Motokosa - the best tools for home and garden

The dream of lawns with emerald grass, perfectly mowed and densely planted, haunts many owners of cottages and private homes. After all, it is known firsthand that weeds make their way in any territory and quickly grow even on the site of ennobled lawns. In the last century, unnecessary grass was mowed with a scythe, and now it is eliminated with the help of modern gardening equipment - motokos and trimmers.

What are motokosa

Motokosa is a garden equipment designed to work to eliminate thickets, mowing grass and ennoblement of the house and household territory. They even began to be used in agriculture for harvesting hay. The following types of motokos are distinguished:

  1. for domestic use;
  2. for professional use.

Professional series are used on an industrial scale for working with large volumes, in communal and agricultural sectors. Such models are produced with an engine power of 1.8 hp. They have a trimmer head with fishing line and a steel knife. The fishing line is installed with a thickness of 2.4 mm, and the knife - on 3, 4, 8 petals. At a professional motokosa, the rod is non-separable, inside which the shaft works. This protects the device from dust, sand or dirt.

The shaft inside the non-separable rod is flexible and rigid. The flexible shaft prevents the gearbox from breaking if the knife hits a stone, and the hard one does not deform under load.

Motor-scythes for domestic use are used for work in personal plots, in house adjoining territories, kitchen gardens and lawns. They are less powerful, their engine power is not more than 2 hp. A trimmer head with fishing line and knife can be included in the package.

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Distinctive features of domestic motokos are:

  • the presence of a curved bar for maneuvers in hard-to-reach places;
  • D-shaped and bicycle handles;
  • the ability to disassemble the rod for comfortable transportation and storage.

The cost of household models is much lower than professional. For a territory of 15-20 acres, the use of a household scythe is suitable.

Basic rules for choosing and working with motokosa

Before you buy a motokosa, it is recommended to know about such parameters as power and type of engine, cutting system and the area of ​​the treated area.

The type of engine is one of the important parameters, since a gas-powered tool generates a lot of noise than a mains-operated tool. However, electric scythes are inconvenient and sometimes inaccessible to use on the territory without access to electricity. Battery options are an alternative to gasoline and electric models.

To eliminate coarse grass, weeds and small bushes, it is recommended to purchase a model with trimmer fishing line and knife.

After the purchase, it is important to use the garden tool correctly. It is necessary to prepare the site before starting work with the tool. To do this, it is recommended to remove all rubbish, branches and stones from it. When working with a scythe, it is important to follow the safety rules:

  • use the tool with a protective shield;
  • work in safety glasses;
  • in between work, hold the tool by the handle or bar.

Before starting work with the new gasoline engine brushcutter, it is recommended to add a little oil to the fuel mixture. Such a fuel mixture is suitable for 2 weeks.


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