Once a year, gardens bloom, or like cherry blossoms

In many countries, the cherry orchard is a symbol of family, prosperity and homeland. A flowering cherry often personifies the bride with her innocence and purity. A tree dressed in a snow-white blanket in April or May evokes admiration and a desire to admire this gentle beauty. And becoming a symbol of Japan, blooming sakura gives rise to a new life cycle.

How cherry blossoms

Sung by poets, cherry belongs to the pink family. The most common type is ordinary cherry.

Her white flowers are collected in inflorescences in the shape of an umbrella.

What color cherry blossoms

The cherry flower is actinomorphic, i.e. having at least two planes of symmetry dividing it into two equal halves, with a double perianth. It consists of five non-growing sepals; there are also five petals; they are free; stamens 15–20; one pistil - a characteristic feature of the plum subfamily; upper ovary.

Pollinated ordinary cherry by insects.

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Blooming cherry leaves no one indifferent

How many days does the cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms usually last for 7–10 days, and in cloudy weather it can last up to two weeks.

When cherry blossoms - flowering time

Cherry blossoms until the vegetative buds open, sometimes simultaneously with it. The time of onset of flowering depends on the growth zone and specific weather conditions. The beginning of flowering is usually associated with an increase in temperature to + 100C. Mass flowering begins if the average daily temperature + 100C is held for two weeks. In cool weather, it drags on for up to two weeks.

By the timing of flowering, cherries can be divided into early, medium and late flowering.

Blooming cherry and bee need each other

Flowering time depending on the area of ​​growth - table

Growing areaFlowering timeFeaturesMost common varieties
UkraineEnd of April - beginning of MayUkrainian Griot, Tray, Early bunny, Amorel, Large fruited bunny, Elegant, Toy
The middle strip of RussiaMay 7–10Cherry blossoms often occur in rainy weather. During this period, the bees do not fly and do not pollinate the flowers. As a result, you can be left without a crop. The way out of this situation is the planting of self-fertile varieties that are able to pollinate without the help of insects with their own pollen.Apukhtinskaya, Youth, Diamond, Black-cork, Meeting, Lyubskaya, Chocolate girl, Fatezh, Chermashnaya, Ryazan's gift, Iput, Tyutchevka, Oryol early, Kharitonovskaya, Kursk spanka, Anniversary, Shubinka
Moscow regionMay 7–10It is difficult to get a high cherry crop in the Moscow Region.Apukhtinskaya, Youth, Diamond, Meeting, Lyubskaya, Chocolate girl, Fatezh, Chermashnaya, Gift of Ryazan, Iput, Tyutchevka, Oryol early, Poetry, Kid, Coral, Moscow Griot
KrasnodarEnd of April - beginning of MayLyubskaya, Apukhtinskaya, Shpanka, Krasnodar sweet, Novella, Nord-star, Orlitsa
CrimeaApril 20–27Early English, Podbelskaya, Anadolskaya
KubanApril 20–27Lyubskaya, Apukhtinskaya, Shpanka, Krasnodar sweet, Novella, Nord-star, Garland,
St. PetersburgThe end of May - the beginning of JuneCold, rainy weather interferes with the formation of a good crop.Vladimirskaya, Ruby, Asterisk, Lyubskaya, Shimskaya shpanka, Rainbow, Zarnitsa, Bagryanaya, Amorel Nikiforova
Ural and Siberian regionsThe end of May - the first decade of June

(May 20–25 - early flowering,

May 25-30 medium flowering,

June 1–5 late flowering)

For the Urals, middle and late flowering are more suitable. In this case, they are less likely to freeze.Maksimovskaya, Lighthouse, Snowstorm, Zmeinogorskaya, Ashinsky ordinary, Ob, Robin
RostovThird decade of AprilLyubskaya, Zhukovskaya, Competitor, Lada, Livenka, Meteor, Kharitonovskaya

Cherry Blossom - Spring, Beauty, Life - video

When does a cherry blossom? This question is far from idle. After all, a flowering cherry orchard is not only a beauty to the eye, but also a hope for a successful harvest of your favorite fruits. And if the flowering took place at the right time, and the weather did not disappoint, then the harvest will surely please both the gardeners themselves and those who simply love the fragrant berry.


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