10 most beautiful flowers in the world

The most beautiful flowers in the world make an impressive list, which includes specimens from all over the Earth. Individual varieties are not quite flowers in the usual sense and have dimensions comparable to the height of a small tree. Some are pleasing to the eye for a whole season, while others exist in a matter of hours

Geicher - mountain beauty with original foliage

The name "heicher" is now heard by most gardeners. After all, it was she who became one of the important highlights of modern landscape design. Previously, this plant looked like an inconspicuous green bush with delicate light inflorescences-bells on a common peduncle. But thanks to the efforts of breeders, the plant from a little-known modesty turned into a real socialite and is now considered almost a must have for every garden

Making flower beds in the country with your own hands: basic rules and planting schemes

Flower beds and flowerbeds on the plot are intended primarily for aesthetic pleasure. But in addition to this, they play another important role: acting as a continuation of the house, flower arrangements allow you to visually combine the appearance of the building with the vegetation of the garden into a single whole

We choose the best varieties of climbing plants and flowers for the garden + design tips

A cozy garden, decorated with motley islands of flowering flower beds, harmoniously combined with neatly formed tree crowns, is the pride of any summer resident. Overgrown climbing plants for the garden, causing admiration for its splendor, give the site special appeal. After all, with their help you can give your favorite vacation spot a special charm

How to plant lawn grass to get a good lawn?

In almost every suburban area, you can see the lawn lawn. It serves as a family holiday destination, and part of the composition of the overall landscape. When the lawn is still being planned, in dreams one sees dense, even grass, which covers the earth with an even layer and creates the feeling of a green carpet

Perennial flowers for the whole summer: the best varieties for landscaping the garden

Flowering plants are a real decoration of the garden, which, filling it with juicy bright colors, create a unique effect of harmony and comfort. Their variety is simply amazing: there are about 300 thousand varieties of spectacular annuals and perennials pleasing to the eye. Choosing the design of the flowerbed for the whole summer, I want to create such compositions that can be enjoyed for several months

Flowerbeds from tires or how to make a masterpiece from an old wheel with your own hands

The desire to ennoble the summer cottage, transforming it into an attractive cozy corner for a comfortable stay, is quite natural. Favorite by many gardeners, flower arrangements are invariably a popular element in the landscape design of suburban areas. A worthy setting for such compositions are often flower beds made of tires, which are one of the easiest to create and practical to use products

Do-it-yourself hedge in the country: rules for planting, growing and caring

It just so happened that we are all trying to create our own little “world”, protecting private land from manifestations of the outside world - neighbors and curious passers-by, wind and noise, exhaust gases and the hum of cars. However, not all of us are happy with the prospect of constantly resting our eyes on a slightly unsightly two-meter fence that outlines the boundaries of our possessions. Ho

The most beautiful flower beds in the country, made by yourself: photo selection

Elegant flowerbeds decorated with bright colors captivate and fascinate, leaving no one indifferent. They attract us with dazzling beauty and wonderful aroma of flowers, extending several tens of meters around. Beautiful flower beds in the country transform the site, making it more festive. There is nothing complicated in constructing an original beautiful flowerbed with your own hands

Do-it-yourself neat lawn: grass selection and planting rules

Well-groomed grass in a summer cottage looks no less aesthetically pleasing than flower beds with flowers. In addition, if you carry out all the work on planting the lawn correctly, then in the future lawn care will be very simple. A beautiful lawn will become not only a part of the decorative design of the site, but will also bring many benefits

Weigela: planting and care in the open ground

A flowering shrub with a beautiful name seems exotic to our gardeners, but in fact it deserves to take a place in the flower bed, both by right of origin and by its beauty. If you still do not enjoy the lush flowering and fragrance, be sure to get acquainted with the weigela, because planting in the open ground and caring for it are not as difficult as they seem

Haretail: an ornamental cereal to decorate your garden

Hare (Lagurus ovatus) is a miniature cereal plant. It got its name due to the external similarity of spikelets with hare tails. Lagurus is used in landscaping and floristry to design flower beds, garden plots and create floral arrangements. Brief description of lagurus The stem of the plant and its leaves have a silver-green color

Choosing beautiful annual flowers for the garden

Colorful and bright flower beds always fill the garden with rich colors. Annual flowers for summer cottages are good because they allow you to create elegant picturesque and unique plant compositions that act as a bright decoration of the site every year. Using such plants, you can update the appearance of your site every season, transforming the garden in accordance with the mood and taste preferences

We propagate zamioculcas: methods for home gardeners

Zamioculcas is often called the "dollar tree." It is believed that this plant, which came to our homes from exotic Africa, brings its owner material well-being. Another name for Zamioculcas is “feminine happiness”. People believe that its owner miraculously becomes desirable for the opposite sex and finds happiness in her personal life. Ag

Border flowers: choose a border for flower beds and garden paths

The paintings of famous masters are highly valued, but the completeness of any canvas gives it a frame. The overall impression of a work of art depends on how the frame matches the picture. Border flowers create a kind of frame that borders flower beds, paths, beds in geometric gardens. However, in natural style gardens borders are not used at all

Rock garden: the best device diagrams and an example of creating with your own hands

It is impossible to imagine the landscape design of an individual or summer cottage without picturesque corners designed to decorate the garden and so please the eyes of their owners. “Zest” that can instantly transform the look of the garden landscape - an exotic guest for our latitudes originally from the Mediterranean - an alpine hill, created in the form of an island of wildlife of the Alpine mountains, made of rock stone with bright intersperses of lush vegetation. We

An overview of the best varieties of ornamental shrubs for arranging a garden

It is difficult to imagine a modern garden without such gardening elements as decorative shrubs that bring bright touches to the colorful palette of shades of plant compositions. Ornamental shrubs for the garden act as spectacular tapeworms decorating outdoor areas, hedges along paths, or serve as a backdrop for colorful flower arrangements

Groundcover roses in landscape design: how to make a chic rose garden

Having borrowed from its wild rosehip its best properties - unpretentiousness, frost resistance and plentiful flowering, ground cover roses are among the most unpretentious and easy-to-care varieties of aristocratic garden flowers that do not require regular pruning and top dressing. That is why the popularity of landscape roses is expanding throughout the world, especially in countries with difficult climatic conditions, where gardeners did not always manage to grow a capricious queen of flowers

The best shade-like perennials for dark garden areas + 3 flower garden ideas

In any garden with fruit or ornamental trees, there are areas that most of the time are in the shade. Some of them are shaded constantly, therefore the grass and flowers lack sunlight. To the joy of summer residents, there is a large category of plants that perfectly develop precisely in the unlit zone - these are shade-loving perennials for the garden, with which you can create beautiful flower and herbal compositions

Top 8 best groundcover perennials for garden design

Groundcover perennials - plants number 1 for the garden with excellent decorative properties, in addition, they prevent drying of the soil and the growth of weeds. These plants are unpretentious, do not need special care, grow well in the shade and in the sun, and the root system of the groundcover does not grow roots in depth, but in breadth, as a result they form a beautiful natural carpet

We make vertical beds: analysis of 3 best ways to device

When there is not enough on a plot of land, but you want your own vegetables and greens, the housewives use the third dimension - height. Its parameters are not limited, and you can create at least five-story structures for growing garden crops. It is because of the scarcity of land that an intelligent man once invented vertical beds

Spring work in the country: an overview of the complex of measures for the care of the garden

In March, the echoes of the February snowstorms are still heard, and caring summer residents have already rushed to their suburban areas to put them in order for the upcoming season. It would seem that what can be done in the garden in early spring, when the earth has not warmed up enough, and in the ditches there is snow at all

We choose weaving plants and loaches for decoration of the fence

A well-groomed area, decorated with many green spaces and framed with an openwork fence, which seems to be woven from leaves and fancy flowers is the pride of any owner. Climbing plants for the fence as if specially created by nature in order to become a worthy decoration of the site, to change and transform the face of the garden

The most unpretentious flowers for the garden: a selection of varieties for the "lazy" gardeners

A beautiful and well-kept garden requires significant labor and time. Many admit that changing activities is beneficial, but most of us come out of town to just relax surrounded by family and friends. Beautiful flower beds in this case - this is only a pleasant addition to the rest. Therefore, we choose unpretentious flowers for the garden, the cultivation of which does not require significant effort

Garden Lupine: features of cultivation and use in landscape design

Lupine is an unpretentious and hardy garden plant with a lush inflorescence resembling a colorful candle. When flowers of different shades bloom on the flowerbed at the same time, it resembles the artist’s colorful palette. Growing a plant is not particularly difficult, but compliance with some rules of care is necessary.

Grass for planting a lawn: a selection of the best varieties for our climate

It happens that with proper care the lawn is still not happy with its density, sometimes it freezes in the winter and requires frequent replanting. All these are the consequences of an improperly selected herbal mixture. When buying, we usually pay attention only to the information for what type of lawn the mixture is intended (sports, ground, etc

What flowers are best for planting in flowerpots: the selection of the best varieties

Decorating a summer cottage with flowerbeds and flower beds is not difficult if there are enough lawns or uncultivated patches of land within it. But what to do when it is necessary to add a bright floral accent to gray areas covered with tiles, paved or concrete walkways, steps of the porch? How can I decorate the perimeter of a balcony, open porch or gazebo

How to plant tulips in spring so that they can bloom

Bright tulips will make a luxurious flower bed out of the simplest flowerbed. But the ability to plant them in the winter is not always the case. Do not be upset. Planting tulips in spring, as well as other bulbous flowers, is quite possible. If carried out correctly, then colorful caps will decorate the infield already this season

A selection of schemes for planting flower beds from annuals and perennials

A rare host has no flower beds on the site. Flowers unrecognizably transform the adjacent territory, even if the outbuildings on it do not look particularly presentable. Often a dull site in the autumn-winter period with the beginning of the flowering season is simply not recognizable, so the flowers can decorate it and change it

Choose the best annual flowers for subsequent planting on the flowerbed

An integral component of the design of any suburban area are plant and flower compositions. Beloved by many gardeners, annual flowers transform the site, making it more elegant and festive. Having a short growing season, annuals delight with colorful flowering in the first year of planting. But in order to get a magnificent landscape that will delight the eye throughout the season, you need to choose the right annual flowers for the flowerbed

What perennial flowers are best taken root in the conditions of the Urals and Siberia

The climatic conditions of the Urals and Siberia can withstand far from all cultivated plants. This creates certain difficulties for summer residents and owners of their own houses living in this region. Many are afraid to buy interesting plants for their plots that bloom for many years, because they are not sure that they will survive the harsh winter

Lianas for the garden: an overview of the most unpretentious varieties of curly

A personal plot is a territory that each owner can arrange according to his tastes and preferences. It doesn’t matter if you have a large territory or you have only a few hundred square meters, any site can be turned into a cozy corner, a wonderful place to relax among beautiful plants, where a special place is occupied by lianas for the garden.

Undersized flower varieties for flower beds: a selection of the best options

Creating spectacular multi-tiered compositions in flowerbeds is impossible without the use of miniature flowering plants. Low-growing flowers are universal in gardening flower beds, because they can act as soloists on carpet beds, or serve as the background design of a mixborder or border-edging for taller, beautifully flowering representatives of the plant world

Selection of plants for an alpine hill: examples of varieties + decor rules

A rocky garden decorated with a flower garden is a fairly common element of many garden plots. The decorative appeal and ease of caring for the rock garden were the reasons for this popularity of this element of landscape design. Rocky plants for an alpine hill always visually revive the stone composition, but at the same time retain the effect of a natural mountain landscape

Crossandra: grow a flower-fireworks at home without any problems

Crossandra is a curious tropical plant brought to Europe more than 200 years ago, but until the middle of the 20th century it was known only to professionals. When breeders accustomed this beauty to home conditions, her lovers were discovered by amateur gardeners. But in Russia, the bright and long-blooming crossander is still not very popular

Best bulbous perennial flowers: a selection of varieties + ideas for compositions

The very first to meet the beginning of spring are bulbous. They bloom in April, when perennials are just awakening from hibernation. Therefore, in every flower garden there is at least a couple of bulbous primroses, revitalizing the dull landscape of flower beds and giving spring mood. Of course, I want maximum brightness and abundant flowering for a long time, but it depends on the correct selection of varieties

The nuances of planting and caring for garden gerberas

Large flowers that look like chamomile, but painted in a variety of bright colors - these are gerberas. In indoor floriculture, plants have been known for a long time. But in the open ground, their cultivation is associated with certain problems. But for those who are in love with these beautiful flowers, nothing is impossible

Malva: a flower from a Chinese holiday

Many gardeners are familiar with mallow, but it is a stock rose or mallow - it is a tall plant with bright flowers. Every year in May in the Kamigamo temple of the Chinese city of Kyoto, a holiday dedicated to the mallow is held. On this day, all residents with music and dancing walk around the city in ancient costumes

Ampel plants for the garden: examples of the best varieties and some design ideas

Ampelles are called ornamental plants that have a long flexible stem and look beautiful in hanging pots. The stalk of ampelous, as a rule, is not able to support itself, it needs to either rely on something, or hang down. It is this property that makes ampelous plants for the garden very popular among amateur gardeners

What flowers are best planted in the garden and in the country: general tips and advice

The choice of plants for planting in the country is a very important stage, because the appearance of the country territory, the amount of time spent on caring for the flower beds, and the mood of the owners and guests who visited the country estate depend on their variety. For starters, you should not focus on exotic species that are difficult to care for, it is better to choose some unpretentious, but bright representatives of the flora

Do-it-yourself rockery: design rules and an example of an independent device

Rokariy is a small rocky kindergarten, more and more gaining popularity as an element of landscape design among the owners of small country cottages, as well as the owners of solid mansions and residences. The name "rockery" is of English origin, the root of the word "rock" is translated as "rock"

Supports for climbing plants: what can be built for the “climbing” inhabitants of the garden?

Climbing plants create their own atmosphere in the garden, with them the site looks different - more vibrant, colorful, comfortable. It becomes more places for recreation, nooks formed by a living green wall. And if this wall is also in flowers - you are in a good mood, since the energy of flowering plants is very positive

Top 5 trees and shrubs with red foliage: the magic of your garden

In order to make the garden attractive, there are many varieties of garden decor, but living plants themselves can be decorative ornaments. Ornamental plants are distinguished by the brightness and beauty of flowers, the unusual fruit and the color of foliage. In summer, the main color of the garden is green; against this background, flowers always look great

Covering material from weeds: a review of the types of coatings + specifics of their application

A rare summer resident will allow the growth of weeds on his site. Experienced growers and gardeners know that there is no use for weed grass, and there is a lot of harm. Weeds take food and moisture from crops, releasing toxic substances into the ground. All summer residents are trying to get rid of “uninvited guests” on the site, weeding beds and flower beds throughout the summer period. Ho

Beautiful flower beds from petunia: an overview of the 5 best ways to break a flower garden

Petunia is a beautiful unpretentious flower with a delicate aroma. A huge variety of colors and varieties allows you to create beautiful flower beds from petunia. In modern landscape design, these are some of the most popular flowers. It is not difficult to take care of petunia, it is a drought-resistant plant that is not afraid of heat

Moorish lawn: how to make a “flower carpet” on your site

In North Africa and Spain in the 7th-8th centuries the Moors and Arabs formed their own states, whose rulers erected magnificent palaces. The parks and gardens around them combined elements of cultures of different nations. It is believed that the efforts of the Slavs, who entered Spain through Constantinople from the Crimea, and in the 12th century were widely represented in the military class, created a Moorish lawn

Autumn work in the garden: how to prepare your garden for winter cold?

With the beginning of autumn, the summer season is coming to an end. And the owners of the work are still head over heels. Indeed, at this time both the harvest is being harvested, and the land is being prepared for wintering, and shrubs are either planted or dug up. In a word, the autumn work in the garden and vegetable gardens is quite intense

How to make a flower pot for petunia + an overview of the best varieties and nuances of planting and care

From French, the word "pots" is translated as "hidden flower." Over time, clay pots, in which petunias are most often grown, become covered with white spots and lose their attractiveness. Then they are installed in a separate container, which performs mainly a decorative function

Drought-resistant plants for the garden: choose the most beautiful varieties

Not every plant is able to fully develop and grow without enough moisture. They can react differently to its deficiency: some slow down in growth, others lose leaf turgor, and others even dry out. But what if in hot, dry weather there is no way to often water the flower garden? In this case, an excellent solution to the problem would be the selection of drought-tolerant plants for the design of the flower garden, which even with insufficient moisture will not lose their attractiveness, delighting others with lush flowering and marvelous aroma

How to make beautiful beds in your garden: a selection of original ideas

When summer residents break garden beds, they are increasingly moving away from traditional rectangular shapes to give the garden an interesting look. And if there is a shortage of free space on the site, you want to break the lawn for rest and create a pleasant landscape, and at the same time save a place for growing "vitamins"