Layout and style

Examples of planning plots for 6-20 acres + zoning basics

Having received a plot of land, each owner wants to start developing new properties and realizing his grandiose plans as soon as possible. The layout of a plot of 10 acres or other land area depends on many natural factors, the knowledge of which will transform a regular land into a cozy corner for the rest of the family

Design registration of a recreation area in the country: how to equip a cozy corner in your garden?

Becoming the owner of a country cottage, many of us get a great opportunity not only to grow environmentally friendly products, but also to enjoy relaxing in the fresh air away from the bustle of the city. The recreation area at the cottage is a cozy corner where you can calmly relax, hiding from the whole world, or spend a pleasant evening in friendly company with a barbecue smoke in addition

How to plan a plot of a country house and not make mistakes

The acquisition of a land plot for the construction of a country house is a joyful event. Surely its owner has many plans and wants to immediately begin to implement them. But where to start? You need to start with the layout of the site. After all, you need to know exactly where the house will be located, outbuildings and other facilities whose construction is planned

Layout of the garden and orchard: from the drawing to planting crops in the examples

A rare owner of a private house prefers not to plant fruit trees on his plot. Everyone usually wants to have a fruit garden - in spring, the trees delight with beautiful flowering and aroma, and the fruits and berries from your own garden always seem much tastier than those bought in a store or on the market, in addition, you know that these are environmentally friendly products

Garden landscape design: territory planning + some design techniques

Who decided that the garden cannot become the main decoration of a suburban area? A decorative garden can please not only a rich harvest, but also act as an original decoration of the site. To implement this idea, it is enough to think over the design of the garden and the vegetable garden, in which the vegetable beds will look no less picturesque than the colorful flower beds

Layout a small area: secret tricks to expand space

It often happens that our desires go beyond possibilities. And then it turns out that the idea of ​​creating a house, a garden and several necessary outbuildings on a small plot is faced with objective difficulties: there is simply not enough space for everything conceived. How, in this case, to design a modest space in order to realize that for which everything was started? Af

Site planning standards: distance from the fence to buildings, a complete overview of the rules and regulations

When planning to build a fence, any owner of a suburban area tries not only to identify the material boundaries of his territory, but also to protect the property from the idle interest of passers-by and the attempt on the property of uninvited guests. Therefore, at the planning stage of the site, one of the key aspects, the solution of which must be approached with responsibility, is the distance between the fence and the building

Layout of a summer cottage: analysis of the rules for designing plots of various shapes

Happy owners of suburban areas and owners who have just entered into their rights to use land face many nuances: starting from the location of the house, buildings and ending with the elementary planting of fruit trees. Careful planning of the summer cottage will prevent errors that occur when making hasty decisions, and ensure efficient use of the entire territory of the plot

Ideas for a country hearth: options for arranging a campfire on a site

Hearth - the personification of family comfort and warmth. The soaring flames and the melodic crackling of logs mesmerizes and soothes, tuning in to relaxation and a pleasant rest. It is pleasant to gather around the fire in the evening, enjoying communication with households and friends. To be able to enjoy the magic of open fire on your site, you can equip a special area for recreation, a key element of which will be a fireplace

Rules for the preparation of the dendroplan of the site and the payroll

You can achieve spectacular landscaping of the land by carefully planning the landscape. Plants must be placed beautifully on the landscaped area, adhering to a certain order so that they do not interfere with each other's growth. The purchase of planting material is carried out taking into account the existing plantings

Landscape style in landscape design: know English romance

The landscape style in landscape design imitates a natural landscape. Therefore, at first it may seem that when creating such a park there will not be any special difficulties, in fact, you need to take into account and know a lot: the local flora, landscape features, have a sense of proportion and artistic taste

Japanese rock garden - uncovering the basics of oriental style

In garden art, style means a combination of traditions, canons, receptions and principles that ensure the unity of the figurative system of the garden, its generalized ideological and artistic content. The stylistics of the garden in Japan was formed under the influence of the surrounding nature. A peculiar flora, islands framed by great waters, short full-flowing rivers, lakes of various origins, beautiful mountains

How to elevate a summer cottage: a selection of the best tips for improvement

Looking through magazines with picturesque illustrations on the theme of "landscape design", there is always a desire to decorate your suburban area, realizing your creative ideas and ideas in this way. But how to refine a summer cottage, having only a great desire to create a cozy corner, but without having great financial opportunities

How to beautifully decorate the courtyard of a private house: some simple ideas from decorators

Spring and summer time in the countryside - this is a time of relaxation, fantasy and magic. Using inexpensive tools and materials, you can turn ordinary summer cottages into a fairy garden, a lush flower garden or an elegant park with a sparkling fountain, graceful statues and mosaic paths. It is pleasant in the late evening to relax with your family on the shore of a picturesque pond, and the neighbors are unlikely to pass by the beautiful courtyard of a private house, decorated with man-made decorations

Regular style in landscape design: characteristic features and selection of plants

Much depends on the appearance of the infield. It's no secret that being outdoors relieves stress, calms, pacifies and charges the body with clean energy. The site where the landscape design is carefully thought out, made in one style, and the plants look well-groomed and luxuriant, will always cheer you up, allowing you to find your lost peace of mind

Strengthening slopes and slopes on the site: an overview of the 5 most effective ways

In the view of the resident of the metropolis, a suburban area is a piece of paradise with a beautiful house, green lawns, fragrant flower beds, a brook or a pool, neatly broken beds. But often the reality is directly opposite to fairy tales, and you get a plot with a ravine or on the edge of a hill

We equip the garden in the style of minimalism: for those who love a laconic aesthetics

Conciseness, simplicity and expressiveness are three key parameters of the architectural style of minimalism. It is based on the principles of organic fusion of form and content. Despite the small number of elements, the minimalism inherent in the style, whether in the design of an interior or a personal plot, it has incredible expressiveness and beauty

Arrangement of a summer cottage for families with small children: safe zoning

When a young family acquires its own plot, then, naturally, they plan to create a children's zone in one of the corners, because kids, if they have not yet been born, will soon be born. The territory fenced by the fence will protect children from dangers from the outside, and a well-thought-out layout of the site will help to arrange their rest most effectively

Plot in a Mediterranean style: the gardens of southern Europe in the Russian realities

The marvelous beauty of the nature of the southern seas leaves no one indifferent. Colorful gardens with citrus and conifers, successfully complemented by picturesque ponds and decorated with all kinds of arches, pergolas and grottoes simply amaze the imagination. But in the conditions of our latitudes, translating the Mediterranean style into landscape design is not such an easy task

Art Nouveau garden: we analyze the main stylistic features

The natural beauty of nature always attracts a person. It is not at all surprising that in the field of landscape design such a style as Art Nouveau has become widespread. Architectural buildings against the backdrop of open space, decorated with twisting lines of floral ornaments - in such a garden you can not only enjoy the bewitching beauty of the landscape, but also have a fruitful break from the bustle

Country-style garden and cottage: how to turn a plot into an American farm?

It would seem that the article about the rustic style, which is already on our site, fully reveals all the rules and design tricks used during its implementation. What will this story be about? The fact is that the country style and the rustic style, with all their similarities, are somewhat different from each other

Moorish-style garden: the magic of Muslim motifs in the design of the site

An ennobled oasis is a symbol of life and the main joy of a person living in a desert. I sometimes want to be in such an amazing garden to enjoy the lush greenery, dizzying aromas of bright exotic flowers, to feel the pleasant coolness of fountains sparkling in the sun and smoothly running streams. Moorish-style gardens are the direct heirs of the famous gardens of the ancient East

Country style in landscape design: creating an atmosphere of “unity with nature”

Simplicity, naturalness in the design of home interiors and proximity to nature in the arrangement of your own garden today are at the peak of popularity. The landscape design of the village house is a very loose garden style, which is distinguished by the principle of free planting, involving bright colors and uncomplicated decor elements in the design

How to mark the boundaries of the garden and zoning

Having bought the long-awaited piece of suburban land, do not rush to explore new territories. In order for the costs to be minimal, the results are effective, and the appearance of the site is original and noble, it is necessary to prepare for practical actions by drawing up a detailed plan. Preliminary layout of the site includes the assessment of land resources, division into zones, the choice of landscape style and the preparation of a detailed layout of the house, garden and other significant objects

Scandinavian style: how to bring the spirit of northern traditions to your site

Simplicity, conciseness and versatility are the key touches of the Scandinavian style, which has become widespread in landscape design. A popular direction for arranging personal plots originated in the northern countries, for the peoples of which the main task was to create a cozy and harmoniously combined with nature garden that can withstand the weather

Self-designing a garden plot: how to make a design project

Owning a suburban area is a great opportunity to realize all your dreams and plans for a comfortable, cozy, functional corner, a territory of personal freedom and taste. To make your own natural world meet your desires and goals, do the site design yourself: think about the location of the main architectural objects, outline the boundaries of the recreation and work areas, draw up a layout of communications and country decor - and try to realize your plans in one of the popular styles of landscape design

Chinese-style garden: techniques for creating harmony from Asian masters

The art of the East attracts special attention of landscape designers with its exoticism and originality. The originality of the Chinese style is explained by the fact that its formation took place in isolation and under the influence of philosophical teachings. The Chinese Garden is the result of the simultaneous effects of Buddhism and Taoism

We arrange the garden in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui: a detailed analysis of each zone

The veneration of nature and its perception as part of man himself was previously manifested in pagan religions. But in the Slavic countries, pre-Christian religions have long died out. But the Chinese still believe that any tree, blade of grass and brook can affect the fate of a person, giving him positive energy or, conversely, taking part of the life force

How to decorate your garden in the Spanish style so that it is no worse than in Madrid

Those who have been to Spain often do not want to part with the pleasant feeling of spiritual holiday that this wonderful country gives. Perhaps this factor is the reason why the Spanish style has become so popular all over the world. Especially they try to adopt it in those parts where the climate is similar to Spanish: it is just as dry and hot

Garden in fusion style: the search for a harmonious combination of incompatibility

Sometimes it is very difficult for a creative person to design a particular style when designing his garden plot. What to do if you like landscape design elements belonging to different directions, but you don’t want to choose one at the expense of the other? We offer you a simple way out of the situation.