The majestic flower in the flowerbed - 25 photos of gladioli in landscape compositions

"Mission Impossible!" - thought the young man, frowning worriedly. The best student of the Academy of Landscape Design was ready for everything, but not for this ... Having decided to think over the situation in a more relaxed atmosphere, he went to the city park, grabbing his old laptop. A cozy summer cafe, where he loved to relax, was nearby. The guy walked hurriedly, looking suspiciously around. And then he saw them.

On a large flowerbed, tossing up long stems strewn with magnificent buds, beautiful flowers majestically towered.

- Gladioli! The master exclaimed delightedly. Looking around, he smiled happily and decided that now he would surely cope with the term paper.

A young talented designer had to develop a landscape project, which featured flower beds with gladioli. He understood that it would not be easy. Exquisite royal flowers demanding care, do not like very moist soil and prefer a sunny place, protected from drafts. The future landscape stylist once again looked through the window at a noble plant and set to work.

Having connected the laptop to the Internet via Wi-Fi, the guy soon found out that the skewers, so named because of the thin long leaves, differ in flowering time:

  • early flowering;
  • medium flowering;
  • late flowering.

“This will need to be taken into account when planting gladioli so that the flowerbeds do not empty after the buds fall off. It is also worth taking a closer look at the floral retinue, which will cover the lower part of the leaves of the royal person. Perhaps daisies and pansies will look good, and spring tulips and daffodils planted between the stems of gladioli will add color to the background of the green leaves of the skewer, ”the designer thought.

“On flowerbeds and mixborders, gladioli will combine well with hosts, astilbe, petunia and phlox, and when the“ flower king ”finally blossoms, he will undoubtedly attract attention by creating accents. The most important thing is that there should be no motley chaos in the plantings, otherwise the beauty of the gladiolus will fade against the background of the lush flowering of other plants. ”

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“But actually the skewer is self-sufficient and independent, so it will look great as a tapeworm. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the quantity: 15 flowers in a group are enough! ”

“So, now let's see how gladioli look in curbs and discounts. Hmm ... It seems that it is best to plant flowers in a long row, and between them add decorative shrubs with bright foliage or medium-sized flowering plants. Just do not forget about the timing of their flowering. "

“For self-confident gardeners, it is recommended to create a gladularia - gladiolus flower beds. Of course, it will be difficult to choose the right varieties of skewer due to the abundance of their colorful shades, but what a result! I remember in the classes at the Academy they sorted out one interesting technique of cascading flowering when plants of different heights were planted. They can bloom at the same time or, conversely, at different times. Such a flowerbed probably looks very impressive. Well, check ... "- the designer made another note in his notebook.

“Gladioli will look good on the background of conifers and other evergreens. Junipers, boxwoods, arborvitae and spruce are suitable for these purposes. ”

Gladioli on the background of conifers

"The undersized varieties of gladioli combine perfectly with stones on alpine hills and rockeries."

“And gladioli are planted in flower containers and decorate city streets and recreation areas with them. What a stunning flower it is! ”...

While an inquisitive landscape designer is studying the features of growing gladioli, we will summarize. Yes, it is not easy to grow this exquisite flower, but the magnificent splendor of the royal plant undoubtedly deserves our close attention.


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