a layer of sand, for the purpose of compaction of which alternate watering and rake leveling are used. The height of the sand "pillow" should be 1-2 cm above ground level.

The technology of laying the coating depends on which of the materials the choice is made. In any case, the coating is laid at a slope of 1-3 degrees towards the garden with a tight fit between each other

Concrete slabs and paving slabs can be laid directly on the “pillow” of sand, filling the gaps between stones or tiles with dust or sand sprinkled on top. Wood flooring provides for laying on boards of boards inserted into a wooden frame.

When constructing a base for a patio in a summer house yourself, it is advisable to provide for laying gutters in a width of 40 cm and a depth of 10-15 cm, which will be connected to a common drainage system. Raising the surface level of the patio is 1-2 cm higher than the level of the lawn bordering it, will further facilitate the process of mowing the lawn with a trimmer or lawn mower.

To protect the site from the scorching sun and bad weather above the recreation area, you can make a canopy and translucent polycarbonate. An alternative to a stationary protective structure made of glass or polycarbonate can be tents - mobile structures that can be easily moved to any corner of the garden if desired.

Arrangement of a patio

The patio can also be fenced with hedges, which can be played by tall bushes and conifers. An original addition to the interior can be made not only by plants collected in variegated multi-level mixborders, but also planted as soloists in landing pockets or floor vases.

Dwarf conifers or evergreens planted in the landing pockets of unpaved patio areas will keep the patio attractive and colorful throughout the year

If you want to make the site closed from prying eyes and wind, you can use openwork lattice walls decorated with weaving vines or curly roses as protective structures

Since one of the main conditions for arranging a recreation area is the view of the picturesque landscape, in addition to landscaping, the design of the patio must also include a small architectural decor in the form of a pond or fountain, miniature unusual sculptures, stone paths.

As plants for container gardening, which fill the surrounding area with a pleasant aroma, you can use: laurel trees, rosemary and lavender, as well as tangerine and lemon trees. Patio walls can be decorated with flowerpots with begonias, nasturtiums, ampelous petunias and lobelia.

When choosing garden furniture for arranging a courtyard, it is necessary to be guided not only by its aesthetic appeal, but also by practicality, as well as operational characteristics:

  • Aesthetic and “warm” wooden furniture is not famous for its resistance to weather conditions.
  • Solid and durable forged furniture is quite heavy, it is difficult to move.
  • Light and durable wicker furniture is the best option, since the material used for its manufacture is resistant to stress, exposure to sunlight and high humidity.

Sun loungers and benches, garden sofas and armchairs - these are the elements of the interior that make the patio unique and individual.

An integral part of outdoor recreation is the barbecue. Therefore, in the courtyard it is advisable to pre-allocate a place for the arrangement of the hearth

Also, material on how to build a barbecue with your own hands from a brick will be useful: postroiki / pech-barbekyu-svoimi-rukami.html

In the courtyard it is pleasant to spend time in the evening, enjoying the chirping of grasshoppers and crickets. In the fresh air and comfortable to receive guests, treating the company with a delicious dinner. And since friendly gatherings often end after sunset, the key to a comfortable stay in the evening is lighting.

On the wall adjacent to the house you can hang sconces, in the flower beds - garden figures with solar panels. Around the perimeter of the courtyard, you can install lights on poles or garden torches

Video with helpful tips on creating a patio:

When equipping a patio in a summer cottage, the main thing is to strive not for ostentatious beauty, but to create an atmosphere of comfort in order to always feel comfortable in this man-made space.


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