The most beautiful types of dahlias: 28 photos

In the middle of summer luxurious flowers bloom - dahlias. They are especially loved by gardeners due to their chic look. Plus, “dáhlias” (Latin name) are not very demanding for care, and a long flowering period allows you to enjoy them until the fall.

Dahlia is a plant in the Astro family, originally from Mexico, but today it is distributed throughout the world. In the 18th century, dahlia tubers were brought to Europe and grown in royal gardens. The flower was given the Russian name “Dahlia” in honor of the German scientist Johann Gottlieb Georgi, who made a considerable contribution to Russian science. According to some reports, there are more than forty species of dahlias. And the variety of varieties, hybrids and subspecies is simply amazing!

Spherical or pompon dahlias

The inflorescences of these species are distinguished by their unique spherical shape, which is obtained due to the special bending of terry petals arranged in dense rows.

Gergin collar

In the flowers of the collar dahlias, the outer row consists of large petals, and inside are smaller and thinner ones painted in a contrasting color.

Fringed dahlia

Large thick terry flowers of this dahlia are unusually spectacular. They have dissected edges on the petals.

Decorative Dahlia

The most numerous and diverse type of dahlia.

Decorative Dahlia "Ferncliff Illusion"

Decorative Dahlia "Vancouver"

Decorative Dahlia "Kogane Fubuki"

Dahlia "Sam Hopkins"

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Decorative Dahlia "Colorado"

Decorative Dahlia "White Perfection"

Dahlia "Rebecca's World"

Dahlias cactus and semi-cactus

This name was given to dahlias for the original needle-shaped petals of inflorescences, similar to a narrow long tube. Petals can be curved, as well as dissected at the ends.

Cactus Dahlia "Cabana Banana"

Cactus Dahlia "Black Jack"

Cactus Dahlia "Karma Sangria"

Semi-Cactus Dahlia “Playa Blanca”

Dahlia Orange Turmoil

Anemone Dahlia

Received the name for its resemblance to terry anemone. The central part of the inflorescence consists of long tubules-petals, most often yellow shades. Petals of the outer rows are flat and slightly elongated.

Unfortunately, in a cut form, this watery flower will quickly fade, but as a summer and autumn decoration of the garden, it is indispensable.


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