Our Crystal Garden (version 10)

"Our Garden Crystal" - a program for landscape design and design, a program for landscape design and design of a garden plot with three-dimensional viewing of the created project. does not require special computer training. It consists of a three-dimensional planner, photo editor that allows you to work with digital photography of an object, an encyclopedia of plants and a resource editor that allows you to add your own three-dimensional models and textures.

Additional three-dimensional models for the Our Garden program are batch imported into the program and automatically integrated into the object library. The user has the ability to change the color of the model or its parts.

Tasks to be solved:

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  • Selection of plants for the project according to 25 parameters. Filtration of more than 17, 000 encyclopedia plants by such parameters as plant type, growth zones, plant height, flower color, flowering time, relation to the sun, watering, frost resistance and many other parameters in order to maximize compliance with the requirements.
  • Landscape design according to the photo. The project is created in a photo editor based on digital photography. In this photograph, areas such as paths or lawns are encircled and filled with textures such as gravel or grass. Next are stones, benches, lamps, plants from the program libraries. The created plan can be viewed in various months of the year.
  • Landscape design according to the given sizes and 3D visualization of the project. The project is created in the planner in the “top view” mode: paths and fences are laid, buildings and lamps are placed, decorative elements and plants are placed. The created project can be viewed in 3D mode in various months of the year and time of day, evaluate the growth of plants and the distribution of shadows from objects, make a calculation and video presentation of the project.
  • Use of photos in the project. One of the possibilities of the scheduler is the use of photographs of real objects to display bright individual details of the project.
  • Editing a relief. When creating a project, it is possible to raise, lower and tilt in any direction of arbitrarily selected areas of the plan. This is necessary if the projected area has a pronounced slope or when creating, for example, alpine slides.

Interface Languages: Russian

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Shipping Method: Electronic Delivery

You can purchase a licensed version of the program here - the price is 3500 rubles.


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