Making flower beds in the country with your own hands: basic rules and planting schemes

Flower beds and flowerbeds on the plot are intended primarily for aesthetic pleasure. But in addition to this, they play another important role: acting as a continuation of the house, flower arrangements allow you to visually combine the appearance of the building with the vegetation of the garden into a single whole. Knowing the secrets of landscape designers on how to design a flower bed will allow any gardener to create floral arrangements in his suburban area that, in addition to aesthetic appeal, will create an atmosphere of harmony and comfort.

General rules for creating a beautiful flowerbed

Thinking over the design of the flowerbed with your own hands, it is advisable to follow the basic rules of landscape design.

Rule # 1 - picture integrity

Garden - a picture that develops from a collection of landscape compositions. The task of the gardener: to bring each of the elements of the landscape to perfection. Pointless planting of plants in the area will not give the desired result. Therefore, not being able to plant greenery on the entire territory, for a start it is worth ennobling only a small part of it, but making it complete.

Beautiful harmonious flower beds are created by combining mixed plantings, in which there are both annuals and perennials, both flowering and decorative deciduous plants

Rule # 2 - placement of plants by growth

The principle of multi-tier provides for the placement of ground cover and low-growing plants in the foreground, which act as a frame for beautiful flowering medium-sized flowers.

Medium-tall perennials, speaking soloists of the flower garden, will become the center of attention. Solitaires look most impressive against the background of tall plants having decorative foliage or flowers of contrasting shades. Successful and combinations of tall perennials and their medium-tall escorts, harmonizing in color and shape.

Quite unpretentious and at the same time possessing an expressive texture of leaves and color diversity, the ground covers, capable of filling up empty spaces fairly quickly, are ideal for decorating flower beds in the country

Rule # 3 - Flower Garden Architecture

Depending on the landscape features of the site and its size, the design of flower beds can be performed both in the form of flat compositions, and slightly raised and framed by decorative tiles or stones.

The shapes of flower beds can be very diverse, starting with free ones that do not have pronounced borders and ending with original curly and wave-like

In order to give an unusual shape to the flower garden, you can use any household items: barrels and baskets, old cars, boats and even beds

In order to arrange a flower bed in front of the house, which will become an expressive decoration of the garden and will delight with blooming splendor throughout the season, it is necessary to first draw her plan on paper. This creative work will allow not only to organize thoughts in the head, but also to visualize the images of floral arrangements, creating the most successful combinations.

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It is advisable to use colored pencils for work: bright colors of spots of schematic images of group and pinpoint tapeworm plantings in the flower garden will allow you to correctly distribute plants with different colors and flowering times

According to the plan, terry mallow (1) will be placed in the background next to the decorative sunflower Bear (2), in front of it are bushes of poppy (3) and St. John's wort (4). Lobelia tape (5) will add dynamism to the composition. Catnip (6), bell (7) and Kalanchoe (8) will place purple-blue accents. Gravity (9), stonecrop (10) and aquilegia (11) will occupy the foreground

The drawn up scheme is only a kind of rough sketch: the final decision on the optimal placement of flowers will come during planting.

Schemes for the original design of flower beds

By carefully selecting and combining flowering plants, you can create many variations of flower beds, in which beauty will reign from the first days of spring until the frosts. Significantly facilitate the process of creating flower beds will allow finished projects of flower beds.

Option # 1 - a central flower bed

The layout of the central flower bed is one of the simplest.

The shape of the flower garden has the form of concentric circles: the center is filled with dark-leafed cannons (1), which act as soloists of the composition, then green-leafed cannes (2), decorative leaf hyphalium (3) and snapdragon (4) are planted in circles.

Option # 2 - "Vienna Flower"

One of the ways to beautifully design a round flowerbed is to create a composition in the shape of a flower. The flowerbed, decorated in the form of a six-leaf flower, looks especially elegant and festive, and therefore it is desirable to assign a central place in the garden under its arrangement.

The center of the composition is the beautiful white levkoy (1), the border is the alpine forget-me-not border planting (2) against the background of lawn grass (3). The outer contour of the ornament is created by viola (4), primrose (5), zinnia (6), framed by decorative foliage motley beauties alternater (7) and achirantes (8)

Option # 3 - “Fancy Pattern”

A round flowerbed decorated with many repeating wave-like elements, which are decorated with a motley company of sun-loving perennials, allows you to create a real parade of flowers on the sunny scene.

In the center of the flowerbed there was a squat chamerops (1) with a chic crown of fan leaves, a dahlia of zinnia covered in its shadow (2), the contrasting background of which was a coleus (3). Tapestry plantings of dracaena (4) in combination with group plantings of pelargonium (5) and begonia (6) create a fancy curl pattern that looks spectacular against the background of lawn grass (7)

Option # 4 - “A piece of cake” in a corner of the garden

A flower garden of this shape can be found in any corner of the garden.

A floral arrangement in burgundy-red tones, bordered by a silver edge, occupying just a couple of meters of area, will become an elegant decoration for the garden

The corner of the flower bed is filled with three bush of daylily with maroon flowers (1), the contrasting background for them are silvery wormwood leaves (2). The center of the composition is the bushes of bright red heichera (3), the bushes of the Macedonian bartender are the corner elements (4), the silver edge is the brush (5)

To everyone who was too lazy to read or who wants to supplement the information received, we suggest watching a video:

The proposed schemes are only a guideline: for the lack of desire or the ability to purchase one or another plant, it can always be replaced with a more favorite flower, presented in the same color scheme and having similar flowering periods.


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