Making a foot shower-tramp: do-it-yourself workshop

Shower helps to escape from the heat in the hot summer days, so all owners of summer cottages dream of building it. The most common summer shower designs include a wooden or metal frame with a capacious water tank mounted on top. This structure is being erected on an elevated site, while the use of used water is provided for in a small septic tank or drainage well. Not every summer resident immediately manages to build such a capital shower. Solve the problem allows a mobile and compact device. Organizing the reception of water procedures at any time convenient for this will help the shower-trampler, a variety of models of which are implemented in the distribution network. Most people who relax in the summer at their country cottages find it easier to purchase a finished product than puzzle over the manufacture of a home-made device. It is not difficult for a masterful summer resident, who has understood the device and the principle of operation of the invention to be sold, to make a shower with his own hands.

How is the stomp shower?

The device of the soul-trample is not particularly difficult. Its design consists of a minimum of parts:

  • pairs of rubber pedals with valves built into them;
  • pairs of corrugated hoses;
  • shower head watering can.

In some models, instead of two pedals, a rubber rug made of durable material used in the manufacture of products for medical facilities is present in the design of the shower-tundra. The pumps built into the mat work on the principle of the “frog” foot pump known among motorists and fishermen. The latter with the help of such simple equipment pump boats.

Ready-made model of shower-tundra, offered by manufacturers for use in a country house, not equipped with a shower booth and stationary summer shower

Instead of corrugated hoses, some manufacturers use regular tubes with smooth, thin walls. Such tubes during operation of the product, as well as during its storage, can break in the places of bending, which, in the end, can lead to a violation of their integrity and early failure of the entire structure of the mobile shower. In addition, “creases” impede the free passage of water through the system. If necessary, damaged hoses can easily be replaced with new ones purchased on the market, and even increase if desired.

Another foot shower model that has the same operating principle but is slightly different in design and components used.

What is the pressure of water and what does it depend on?

Actively stepping feet on the mat, a person pumps water heated to the optimum temperature from any tank: bucket, canister, tank, inflatable pool, etc. At the same time, water flows from a shower head under a pressure of 2-2.5 m. True, the uniformity of the flow of water jets should provide the man himself. As soon as the summer resident stops working with his feet, the flow of water stops immediately. On the one hand, it’s not very convenient, but on the other, it’s an economical flow of water. A single shower requires only ten liters of water. Of course, not everyone will like to do aerobics when taking a shower. Although many summer residents during this procedure, the mood rises, especially among women. After all, you can not only rinse with water, but also the figure "pump".

What else is good for a cottages country shower is that it can be used even in a shower cabin mounted on a summer cottage from improvised materials, even in an open area anywhere in the area. The product is compact and lightweight, so it can be transported without any effort to the place of use.

Manufacturing option homemade soul-trample

You can build a homemade foot stomp shower according to the following scheme:

Scheme of the home-made device of the foot-shower-foot, according to which any summer clerk can try to build a house for receiving water procedures in the country


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  1. Portable car foot pump.
  2. Rubber hose.
  3. Capacity plastic with a cover.
  4. Wooden or rubber cork.
  5. The tube is plastic or metal.
  6. Shower head.

The D1 symbol indicates the diameter of the hole in the plastic container in the diagram. The distance D2 must exceed D1 by 10 mm.

Place the container in a sunny place and fill it with water. While the water is warming naturally, do your current business. There is always a lot of work in the country. If you have no time to wait, then you can use water heated by electrical appliances. The main area of ​​work is the manufacture of corks, in which two holes must be made for the tubes of different diameters. One hole should be 10-12 mm, and the other a little larger: 18-20 mm. Insert tubes into these holes. Please note that a larger diameter tube should reach almost to the bottom of the container.

Then they put hoses on both tubes. Air is supplied to the water tank with a portable foot pump through a smaller hose. Such a pump is called a “frog” among drivers. A shower head is attached to the end of the second hose. All parts are connected as shown in the diagram. If desired, a watering can is mounted on a tree, a fence, the wall of a country house to free hands. It is even more convenient to use a holder from which a hose with a shower head can be easily removed if necessary.

This simple foot shower design, easily assembled by one person, can be improved. To do this, use a watering can with a tap. Having closed the tap, the pressure in the tank is pumped up to a level sufficient for the water to flow for a while from the watering can in a uniform and saturated stream. Then the pressure is again slightly increased by depressing the pedal of the portable pump.

Such a home-made design of the soul-tundra can be used in the country as one person or several. In the latter case, a person taking a shower does not need to worry about pumping water. This will be done by the “comrade in procedure”. Then friends just change places.

Areas of application for such a foot shower

In addition to the main purpose, the installation pumping liquid from the tank can be used:

  • for washing a car, windows of a summer residence, paths and sidewalks laid on a site;
  • spraying plants grown in the country;
  • watering individual beds with warm water.

A homemade shower-toptun, assembled according to the described option, is not suitable for use in an apartment during a period of lack of hot water supply. This function is perfectly handled by models sold in the distribution network. Therefore, for this purpose, it is better to purchase one of the models of portable shower devices offered by manufacturers, discussed at the beginning of this article.

The use of the soul of the tundra for watering a flower bed. The red hose is lowered into a bucket of water, and the black hose is equipped with a watering can (left-overs)

To constantly use such a design of a country shower is still not entirely convenient. Over time, it is better to build a stationary shower with a capacity, a comfortable booth providing a place for changing rooms and placing bath accessories. On cloudy days, the water does not heat up to a comfortable temperature, therefore it is recommended to equip a stationary outdoor shower with electric heating. In the meantime, hands have not reached the construction of such an object, a toptun shower, whipped up on its own or bought ready-made in stores specializing in the sale of goods for recreation, cottages, and fishing, will completely come down.


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