Mirrors as an original element of the garden: creating optical illusions

Mirrors, which are often credited with an aura of mystery and riddles, are capable of making the simplest things at first glance unusual. Many landscape designers use the ability of mirrors to create optical illusions and visually increase the space to transform a garden or a private courtyard into a truly fabulous corner. After all, mirrors are amazingly capable of changing the garden landscape, and with it the general mood.

In recent years, masters of landscape design are increasingly using new non-standard solutions when decorating the territory near the house. Using all kinds of mirrors when decorating the garden provides the opportunity to achieve often interesting effects.

Reflecting the landscape of the area, the mirrors create the illusion of endless perspective. They are able to give the garden a special revitalization and diversity.

Mirror design on the garden plot is also of interest because there is nothing to limit the imagination of the master. Indeed, in the open area there are no walls or an uncomfortable layout. But for creativity, there’s more than enough.

Tricks for making flower beds

Flower arrangements and elegant flower beds are frequent “residents” of suburban areas. They fill the landscape with bright colors, and the surrounding space with a marvelous pleasant aroma. You can make them even more attractive with the help of all the same mirrors. And it is not at all necessary to use pieces of traditional rectangular and square shapes. Surfaces with uneven cut edges will look much more interesting.

The use of mirrors casting "bunnies" in the sunshine will make the garden more diverse and dynamic, making the landscape deeper and more spectacular

Properly placed mirrors will favorably shade the brightest edges of a flower bed. As these or varieties bloom, the mirrors can be rearranged so that they reflect only blooming buds. And each time, in the foreground, the most spectacular and pleasing flowers will flaunt in the foreground.

Yes, and the fragments of a broken mirror can be safely used, creating a fabulous looking glass in the garden. Mirrored mosaic panels can be a spectacular decoration of rock gardens and rockeries, framing mixborders and flower beds. They will propagate elegant floral arrangements, emphasize their most attractive sides and successfully hide unsightly corners.

Mirrors placed behind lush plants can create real magic. They will create the illusion of dense and dense greenery, thereby enhancing the color of the planted plant

Mirrors near ponds

With the help of a mirror, even a small fountain can surprisingly transform into a spectacular structure with a powerful water stream. Water jets, reflected in the mirror surface, will acquire additional volume and dynamics. The master of landscape art achieved the same effect by placing a mirror behind a small pond.

The mirror surface visually doubled the reflection of the water surface, making the small garden visually more spacious and light

Owners of sites that do not have the desire or ability to equip a real body of water near the house will equip dry streams as elements of the water element. Improvised riverbeds of sources, like traces left by real streams in the form of a winding path and sea pebbles, adorn many gardens.

To create the effect of "living" water, designers use transparent glasses that are placed between natural stones. Fragments of a mirror can perform the same task. They, like drops of water, will sparkle in the sun, creating the effect of movement and fullness of flows. Painted glass fragments, combining perfectly with stone chips and sea pebbles and shimmering in the sun at different angles, will create the illusion of a stream flowing.

The source will look especially impressive if you decorate its edges with a lawn, decorate it with small crumbs, creating an uneven natural border

A mirror can successfully imitate a decorative pond. To equip the "pond" it is enough to place the mirror surface in a horizontal position on an open lawn or lawn and decorate it with stones, flower arrangements, garden figures.

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If you place the mirror at a small angle, you can even achieve the effect of water movement. By combining materials, playing with their placement, you can create real waterfalls from stones and mirror fragments.

Masking unsightly areas

The walls of outbuildings and unsightly corners in the garden are easily masked by all those mirrors. With their help it is easy even to “revive” a boring impenetrable fence.

Having fixed the reflective canvas to the vertical surface of the fence, you can make a real cozy corner, hidden high, but at the same time visually cumbersome "screen" from prying eyes

Mirrors will come in handy even if you need to illuminate the shaded corners in the garden. It is only necessary to arrange the mirror surfaces at a slight angle so that a piece of the sky is reflected in them.

The wall of the cozy courtyard, decorated in the Provencal style, creates the effect of continuing the path. It seems that the wall of the building is permeable and serves only as an arch leading to the garden

To hide an unattractive building, it is enough to place the mirror surface perpendicular to the slope on the retaining wall. To achieve the desired effect, the reflective surface must be kept clean.

Wanting to achieve maximum effect when installing mirrors, pay attention to the "picture" - reflection. This case is not in a hurry. Play with the placement and the angle of the canvas to get the most beautiful look. Having placed a mirror opposite the most beautiful corner in the garden, you will present yourself another picturesque corner of the landscape.

A cursory glance at the winding path gives the impression that it is endless. It seems that just go through the vaulted arch and you will find yourself in a secret garden

The perspective effect is created by a vertically placed mirror canvas skillfully decorated for a passage with a vaulted arch

Creating garden decorations

Mirror mosaic is a universal material for creating spectacular garden decorations. Glass elements of decor will add a touch of colorfulness and dynamism to the familiar landscape.

An unforgettable game of sun bunnies can be obtained by adding balls coated with mirror paint or decorated with mosaics to flower arrangements

Forged gates at the main entrance to the site can be decorated with decorative butterflies with mirrored wings. The path to the house along the contour can be laid out with a glass mosaic, and decorate the arches with climbing plants decorating it with a mosaic of mirrors so that the flowering plants find a spectacular reflection in them.

Even an ordinary fruit tree, the trunk circle of which is lined with fragments of mirrors will initially look in the open area

As an alternative to mirror paintings, vinyl mosaic and mirror plastic can be used. And working with them is much easier than with natural material.

Amazing illusions will help to achieve mirrors of a round and oval shape.

By placing the oval paintings vertically, you can get a visual effect of the expansion of space. But if you place them at an angle facing the sun, you can create the effect of porthole windows reflecting the sky

Decorating the garden with mirrors is a fascinating creative process. The main thing - no matter how you use the mirrors, they must be securely fixed, and during operation to keep the surface clean.


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