Layout of a summer cottage: analysis of the rules for designing plots of various shapes

Happy owners of suburban areas and owners who have just entered into their rights to use land face many nuances: starting from the location of the house, buildings and ending with the elementary planting of fruit trees. Careful planning of the summer cottage will prevent errors that occur when making hasty decisions, and ensure efficient use of the entire territory of the plot.

Basic principles of site planning

The layout of the site of a country house depends primarily on the nature of the relief, the shape of the land cut, neighboring buildings and other features of the area. Important factors are the peculiarity of the site: elevation or lowland, the presence of water sources, the location on the site of a former forest or steppe.

Properly planned space will even accommodate all the ideas of the owner: a cozy house, arrangement of a swimming pool or bath, a quiet corner for relaxation, a chic garden with fruit crops

The layout of the garden plot, which will delight the owners with the lush flowering of crops and active fruiting, requires taking into account the ground level, which may further affect the direction of the flow of rain or melt water.

For the arrangement of a summer cottage, local removal or backfilling of soil, arrangement of a blind area at the walls of buildings, and the organization of drains may be required.

To strengthen the slopes, you can use special structures: terraces and slopes, retaining walls and stairs

The vertical layout of the site will allow you to maximally adapt the existing terrain for the growth of valuable crops, as well as protect the foundations of buildings from rain and flood waters.

The key to successful site planning is also to take into account the parties to the horizon. This will make it possible to rationally place all plantings and buildings, taking into account the sunlight at different times of the day and year. Buildings and large trees are preferably placed on the north side so that the shadow from them does not fall on the green spaces. In addition, the facade of the house, located on the north side of the plot, will face south. This arrangement will allow to achieve natural sunlight in the rooms throughout the daylight hours.

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If the territory allows, it is advisable to equip a front garden between the street and the facade of the house, which will act as a decorative barrier from dust and noise of the street

The best option is the conditional division of the site into functional parts - zones, which are presented:

  • residential area;
  • rest area;
  • zone of outbuildings;
  • garden and garden area.

Rational zoning will allow you to competently distribute the placement of objects of the cottage structure. A tenth of the entire territory is mainly allocated for the residential zone, about 15% of the total area goes to equipping the zone of farm buildings, the largest area is allocated to the garden zone - 50-75%. Allocation of the territory for the arrangement of the recreation area can be carried out by reducing the area for garden crops or outbuildings.

The nuances of planning the basic elements of the landscape

The house is the primary object of development of any site

The layout of the personal plot begins with determining the location of the main building. The subsequent breakdown of the territory depends on the location of the house.

If the main focus of the plot is on the arrangement of the garden area, then it is more preferable to place the house closer to the fence

This will expand the area provided for the cultivation of sun-loving crops, some of which delight with lush flowering, and others with a rich harvest.

If the site is intended primarily for the embodiment of picturesque landscape decisions and relaxation from the bustle of the city, then the placement of the house should also be a harmonious addition to the design idea.

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The easiest design type to implement is an English landscape-style garden: plan / anglijskij-pejzazhnyj-stil-v-landshaftnom-dizajne.html

Placement of farm buildings

In general, first of all, the layout and design of the summer cottage is aimed at maximally rational use of every corner of the territory, hiding little obvious elements of the landscape. A place for farm buildings is allocated in the depths of the site. It is advisable to arrange the buildings so that they do not obscure the green spaces, but at the same time protect the territory from the winds.

In the absence of the ability to place this zone away from home or a recreation area, you can always resort to planting green spaces, the picturesque thickets of which will successfully decorate it

The best option for planning this area is the arrangement of buildings on the northwest side of the site.

Allocation of space for a recreation area

There is no single rule for placement on a recreation area site. Its elements can be found both in several corners of the site’s site, and collected in a single composition in a designated place. A bright decoration of the territory can be an arbor twined with a picturesque clematis or other climbing plant. In such a cozy building it is pleasant to spend time hiding from the scorching sun or heavy rain.

A spectacular addition to the recreation area will be flower beds, a miniature pond framed by hygrophilous plants, neatly laid out looping paths

Closer to the border of the site, you can place a bath or a pool. The layout and content of the site depends only on the wishes and capabilities of its owners.

Sunny plot for the garden area

Under the arrangement of the garden and the garden, the brightest and most open place in the summer cottage is assigned. To get the maximum yield, it is advisable to think over the planting of vegetable and horticultural crops so that they are not obscured by the buildings of the cottage. When choosing garden crops for cultivation on a site, the conditions for their cultivation should be taken into account.

Some of them prefer moisture, others calmly tolerate drought, along with sun-loving representatives of the plant world, shade-hardy specimens can often be found.

Knowing these features, it is easy to give each plant a worthy place in the garden or in the garden, where it will feel comfortable surrounded by a pleasant neighborhood, delighting the owner with a plentiful harvest.

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Examples of breakdown of territory of different shapes

The rectangular shape of the plot

A standard rectangular section is the most preferable option, allowing to realize any ideas of the owner without resorting to special tricks.

This site layout can be applied to any rectangular area.

L shaped section

The main advantage of the configuration of the non-standard form of the site is the isolation of the protruding part, which can be used as a niche, equipping a cozy corner of the recreation area, hidden behind the hedge from prying eyes.

The site, limited on three sides, has a good rest away from the bustle of the city

Triangular shape of the plot

The triangular-shaped plot offers great opportunities for arranging an asymmetric garden, decorated with rounded elements: arbors, lawns and ponds.

The corners of the plot can be used to place utility rooms or furnish a barbecue

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There is nothing complicated in the layout of a suburban area. The main thing is to approach this matter wisely, combining practicality with beauty in order to continue to enjoy being in the lap of nature for many years.


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