My option for laying a garden path that even a fragile woman can do

Two years ago, our family bought a plot in an old garden partnership at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, cheapness had its reasons: there is no well or well on the site, and there is no central water supply in horticulture. But about fifty meters from our summer cottage a wide stream flows merrily. The water in it is clean and clear, and the coast is very picturesque. In rainy years it looks more like a river. This I mean that with a great desire, you can even swim in it.

But here's the problem - to get to the stream, you need to overcome the thickets of grass, blackberry and young willow. Walking through these jungles is not a burden to me, but it’s not possible to get a few buckets of water to irrigate the garden. My husband, who works for days, categorically refuses to solve my problem. Like, he bought a summer cottage for relaxation, so when he arrives here he crawls into a hammock, and my attempts to extract it from there end in failure. This summer, the teenage son avoids traveling to the country at all, which, however, does not surprise me.

This year I decided that the problem with water needs to be solved somehow. Well, it’s stupid to let the tomatoes die from drought when there is plenty of water near the side! Yes, and I have enough time.

On the territory of our gardening there is a store built back in Soviet times. This year it was being repaired. The result of dismantling the floor was a pile of broken tiles dumped near the store. When I first saw this disgrace, I resented loudly. But now, remembering the landfill of construction waste, I was delighted. Armed with a wheelbarrow, I went to the store. Having rummaged in a heap for about an hour, I scored enough whole and broken tiles of different colors. Several times I was lucky, and I came across pieces of the floor, consisting of three or four tiles.

In a few walks, I took my booty to our garden house and started clearing the track. With the help of the sickle, I got rid of the grass, secured the blackberry shoots with a pruner, and cleared the willow thickets with an ax. Of course, I had to sweat, but with songs and a good mood, I can cope with not such difficulties. Two days later, from the porch of my house, I already saw a stream gleaming among the greenery.

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I evenly covered the resulting glade with sand, since after digging a pond in the area we had a whole mountain left. I leveled the sand pillow and rammed it with a regular board. The resulting layer is about 5 centimeters.

The next stage of my construction work was the most creative. I started laying out a puzzle of tiles in the sand. I did not try to put the pieces closer together, rather, on the contrary, there were decent gaps between the tiles. That was my idea: after a while the grass will break through, a layer of turf will turn out and will only strengthen my path. And I will cut the grass from time to time. When the mosaic was folded, I began to trample down the tiles so that each one finally found its place. In some places it was necessary to pour sand and even gravel, but the result in the end turned out to be excellent.

Once again I threw sand and swept the path with a hard broom so that the sand filled the gaps. I needed a lot of water to complete the job. But the path to the creek was now open, so that was no longer a problem. With a watering can, I carefully shed the gaps between the tiles so that the sand “grabbed”. Everything! My mosaic path was ready.

At the weekend my husband arrived and was stunned. Standing on the bank of the stream, he wondered if he could get a fishing rod. And then, silently and on his own initiative, he made bridges.

In general, this path to the creek has changed our country life. At any time, we could take a walk to the stream, bathe in the heat, sit on the shore in the evenings, enjoying the picturesque view. And my garden bloomed violently.


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