Live arbors

Live arbors in any garden look absolutely amazing! The main feature is that they consist mainly of living plants, occasionally fixed on a special frame. Moreover, the frame itself requires light, thin, but durable, why, and even a thin metal wire is quite suitable for this purpose. Therefore, something like that, conceived design, with your own hands is capable of any person. In short, lively gazebos are the realization of your most unimaginable projects!

Today's gazebos of this type are being built of various forms and concepts, so long as the plants themselves can stay on all of this. And they, in turn, are of three main types: weaving, crawling and clinging. Depending on what you want to see, you also need to choose the right kind of plant or shrub. Another popular option for live arbors is the use of existing plants, for example, tying their crowns together to get a dome, or pre-planting them according to a special scheme.

The easiest option is to choose the finished gazebo you like and repeat its concept. And you will probably be very surprised by the moment that living arbors do not have to be like simple and shaggy bushes of huge sizes. Not at all! With a creative approach, you can organize real labyrinths in the garden, miniature houses “for the gnomes”, huts for children, and even peculiar hanging gardens.

It is enough to use additional elements such as a pergola, trellis or trellis to create amazing landscape compositions in their design. In addition, they often like to build living pavilions in the form of fantastic huge animals: a hairy spider, the mouth of a lion and the like:

The simplest arbor from living plants that you can build. Its main trump card is the height, which contrasts particularly spectacularly with low garden furniture.

This gazebo is the "entrance to nowhere." These are especially good for creating fashionable gardens with optical illusions, which allows you to visually “break” the landscape geometry and play with its visual parameters.

Spacious gazebo on a wire frame for ordinary garden plastic furniture, braided with a variety of decorative grapes. Both beautiful and practical.

Live gazebo in a Chinese-style seasoned to the smallest detail, on a thin metal metal frame and with the same elegant garden furniture. The high roof and curved edges gracefully distinguish this design from the usual shaggy bush-arbor.

Live gazebo in a Chinese-style seasoned to the smallest detail, on a thin metal metal frame and with the same elegant garden furniture. The high roof and curved edges gracefully distinguish this design from the usual shaggy bush-arbor.

Gorgeous festive arbor with artificial lighting inside, for romantic evenings and family celebrations in the warm season.

Such a gazebo is a real secret room in the garden. Finding it by chance will not work: hidden behind luxurious lush sunflowers, this one serves as a wonderful place for the game for children and lovers to be in silence.

A wonderful gazebo, which is hidden behind the entrance from a hedge and a white plastic pergola. A true attribute from the famous fairy tales of Alice in Wonderland.

A beautiful arbor from the specially arranged branches of a weeping willow. Perfect for a landscape garden and looks magical!

Futuristic-style domed gazebo, open to the sun from the warm south side. Fashion trend!

A small arbor-sphere of perennial shrubs, widely planted enough to let in soft sunlight. The gazebo is open immediately on three sides - for three paths.

Live panoramic gazebo made of thin young trees and bright furniture inside. Very gentle, aesthetic and modern - eco-style!

A whole garden under dense crowns in the form of a spacious gazebo, which only by its presence is able to create its own concept of landscape design and become its organizational center.

A fluffy, lively evergreen arbor decorated with shade-loving garden flowers. Bright, well-placed accents give the building a modern touch of style.

A small arbor is a sphere where living plants are combined with wicker wooden elements. Strong, reliable and comfortable in any weather.

This unusual arbor does not really consist of trees tied together, but simply directed in the right direction. Children like this summerhouse, and there is no harm to the tree itself.

The shaggy arbor labyrinth is just the dream of modern cinema. Such a design is so far from modern technological garden structures that it leaves a lasting impression on all guests.

Very beautiful and a Japanese-style gazebo, which is formed by far more than one year. Such small architectural forms are the painstaking and talented work of an experienced gardener.

An excellent gazebo-shell made of interwoven wooden branches and annual climbing plants. Remarkably in harmony with the artificial pond and interior furniture of a trendy eco-color grass.

A tall gazebo with two separate royal-style entrances. Braided by climbing plants, it looks very fresh against the background of neat trimmed grass.

Creative living labyrinth arbor, which was created exclusively from several tall bushes, linking their tops. No foreign materials - only nature itself!

The original arbor-wigwam from the evergreen arborvitae - for children's games and the desired decorative effect. Several of these, located close to each other, look areal in any landscape design.

A living gazebo “from nothing”: just a few trees planted nearby, woven in the crown, and a home-made small bench. What could be easier? And for a rustic garden, such a gazebo is a godsend!

An unusual concept of a lively gazebo using traditional materials and plants directed in a certain way. The latter are doing well!

A truly lively gazebo from a group of stunted trees. The whole landscape ensemble!

Insanely beautiful gazebo in real Japanese style, with a beautiful weaving tree that covered it instead of the roof. For special connoisseurs of oriental art!

A real lively gazebo from the English garden with a weaving rose and subtle ethnic motifs that ennoble modern bright plastic furniture.

A whole recreation area under the grapes in the garden of an ordinary private house. Simple and practical, and more than one millennium from the time of Ancient Rome, people will rest in such arbors.

Creative surreal arbor spider, braided by plants and with built-in lighting from the inside. This is a real art object in every sense!

Dome living arbor with a separate entrance and decorative elements inside, braided by a beautiful variety of girl's grapes.

The real tunnel is a pergola of climbing plants, which perfectly saves from the summer heat and looks original in any area.

A real lively gazebo, which can not be distinguished from afar in the garden from an ordinary overgrown shrub. Often this is a thoughtful move in landscape design, and not an experiment by a beginner summer resident. Fashion is in the details!

An open wooden gazebo with hanging grapevines and rustic furniture. Such a gazebo creates a wonderful motive of an eternal tradition and connection with nature.

Live frame arbor from a circular pliers for shading the desired relaxation area in the garden. It is built on the basis of a fairly light frame, which just needs to be well fixed in the ground.

A secluded gazebo at the end of the garden, hidden under an overgrown deciduous vine. Creating such beauty is easy in just one year!

Durable metal gazebo entwined with curly hydrangea so tightly that not a single ray of light enters. In any weather, in such a gazebo there will be a pleasant wet coolness - like in the jungle.

Another important advantage of live arbors is that in such a garden you use as few foreign materials as possible, which are not only unusual among greenery, but also short-lived. But arbors from plants are so organic in any garden that they do not "conflict" with any of the styles. And finally, only such a gazebo gives a pleasant wet cool in any weather. Both soul and body are resting in it, and just a couple of stylistic touches and bright designer accessories turn such a gazebo into a real art object.

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And the choice of certain climbing plants for a lively gazebo depends on what you want to see on your site in a year or two. So, if you built a fairly strong and tenacious frame, you can plant annual plants that will please with their violent color in spring, or show patience and plant perennials, caring for them, you will get an arbor of incredible beauty, although after 2-3 years. Or give preference to evergreens, which will allow the gazebo not to lose its shape and attractiveness even in winter. Especially fascinating is the evenings in a lively gazebo, if fixtures were installed in it.

Moreover, it is not necessary that the living arbor should be of any standard form. Even if you are building for the first time, create something immediately impressive, asymmetric, areal, and perhaps even frightening. After all, a lively gazebo is designed to surprise, cause delight. And even a child can tie a pair of bushes at the crown - this is not serious.

Build such a lively arbor so that it becomes a real oasis for the soul! Or even several at once, turning them into a real garden labyrinth with passages, arched passages and benches, which will make a single landscape-architectural ensemble. Do not be afraid to take risks and experiment, because plants are living, malleable material, and if necessary their growth will not be difficult to redirect to the other side, which, for example, cannot be turned with a stone or brick.

Please also note: when buying seedlings for the right plants, consult the seller, because some plants actively grow in the sun, others like shade, and if you change these places, the result may be most unexpected. When creating a fairly complex design, we advise you to contact a professional gardener - he will tell you what you can do and how. Also, carefully study the articles of our site - here is just a storehouse of useful tips!


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