Overseas grade Alpha: Snow Maiden among grapes

Fans of viticulture living in regions with cold winters, despite everything, find varieties that can be grown even in such conditions. One of the grapes that are not afraid of a fierce winter is Alpha. It is worth telling more about it.

Alpha - traveler across the ocean

This grape appeared in Minnesota - one of the North American States

Alpha grapes are considered technical because they are used in winegrowing for making wine. Thanks to the great strength of growth, long shoots, he found his application in landscape design for landscaping the walls of buildings, fences, arbors.

Gazebo with Alpha: video

This grape appeared in Minnesota - one of the North American states as a result of crossing vines Vitis riparia and Vitis labrusca. The last of these parental forms - labrusca - gives its descendants a specific flavor and aroma of berries that resembles strawberries. It is called fox or isabal.

In the first half of the last century, Alpha entered the territory of the former union among the cuttings of varieties harvested in the United States and brought to Odessa for research. Over time, these grapes began to be grown from the southern regions of Belarus and central Russia to the Far East.

What is interesting about Alpha

With good care, you can get such a crop

First of all, Alpha attracts winegrowers in regions where the cold comes early, because it has an average ripening period, the clusters manage to pour juice and gain a full taste. When grown in the Siberian region, this grape is classified as a variety with a mid-late ripening period. It is resistant to winter frosts. The undoubted advantage of Alpha is its immunity to fungal diseases of grapes.

Alpha bushes are vigorous, when growing a variety for the purpose of harvesting, the vine must be shaped like any grape. Then the berries ripen earlier, the brushes form larger and denser than on unformed bushes. The shoots of the vines of this variety are long, but mature well. Bushes are very thick during the growing season and require trimming stepchildren 2-3 times per season.

Alpha flowers are bisexual, it is well pollinated regardless of the weather and forms medium-sized cylindrical clusters, which sometimes have small wings or converge to a cone in the lower part. Brushes more or less dense, but on unformed vines become loose. This grape is an excellent pollinator for other varieties, which contributes to their productivity.

Alpha grapes are medium-sized and almost round. When ripe, they turn black with a tint of purple or reddish brown. They are covered with a bluish wax coating. The sweet flesh of the berries is juicy, has a bright isabial flavor, but sour.

Alpha grapes: video

Alpha grape statistics: table

The advantages and disadvantages of the Alpha variety are eloquently indicated by the numbers.

Ripening period from the beginning of vegetation140-150 days
The sum of active temperatures from the beginning of the growing season to technological maturity2800 ºС
The average weight of a cluster of Friendship90-100 g, sometimes reaches 150-250 g
Shoot lengthup to 9 meters
Average grape sizeØ15 mm
Grape weight average2-3 grams
Sugar content150–170 g / dm3
The amount of acid in 1 liter of juice10–13 grams
Harvest per hectareup to 14–18 tons
Frost resistanceup to -30 ºС, according to some sources up to -35 ºС
Fungal disease resistancehigh

Alpha will thank for the care

The Alpha variety is very unpretentious, but it responds to attention and care by increasing the yield, so when growing this grape for the purpose of picking berries, you should not ignore the rules for planting, growing and processing grapes.

Place of landing and support

Alpha, like any other grape, loves the sun and fresh air, that's why its bushes are planted in places with good lighting and good ventilation. A pit for planting grapes is prepared according to all the rules - up to 75 cm wide and deep, with a drainage layer and fertilized soil. Alpha grows very quickly and requires reliable support, to which the shoots must be tied in early summer, later the grapes are fixed on their own. Especially important is the garter for the lower shoots so that they do not creep on the ground under the weight of the hands.

Alpha Trimming Features

This grape variety is characterized by a large fecundity of lower shoots. This is important to consider when forming the pruning of bushes in the fall. At the same time, green unripe shoots are removed. On the ripened shoots leave 8-10 eyes, and the slices can be processed with brilliant green.

Summer pruning is sent to thinning the crown and, if necessary, regulating the growth of the bush. In the middle of summer, it is also recommended to remove leaves that obscure the clusters.

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Watering grapes Alpha

If there was little snow in the winter and the spring months were not pleasant with rains, the grapes were watered, bringing up to four buckets of water under each plant. Watering is measured with soil moisture, they are speeded up in hot summers. Excessive watering can damage the plant, causing the clusters to rot on the lower branches.

Top dressing

When growing Alpha, many winegrowers minimize the application of mineral fertilizers, replacing them with compost and wood ash, and in the beginning of summer they add well-rotted manure to horses. If the plant shows signs of nutrient deficiency, humic preparations may be added. At the end of summer, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are introduced to prevent anthracnose.

Preparing the plant for winter

Only the first 2-3 years, young plants of the Alpha cultivar require shelter for the winter, in the conditions of the Moscow Region later it will not be needed. After autumn pruning, flexible shoots are still bent to the ground and covered with "breathing" materials - straw, lapnik, non-woven materials. In their absence, shelter can be made from what is at hand - roofing material, slate, but you should definitely leave slots for ventilation.

Alpha breeding

Cutting and growing layering are two of the easiest ways to propagate a variety. Chubuki (cuttings) of this grape perfectly take root.

Given Alpha's resistance to disease and frost, it is often used as a stock for other varieties.

Pest and Disease Control

Grapes Alpha has excellent natural immunity, it practically does not suffer from fungal diseases. Often there are problems caused by a violation of agricultural cultivation practices.

With chlorosis, which can often appear on sandy or depleted soils, a solution of iron sulfate is introduced into the soil or foliar feeding them.

Antacnosis may occur on acidified soil. In this case, all affected parts of the plant are urgently removed and burned, and the grapes are treated every two weeks with a three percent Bordeaux liquid or systemic fungicides. Powder dusting of the vine with sulfur powder or wood ash will also be useful.

Of the pests, grape fleas most often appear on Alpha vines, which, eating leaf juice, leave noticeable holes in them. With a large number of them, the bushes are treated with Karbofos or Fufanon.

Significant damage to the crop can be done by wasps, at the end of summer eating juice of ripe berries. You can scare them away with the smoke of ignited mosquito coils.

Reviews about grapes Alpha

It grows in a village about 15 years old, wine and stewed fruit are excellent from it. This year I planted a seedling of this variety. They do not deserve to be criticized, it is a technical variety, it will not be suitable for food. to diseases, it’s quite fruitful, the wine made from it is delicious. Having paid attention to it only once during planting, you can do nothing more, and only come and harvest in the autumn, and if you pay more attention, he will thank you with good and good quality harvest. A grade for summer residents.


His Alpha "pay attention" does not work. She plays the role of an impenetrable green fence from the road. Harvest take off after the first autumn frost, which kills the leaves. Then the clusters are clearly visible, and light freezing reduces the acid level in the berries. Although the wine from Alpha is far from being “super”, but the cheap “Monastery hut” “rests” in comparison with Alpha (once it happened to be compared). Sincerely, Igor

Igor BC

The most Alpha. Like my growing, everything is one to one. Yes, in our common people her name is Isabela, but this is not Isabela. I also have 4 days as it began to stain. This year I used it as a stock. Vaccination growth is excellent!


Grapes of the North American grade Alpha, thanks to good endurance and unpretentiousness in care, is an ideal option for beginning gardeners. And landscape designers will appreciate the luxurious green creepers with graceful clusters.


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